New statement from the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: “US War In Afghanistan Unjustifiable, Unwinable And Intolerable”

NOTE: This message is from the Afghan Ṭālibān and unedited below.

Zul Qadah 19, 1431 A.H, Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

The US invasion of Afghanistan which has extending more than 10 years has had nothing good to offer the Afghans and the world, except terror, torture, bloodshed and massacres.

It is an indisputable fact, that the US despite all its dirty tricks has been unable to win the hearts and minds of the Afghans, on the contrary, hundreds of thousands of Afghans, from every part of the country, have stunningly turned to Jihad which has created anti-American feelings in every corner of the country.

If armed and given the opportunity, Afghans inflict irreparable blows on the US invading forces and its allies, attacking the enemy in their homes, fields, roads and bazaars, living under constant fear has undoubtedly put the US and its allies in a state of shock and panic, in spite of enemy high-tech weaponry which it has utilized in carrying on all kind of brutalities and oppression, has failed to capture an inch of Afghan soil, nor it has been able to prevent the Afghan masses from taking vengeance and doing Jihad along with Mujahideen.

There is much to be learned from this undeniable fact that Mujahideen’s strong spirit of faith is not merely a theoretical but practical, seeing the strong resistance against the enemy in the northern Afghanistan are much the same as in southern Afghanistan, those individuals who are provided with an opportunity by Mujahideen to do Jihad keep carrying out their mission without regional, racial and linguistic prejudice and stand shoulder to shoulder with Mujahideen, supporting them and taking part in operations against the enemy, besides giving the Mujahideen shelter during the night, this proofs that all the claims by the enemy and their puppets, that day by day the Kabul puppet regime is winning the confidence of the Afghan people are unfounded propaganda and lies.

The Afghan nation has realized the fact that the only cause of the deviation of the new generation and destabilization of the Afghan national integrity and sovereignty is the continuation of the US invasion, whereas the withdrawal of the US invaders and their allies is the only way to save and maintain the Islamic values by forming a united Afghan nation.

On the other hand, there is a growing support against the Afghan war, people are openly showing their dislikes to the US invasion of Afghanistan. Last week, in a debate on the current Afghan war, the Australian parliamentary members strongly opposed to the war representing the views of the majority of the voters and described the Afghan war as “unwinable and unjustifiable”.

From the standpoint of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the US invaders forces has not only suffered defeat at the hands of Mujahideen in Afghanistan but has also faced a defeat back home and in other Western countries, we are also witnessing an increase in worldwide criticism of US, as masses around the world are willing to help Afghans to end the war and achieve their independence.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Anṣār al-Mujāhidīn English Forum translates al-Malāḥim Media’s “Report of the Detention of the Deputy Director of Political Security in Ṣa’dah”

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula — “Report of the Detention of the Deputy Director of Political Security in Saada”

New interview from the Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: “The Untold Reality Of Kandahar Operation (Part 1)”

UPDATE: To read the second part click here.

NOTE: This interview is from the Afghan Ṭālibān and unedited below.

Zul Qadah 18, 1431 A.H, Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

As the readers of Alemarah website might know, a major enemy offensive has been ongoing in Kandahar province for the last one and a half months. Lately the enemy, through its biased media, claims to have rid the surrounding districts of Mujahideen, and to have gained substantial ground against Mujahideen in these areas. Alemarah recently had the opportunity to interview the district commander of Dand district, Mullah Abdullah Mubarak and ask him questions regarding the reality of the situation.

Alemarah: Firstly, could you tell us about the ongoing enemy operations in Dand district and how they came about?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: Dand district is located close to Kandahar city, and has a large number of Mujahideen operating inside it. The enemy became frightened that they might, just like Dand, lose Kandahar city to the Mujahideen and started preparatory operations in this district in the month of Ramadan. Enemy soldiers entered Mahlajat, Chalghor, Nakhoni, Khanjakak, Zila Khan and Salawat areas by helicopter and in huge numbers. The Mujahideen, decided to use guerrilla warfare tactics to cause them maximum damage.

We decided to mine all the main roads. When the enemy could not make any inroads, they bulldozed local’s farms and fields so as to gain at least some ground. These attempts proved futile and they suffered massive casualties when the Mujahideen mined there too, and conducted ambushes and missile attacks also. To put it bluntly, a day hasn’t passed, that at least 4 to 10 blasts haven’t detonated their patrols. The enemy then decided to randomly bomb the area using cruise and other missiles which killed civilians and destroyed their homes and fields. Many were forced to flee the district. After these criminal attacks, the enemy took local houses for their military barracks. The enemy has now abandoned most of these barracks. But in the areas they still occupy, they have neither come out, nor can they come out, due to heavy mining and Mujahideen ambushes. But even these bases are located in places where logistics and supply will be a big problem.

