Articles of the Week – 5/23-5/29

Sunday May 24:

Islamic State is back and this time the west is ill-prepared to take it on – Hassan Hassan, The Guardian:

Monday May 25:

How to evaluate a program working with terrorists? Understanding Australia’s countering violent extremism early intervention program – Shandon Harris-Hogan, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism:

Gendered Reflections? Extremism in the UK’s Radical Right and al-Muhajiroun Networks – Elizabeth Pearson, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Rebel governance, rebel legitimacy, and external intervention: assessing three phases of Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Niels Terpstra, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Tuesday May 26:

Remaining and Expanding: The Recovery of Islamic State Operations in Iraq in 2019-2020 – Michael Knights and Alex Almeida, CTC Sentinel:

ISIS in Africa: The Caliphate’s Next Frontier – Jacob Zenn, Center for Global Policy:

Thursday May 28:

The Evolution of East African Salafi-jihadism – James Barnett, Current Trends in Islamist Ideology:

Refugees of Conflict, Casualties of Conjecture: The Trojan Horse Theory of Terrorism and its Implications for Asylum – Cory Eybergen and Martin A. Andresen, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The ABC Model: Commentary from the Perspective of the Two Pyramids Model of Radicalization – Clark McCauley, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Articles of the Week – 5/16-5/22

Monday May 18:

Introducing a Dataset of Multi-Scale Geographies of ISIS Ideology from ISIS Sources Christopher Fuhriman, Richard M. Medina, and Simon Brewer, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Tuesday May 19:

ISIS 2020: New Structures and Leaders in Iraq Revealed May 19, 2020 – Husham Al-Hashimi, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday May 20:

Will Hayet Tahrir al-Sham destroy al-Qaeda in Syria? – Orwa Ajjoub, The Conflict Archives:

Thursday May 21:

State Atrocities in the Sahel_ The Impetus for Counterinsurgency Results is Fueling Government Attacks on Civilians – Héni Nsaibia, ACLED:

A Tribute to Jihadology – The Islamic State Police in Wilayat Halab – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, Jihadology:

The 2017 Manchester Bombing and the British-Libyan Jihadi Nexus – Eran Benedek and Neil Simon, CTC Sentinel:

Articles of the Week – 5/9-5/15

Monday May 11:

What Can Work (and What Has Not Worked) in Women-Centric P/CVE Initiatives: Assessing the Evidence Base for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism – Emily Winterbotham, RUSI:

Domestic Jihadist Threat to Australia and Canada 2000-2020: An Overview – Shandon Harris-Hogan, Lorne L. Dawson, and Amarnath Amarasingam, TSAS:

Tuesday May 12:

The Lure of (Violent) Extremism: Gender Constructs in Online Recruitment and Messaging in Indonesia – Melissa Frances Johnston, Muhammad Iqbal, and Jacqui True, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Terrorism and the Mass Media – Jessica White, RUSI:

Rise O Muwahhid, Wherever You May Be: An Analysis of the Democratization of the Terrorist Threat in the West – Reinier Bergema and Olivia Kearney, ICCT:

Wednesday May 13;

When Measuring ISIS’s “Resurgence”, Use the Right Standard – Sam Heller, ICG:

Women Too: Explaining Gender Ideologies of Ethnopolitical Organizations – Victor Asal, Nazli Avdan, and Nourah Shuaibi, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Iran and Hezbollah’s Pre-Operational Modus Operandi in the West – Ioan Pop and Mitchell D. Silber, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Thursday May 14:

Green Without Borders: The Operational Benefits of Hezbollah’s Environmental NGO – Matthew Levitt and Samantha Stern, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Shifts in the visual media campaigns of AQAP and ISIS after high death and high publicity attacks – Carol Winkler, Kayla McMinimy, Kareem El-Damanhoury, and Monerah Almahmoud, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

Silencing the Guns in Syria’s Idlib – ICG:

Friday May 15:

The Jihadi-Backed Salvation Government and Covid-19 in Northwest Syria – Aaron Y. Zelin, ISPI:

Doing Good while Killing: Why Some Insurgent Groups Provide Community Services – Victor Asal, Shawn Flanigan, and Ora Szekely, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Articles of the Week – 5/2-5/8

Saturday May 2:

How Online Content Providers Moderate User‐Generated Content to Prevent Harmful Online Communication: An Analysis of Policies and Their Implementation – Sabine A. Einwiller and Sora Kim, Policy and Internet:

Monday May 4:

The Risks of a Telegram Crypto-Wallet – Andrew Mines, GNET:

Tuesday May 5:

The role of religion in Islamist radicalisation processes – Jeppe Fuglsang Larsen, Critical Studies on Terrorism:

ISIS in Iraq: From Abandoned Villages to the Cities – Husham Al-Hashimi, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday May 6:

The Challenge of Boko Haram Defectors in Chad – Bulama Bukarti, War on the Rocks:

