New release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Dhabīḥ Allah Mujāhid: “Remarks Concerning the Negotiation Team Announced in Kabul”


All our compatriots and the world is aware that the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly shown its willingness to hold intra-Afghan negotiations with all influential Afghan sides in line with the agreement however the other sides have so far failed in putting together an effective, pro-peace and inclusive team.

Now as the Kabul administration has announced a team, we would like to make the following points:

1 – The policy of the Islamic Emirate from the very beginning has been that the Kabul administration may participate in intra-Afghan negotiations as a part of other Afghan sides.

But as the team is announced by the Kabul administration it thus violates our principled policy and the agreement concluded with America.

2 – In order to reach true and lasting peace, the aforementioned team must be agreed upon by all effective Afghan sides so that it can represent all sides however majority of other sides have rejected the current announced team.

Considering the mentioned points, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would once again like to clarify its stance that impediments must not be created for intra-Afghan negotiations nor must a single group try to monopolize the issue of an entire country.

We shall only sit for talks with a negotiation team that conforms with our agreements and is constituted in accordance with the laid out principles, Allah willing.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

04/08/1441 Hijir Lunar

09/01/1399 Hijri Solar                   28/03/2020 Gregorian


New release from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Mullā Barādar Akhūnd Met With U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo”


Late yesterday afternoon, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accompanied by his delegation held a lengthy meeting with the Political Deputy of the Islamic Emirate Mullah Baradar Akhund accompanied by his delegation.

The meeting which took place in the capital of Qatar, Doha, centered around the implementation of the US-IEA agreement and the swift release of prisoners.

Both the Political Deputy of Islamic Emirate Mullah Baradar Akhund and the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stressed that the rigid implementation of the agreement will pave the way for intra-Afghan negotiations along with enduring peace and ceasefire including a future Islamic government in accordance with the agreement.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave assurances that the US forces withdrawal will continue in accordance with the declared timetable.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

29/07/1441 Hijri Lunar

05/01/1399 Hijri Solar                   24/03/2020 Gregorian


New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Afghan Refugee Problems in Iran”


In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

As the residents of the Islamic Republic of Iran have suffered losses due to the spread of corona virus and with it the problems of Afghan refugees have also increased, the Islamic Emirate would like to extend its sincere condolences to the leader and the people of Iran.

The difficulties faced by the Islamic Republic of Iran at this sensitive time are noteworthy however Islamic brotherhood and sympathy is also a key pillar in Islam, hence we request the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran to not treat the Afghan refugees any different than the Iranian people, to not forcefully expel them from the country, to give them proper medical attention and to deal with them in the framework of Islamic brotherhood.

The Islamic Emirate would also like to share its deep concerns with the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran concerning some reports about the maltreatment of Iran based Afghan refugees.

We also call upon Afghan refugees in Iran to strictly follow the rules and guidelines issued by the said country in combating the spread corona virus.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

24/07/1441 Hijri Lunar

29/12/1398 Hijri Solar               19/03/2020 Gregorian


New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Concerning the Fight Against Corona Virus”


In the name of Allah, the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

Corona virus is a disease ordained by the Almighty Allah which has perhaps been sent by Allah (SwT) because of the disobedience and sins of mankind or other reasons.

Our Muslim nation must consider this disease a decree of Allah (SwT) and deal with it in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

As per the directives of scholars – people should recite effective prayers and astaghfar (seeking forgiveness) frequently, increase the reading of the Holy Quran, give in alms and charity and turn to Allah (SwT) in repentance for their past sins.

Moreover, the safety guidelines issued by health organizations, doctors and other health experts must be observed and all safety precautions followed to the best of one’s abilities.

But at the same time, we must not forget reliance upon Allah (SwT) while desisting from panic, leaving Islamic injunctions or committing actions which could, Allah forbid, amount to religious rebellion or become the cause of spreading anxiety and psychological fear among the people.

International relief, health and humanitarian organizations should execute their obligation of sending necessary equipment, medicine and aid to areas under our control and we shall lay the groundwork for their secure travel.

Our brotherly businessmen – in line with their Islamic and humanitarian responsibility – must also support their fellow people in this time of crisis. They must refrain from unlawful profit, price hikes and hoarding and instead show affinity towards the people.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

23/07/1441 Hijri Lunar

28/12/1398 Hijri Solar                   18/03/2020 Gregorian


New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Prisoners Commission: Concerning the Spread of Corona Virus in Prisons”


As the corona virus has become a global pandemic and has reached Afghanistan as well, it becomes the duty of every Muslim to understand and execute their responsibility for its prevention.

Prisons under Kabul administration control which are overcrowded and lack basic health and sanitary facilities are facing the most serious threat.

The Islamic Emirate has major concerns about the prevailing conditions hence it first and foremost calls all detainees to take precautionary measures and strictly follow all the published prevention guidelines in order to safeguard themselves from this dangerous virus.

It also urges international human right and health organizations along with aid agencies to pay special attention to prisons in Afghanistan and to issue necessary guidelines and aid to the related departments.

It must be mentioned that there are around forty thousand detainees in Kabul administration run prisons where even common diseases can spread rapidly and Allah forbid, if the corona virus were to take affect it would generate a catastrophic tragedy in which case all responsibility shall fall squarely on the shoulders of the Kabul administration and its foreign backers.

Commission for Prisoner Affairs

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

20/07/1441 Hijri Lunar

25/12/1398 Hijri Solar                   15/03/2020 Gregorian