Alemarah: It is said that the civilians are the only ones who have been affected by this operation. Could you elaborate on this?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: To sum up the genocidal behavior of the enemy in one sentence: These kinds of crimes against civilians have not been seen before in history. I swear by Allah that so far only 5 of our Mujahideen have been Martyred, 3 have been injured and none have been captured. But the prison of Kandahar has been filled with civilians. I would like to summarize these crimes against the civilians of Dand by giving a few examples:

1. When the enemy came to Mahlajat in the morning, they blocked all the roads and blindfolded all who came their way. Nearly all the locals of Dand have shops in the city where they sell fruits and vegetables. Throughout the day the barbarians handcuffed and imprisoned around 300 civilians they called Taliban.

2. A few days earlier, the American invaders besieged Ghra and Mahi Village located in Zila Khan area of Dand district. Most people had left these villages. Ninety-seven people mostly village elders and children remained. Even these were not spared – they were stripped, blind folded, imprisoned, then released after 12 days of enduring many hardships.

3. All the new enemy barracks are in civilian houses and on their lands. They have bulldozed locals’ lands, fields, farms and houses as they try to make inroads against the Mujahideen. Some 500 homes and shops have been bulldozed in Nakhoni area alone. Similar crimes has been carried out in Khanjakak, Chalghor and all the other areas. They recently blew up local raisin houses in Chalghor. Nearly all incidents involve the demolition of homes with everything inside it.

Alemarah: The enemy says that they have killed and captured many Mujahideen and their leaders and destroyed many of their bases. How much of this is true?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: The American invaders decided that they would make check points in close proximity by destroying the homes and fields of civilians and this would rid the area of Mujahideen. They did not count on the Mujahideen’s guerrilla tactics. Now the enemy is trapped in barracks in various areas, with no control beyond 50 meters of their posts, and thus cannot come out. As for our casualties, only 5 Martyred, 3 wounded and no leaders killed or captured.

Alemarah: How has this operation affected the Mujahideen and what do you say about the claims of Ahmad Wali Karzai that Mujahideen bases have been destroyed throughout Dand and Kandahar?

Mullah Abdullah Mubarak: I don’t know how Ahmad Wali can make such claims. He cannot sleep in his own house due to constant Mujahideen attacks on it. If he was really honest in his claims then let him just once walk freely in Kandahar city let alone Dand and Panjwaee districts. All these claims are false. And the number of our groups and bases have not decreased compared to spring and summer time. Initially, due to the enemy operation, we decreased the number of Mujahideen but now that the enemy has tired and lost morale, these Mujahideen are returning because enemy numbers have become vast and much easier to target. I want to congratulate the nation for this victory. Our Mujahideen have not suffered any serious damage and the enemy cannot sustain this large force for long – especially with logistics of their newly built bases and barracks becoming harder to supply.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video from Usāmah Bin Lāden: “A Letter for the People of France”

UPDATE 4: Here is a German translation:

Von Osama bin Laden an das französische Volk:

Frieden sei mit denen, die den Rechtleitung folgen.

Das Thema meiner Rede ist über die Gründe für die Bedrohung eurer Sicherheit und die Entführung eurer Söhne.

Die Entführung von euer Experten in Niger, während eure Offiziere sie bewacht haben, ist eine Reaktion auf das Unrecht, das ihr den islamischen Nation zufügt.

Ist es fair, dass sie in dem Besatzung unseren Landes teilgenommen haben und neben den Amerikanern stehen wenn sie Kinder und Frauen töten, und danach wollen sie in Frieden und Sicherheit leben?

Wie könnt ihr euch vorstellen, dass ihr euch in den Sachen der Muslimen einmischt, besonders in Nord- und Westafrika, ihre Offiziere gegen uns unterstützt, und viel aus unseren Reichtum nimmt in verdächtigen Geschäften, während unser Volk unter Armut und Elend leidet?

Wenn ihr zu Unrecht denkt, dass es euer Recht ist, freien muslimischen Frauen das Tragen des Gesichtsschleiers zu verbieten, ist es dann nicht auch unser Recht, eure eindringenden Männer rauszuwerfen und ihnen die Kehle durchzuschneiden? Natürlich tun wir das.

Die Gleichung ist einfach: Wenn ihr tötet, werdet auch ihr getötet werden; wenn ihr Geiseln nimmt, werdet ihr selbst als Geisel genommen, wenn ihr unsere Sicherheit bedroht, werden wir eure Sicherheit zerstören; die Schuld lastet auf den, der anfingt.

Das einzige Mittel, eure Sicherheit zu bewahren, ist all das Unrecht und seine Wirkungen auf unseren Volk zu stoppen und am wichtigsten, eure Kräfte aus den bösen Krieg von Bush in Afghanistan zurückzuziehen. Es ist Zeit, dass die sogenannte direkte und indirekte Kolonisation beendet wird.

Ihr solltet Konsekvenzen daraus ziehen, wie tief Amerika gefallen ist wegen diesen unrechten Krieg, es ist am Rande der Kollaps an allen wichtigen Fronten und wird bald an die andere Seite der Atlantik zurückfallen, wenn Allah es so will.

Glücklich ist, wer von den Fehler von anderen lernt, und Frieden sei mit denen, die den Rechtleitung folgen.

UPDATE 3: Check out Andrew Lebovich’s thoughts on why UBL was targeting France.

UPDATE 2: Here is the English translation:

English translation of audio message from Usāmah Bin Lāden- “A Letter for the People of France”

UPDATE: Check out Leah Farrall’s take on the UBL audio.

NOTE: The main highlights of this video include Usāmah Bin Lāden discussing France’s ḥijāb ban that he states should be cancelled. In addition, the hostage taking by al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghreb in Niger is a justifiable act due to France’s transgressions and support for the American-led Afghan war, which he says they should withdraw from. Most importantly, Bin Lāden affirms, France should stop interfering in Muslim-related issues or affairs.

Nothing of significance here, just typical rhetoric. Previously, Dr. Ayman aẓ-Ẓawāhirī also discussed the issue of the ḥijāb on July 27, 2010 in a video statement eulogizing the death of Shaykh Muṣṭafā Abū al-Yazīd who was killed in a U.S. drone strike on May 21, 2010. He stated:

What France is waging … must push us to tightly hold onto our truthful faith to counter their deviational doctrines. We must call our daughters and sisters and mothers to wear ḥijāb and to support them and defend them. As every ḥijāb-wearing and niqāb-wearing female Muslim, who defends her ḥijāb, is a mujahid who defends the rulings of Sharia against the Crusade, secular, Western invasion.

Other than that, the only thing one can take away from this video is that As-Saḥāb Media is in a fairly safe area and has not been disrupted by the droning campaign since As-Saḥāb has released many videos in the past month.

Arabic language forum ash-Shamūkh al-Islāmīyyah announced the creation of the Shamūkh College of Islamic Sciences

UPDATE: See Farrall’s clarification below in the comments regarding the nature of this endeavor in comparison to past efforts.

NOTE: Though this is not the first time a forum has created an online college, according to Leah Farrall, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention this. Here is a paraphrased translation of the nine conditions and regulations for joining the college:

  1. The language of instruction is only in Arabic.
  2. The study period is over a two years and divided into four semesters.
  3. Each semester will last five months with thirty lectures per semester.
  4. A specialty teacher will conduct a class every five days and it is incumbent on the student to be prepared and ready for each lesson and not to be absent without telling the college’s management.
  5. A student that does not participate in class or raise any questions is considered absent.
  6. Any student that does not attend a lecture three times or more without having permission from the college will be terminated from the program.
  7. Students are evaluated based on participation and interaction in the class.
  8. One can enroll up until October 31, 2010.
  9. The first day of class will begin November 2, 2010.

The same post also stated that one should let the administrators know if they were interested in attending by responding in the same thread or contacting the Office of Student Affairs. In another thread, the Office of Student Affairs is allowing interested individuals to ask questions about the program through the enrollment date mentioned above.

Below is the statement announcing the establishment of Shamūkh College of Islamic Sciences.

Thoughts and Analysis on Gadahn’s new video

“The young often realize the truth before the old and that laymen often recognize the truth ahead of the scholars.” – Adam Gadahn

For the second time in three weeks, Adam Gadahn has released a video message, this one titled “The Arabs And Muslims: between the Conferences of Desertion .. and the individual Duty of Jihād.” In it he uses the Mardin Conference, which was held this past March as a springboard to discuss the importance of jihād as being an individual duty (farḍ al-‘ayn) upon Muslims. I would like to highlight a few points:

From the Ashes of Iraq

Gadahn first directs his attention toward Arabs. Gadahn is trying to refocus Arabs and show them what is at stake: “Return once again to the call … and finish what you started.” Further, he argues that the possibility of mistakes and transgressions by the mujāhidīn is not an excuse to abandon the individual obligation of jihād: “A mistake isn’t treated by an even bigger mistake.” He affirms that these mistakes are not even close to the level of the transgression of the Crusaders and its proxies. This further reiterates the idea that following Abū Muṣ’ab al-Zarqāwī’s bloodlust in Iraq most Arabs were completely revulsed by AQ and they are still digging their way out of that mess.

‘Awlakī and “Lone-Wolfism”

Footage of Anwar al-‘Awlakī from a previous AQAP video release appears interspersed with Gadahn’s message. This could suggest that AQSL believes ‘Awlakī has become an asset to their cause. If this is the case, then one has to only look at ourselves, specifically the mainstream media and non-expert pundits who have hyped him up to the point where he could be seen by AQSL as an important tactical tool in their arsenal. It is a sad state of affairs that a guy who was mid-level AQAP at best has in only eleven months become so much more than his actual worth or standing in the wider AQ movement. One should look to J.M. Berger’s take on ‘Awlakī’s appearance in the video, which is a valid counterpoint to my above statement.

Gadahn also endorses the “lone-wolf” model that ‘Awlakī and his American pal Samīr Khān, the creator of Inspire Magazine, have called for recently, which was originally postulated by Abū Muṣ’ab al-Sūrī. Gadahn stated: “Don’t wait for some else, to do what you can do yourself.” To embolden potential recruits further, Gadahn continued:  “Here you are in the battlefield.” Gadahn also provided examples of who “lone-wolf’s” should take as an example: Muḥammad Aṭā (9/11), Ṣidīque Khān (7/7), Muḥammad Būyīrī (Theo Van Gogh), Niḍāl Ḥassān (Fort Hood), ‘Umar Fārūq ‘Abd al-Muṭallib (Christmas Day), and Faiṣal Shahzād (Times Square).

Veiled Snipe at Recanters

Toward the end of Gadahn’s statement he directs a message to those who have recanted. He does not directly say anyone or a particular group, but one could infer he was speaking to Sayyid ‘Imām ash-Sharīf (Dr. Fadl), the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), or others. He argues that the movement still is in need of their expertise and efforts. He tries to remind them of the good old days by articulating that those involved now are the sons of the second and new generation, which are indebted to their previous efforts. Gadahn concludes: “Finish what you started, and aid your religion and ummah.”

Mardin and Ibn Taymīyyah

Fundamentally, the thing that should be taken away from this video is that the Mardin conference is a thorn in the side of AQ since it delegitimizes the foundation of much their theoretical work and raison d’être. This is the epitomy of the so-called “war of ideas.” Since AQSL is taking this message on they most likely feel threatened by its message and clarification of Taqī ad-Dīn Ibn Taymīyyah’s fatwā (legal opinion/decree) at Mardin (see first conclusions 1-7 here).

As is highlighted by the quote at the top of this analysis, Gadahn and AQ are in an uphill battle since they do not have classically trained religious and scholarly credentials. Gadahn also undermines his argument when he discusses the importance of Ibn Taymīyyah to the AQ movement. He states that those who are carrying out the obligation of jihād are not relying or following Ibn Taymīyyah in the first place in issues of jihād or other things. Instead, they have their own fiqh (jurisprudence), ‘ulamā’ (religious scholars), and books, which they abide by far away from the Ḥanbalī legal school (there are four Sunnī legal schools). For example, Gadahn says the commanders and scholars of the Ṭālibān in AfPak are from the Ḥanafī legal school and would therefore not take their ideas from Ibn Taymīyyah. That is a slight of hand, though. To those who have no background in the madhhab’s (legal schools) then one might take Gadahn’s statement at face value. As the well respected Islamic scholar Shaykh ‘Abd al-Hakīm Murād explained:

It was at that time [circa 11th century], too, that the attitude of toleration and good opinion between the Schools became universally accepted. This was formulated by Imām al-Ghazālī, himself the author of four textbooks of Shāfi‘ī fiqh, and also of Al-Mustasfa, widely acclaimed as the most advanced and careful of all works on uṣūl,uṣūl al-fiqh fīl madhhab. With his well-known concern for sincerity, and his dislike of ostentatious scholarly rivalry, he strongly condemned what he falled ‘fanatical attachment to a madhhab’. While it was necessary for the Muslim to follow a recognised madhhab in order to avert the lethal danger of misinterpreting the sources, he must never fall into the trap of considering his own school categorically superior to the others. With a few insignificant exceptions in the late Ottoman period, the great scholars of Sunnī Islam have followed the ethos outlined by Imām al-Ghazālī, and have been conspicuously respectful of each others madhhab. Anyone who has studied under traditional ‘ulamā’ will be well-aware of this fact.

As such, Gadahn is either way out of his league or he does not recognize this precedent since he articulated that AQ has in effect their own legal school above. From this, one can see that the Mardin Conference caused Gadahn to enumerate apologética for his and AQ’s understanding of Islām. The question is who is winning this battle of ideas, the classically trained ‘ulamā’ or the global jihadist ‘ulamā’? I will have more to say about this at a later date.

As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from Adam Gadahn: “The Arabs And Muslims: between the Conferences of Desertion .. and the individual Duty of Jihād”

UPDATE: Here are my thoughts on the Gadahn video.

NOTE: I will cover the video more tomorrow and provide some analysis, but for now see the video below.