Striving for the Impossible? Policing and Territoriality in the Age of the War on Terror – Stig Jarle Hansen, Journal of Human Security:

Thursday May 7:

Where to Publish Academic Research on Online Extremism and Terrorism?: What We Can Learn from Journal Article Entries in VOX-Pol’s Online Library – Louise Laing and Maura Conway, Vox-Pol:

False Dichotomy: How Both Psychology and Strategic Incentives Influence Terrorist Groups and Violent Social Movements – Tricia Bacon and Thomas Zeitzoff:

Articles of the Week – 4/25-5/1

Monday April 27:

Ideology along the Contours of Power: The Case of the Caucasus Emirate – Mark Youngman, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Exclusion and Inclusion: The Core of Chechen Mobilization to Jihad – Julie Wilhelmsen, Perspectives on Terrorism:

What Drove Young Dagestani Muslim to Join ISIS? A Study Based on Social Movement Theory and Collective Framing – Domitilla Sagramoso and Akhmet Yarlykapov, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Jihad at Home or Leaving for Syria and Iraq: Understanding the Motivations of Dagestani Salafists – Jean-François Ratelle, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Gender and Jihad: Women from the Caucasus in the Syrian Conflict – Aleksandre Kvakhadze, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Islamic Conflict and Violence in Local Communities: Lessons from the North Caucasus – Irina V. Starodubrovskaya, Perspectives on Terrorism:

It’s Way Too Soon to Tell Whether COVID-19 Will Benefit Jihadists (And Here’s a Few Reasons It Might Not) – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Tuesday April 28:

Covid-19 and the Mujahidin of Eastern Indonesia (MIT) – IPAC:

Operation Silves: Inside the 2017 Islamic State Sydney Plane Plot – Andrew Zammit, CTC Sentinel:

Overblown: Exploring the Gap Between the Fear of Terrorist Recidivism and the Evidence – Thomas Renard, CTC Sentinel:

Intersections of the Real and the Virtual Caliphates: The Islamic State’s Territory and Media Campaign – Wojciech Kaczkowski, Carol Winkler, Kareem El Damanhoury, and Yennhi Luu, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Wednesday April 29:

Violent extremism, mental health and substance abuse among adolescents: towards a trauma psychological perspective on violent radicalization and deradicalization – Daniel Koehler, The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology:

Thursday April 30:

Special Issue Introduction for Terrorism, Gender and Women: Toward an Integrated Research Agenda – Alexandra Phelan, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

From Pawn to Knights: The Changing Role of Women’s Agency in Terrorism? – Mia Bloom and Ayse Lokmanoglu, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The Failed Ideological Hybridization of the Islamic State – Djallil Lounnas, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Pierre Vogel’s and Bilal Philips’s Criticisms of Jihadism – Clemens Holzgruber, Journal of Muslims in Europe:

Challenges in Digital Ethnography: Research Ethics Relating to the Securitisation of Islam – Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann and Simone Pfeifer, Journal of Muslims in Europe:

Friday May 1:

Shooting for 1080p Full HD – Assessing Islamic State’s Cameras – Yorck Beese, GNET:

Is Idlib set for internal strife? – Charles Lister, Middle East Institute:

The Radical Milieu: A Methodological Approach to Conducting Research on Violent Extremism – Emily Winterbotham and Elizabeth Pearson, Resolve Network:

It’s a man’s world: carnal spectatorship and dissonant masculinities in Islamic State videos – Manni Crone, International Affairs:

Articles of the Week – 4/18-4/24

Sunday April 19:

Abdullah al-Faisal’s Global Jihad – Raffaello Pantucci, Lawfare:

Monday April 20:

Radicalization as cause and consequence of violence in genocides and mass killings – Omar Shahabudin McDoom, Violence: An International Journal:

Wednesday April 22:

Whose Interest? Whose Peace? An Evaluation of Pakistan’s Peace Agreements with the Taliban in the Tribal Areas (2004–2015) – Wali Aslam, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Perspectives on the rebel social contract: Exit, voice, and loyalty in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – Mara Redlich Revkin and Ariel I. Ahram, World Development:

Thursday April 23:

Chad’s Big Anti-Boko Haram Campaigns Are the Exception to the Rule – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

The Amalgamation of Virtuality and Reality in Radicalisation Processes – Manjana Sold, GNET:

Articles of the Week – 4/11-4/17

Monday April 13:

Towards the “olive trees of Rome”: exploitation of propaganda devices in the Islamic State’s flagship magazine “Rumiyah” – Miron Lakomy, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Liberated, not free: Yazidi women after Islamic State captivity – Gina Vale, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Researching armed conflict, Boko Haram and other violent non-state actors: problems with web sources – M. J. Fox, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

War in Syria: the translocal dimension of fighter mobilization – Esther Meininghaus and Carina Schlüsing, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Rebel fragmentation in Syria’s civil war – Olivier J. Walther and Patrick Steen Pedersen, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

The Political Power of Proxies: Why Nonstate Actors Use Local Surrogates – Assaf Moghadam and Michel Wyss, International Security:

Career Foreign Fighters: Expertise Transmission Across Insurgencies – Chelsea Daymon, Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn, and David Malet:

Tuesday April 14:

Islamic State Propaganda in India – Kabir Taneja, GNET:

Weapon of the Strong? Government Support for Religion and Majoritarian Terrorism – Peter S. Henne, Nilay Saiya, and Ashlyn W. Hand, Journal of Conflict Resolution:

The Death of a Northern Malian Shaykh, and a Few of My Analytical Blindspots – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Democratic breakdown and terrorism – Joshua Tschantret, Conflict Management and Peace Science:

Wednesday April 15:

Coronavirus and Official Islamic State Output: An Analysis – Aymenn Al-Tamimi, GNET:

Landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices: The Lingering Terror of the Islamic State – Aaron Anfinson and Nadia Al-Dayel, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Thursday April 16:

From “Western education is forbidden” to the world’s deadliest terrorist group: Education and Boko Haram in Nigeria – Madiha Afzal, Brookings Institution:

Preventing Extremism with Extremists: A Double-Edged Sword? An Analysis of the Impact of Using Former Extremists in Danish Schools – David Parker and Lasse Lindekilde, Education Sciences:

Articles of the Week – 4/4-4/10

Monday April 6:

The departed militant: A portrait of joy, violence and political evil – Jonathan Luke Austin, Security Dialogue:

Tuesday April 7:

Identity Construction Through Discourse: A Case Study of ISIS’s No Respite Video – Meghan Conroy  and Nadia Al-Dayel, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The U.N. Needs Help Sustaining the Global Approach to Violent Extremism – Eric Rosand, Just Security:

Wednesday April 8:

The Power to Resist: Mobilization and the Logic of Terrorist Attacks in Civil War – Sara M. T. Polo and Belén González, Comparative Political Studies:

Friday April 10:

Leak Reveals Jihadists’ Weakening Grip in Syria’s Idlib – Sam Heller, War on the Rocks:

Articles of the Week – 3/28-4/3

Sunday March 29:

ISIS in Libya and beyond, 2014–2016 – Andrea Beccaro, The Journal of North African Studies:

Monday March 30:

Busting Myths on Global Jihadism in Nigeria, Jacob Zenn, The African Jihad:

Drone imagery in Islamic State propaganda: flying like a state – Emil Archambault and Yannick Veilleux-Lepage, International Affairs:

States, Religions, and Power: Highlighting the Role of Sacred Capital in World Politics – Gregorio Bettiza, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs:

Tuesday April 1:

Syria’s Three Governments Confront the Coronavirus – Aaron Y. Zelin and Oula A. Alrifai, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Wednesday April 2:

COVID-19 and ISIS in Indonesia – Sidney Jones, IPAC:

Thursday April 3:

Fragmentation and Cooperation in the Jihadi International (Sub)System: ‘Islamic State’ vs. Al-Qaeda and Beyond – Marina Eleftheriadou, Religions:

Articles of the Week – 3/21-3/27

Sunday March 22:

Khalid Batarfi and the Future of AQAP – Gregory D. Johnsen, Lawfare:

How Islamist is the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)? An ideological assessment – Christoph Schuck, Asian Security:

Monday March 23:

Broken, but Not Defeated: An Examination of State-led Operations against Islamic State Khorasan in Afghanistan and Pakistan (2015-2018) – Amira Jadoon and Andrew Mines, Combating Terrorism Center:

Tuesday March 24: 

The Pensacola Terrorist Attack: The Enduring Influence of al-Qa`ida and its Affiliates – Colin Clarke, CTC Sentinel:

Dollars for Daesh: The Small Financial Footprint of the Islamic State’s American Supporters – Lorenzo Vidino, Jon Lewis, and Andrew Mines, CTC Sentinel:

Addressing the Enemy: Al-Shabaab’s PSYOPS Media Warfare – Christopher Anzalone, CTC Sentinel:

Wednesday March 25:

A Year Since Baghuz, the Islamic State Is Neither Defeated nor Resurging (Yet) – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Thursday March 26:

Framing the Narrative: Female Fighters, External Audience Attitudes, and Transnational Support for Armed Rebellions – Devorah Manekin and Reed M. Wood, Journal of Conflict Resolution:

Friday March 27:

Radicalisation and travelling to Syria among delinquent youths: A case study from the Netherlands – Rudie J.M. Neve, Frank M. Weerman, Suzan Eris, and Jan Willem van Prooijen, Journal for Dereadicalization:

‘Muhajirun’ from Austria. Why they left to join ISIS and why they don’t return. – Veronika Hofinger and Thomas Schmidinger, Journal for Dereadicalization:

What About the Camp Followers – and their Children? – Ian MacVicar, Journal for Dereadicalization:

An Assessment of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters’ Commitment to Reintegrate: A Case Study of Kwale County, Kenya – Tina Mykkänen, Journal for Dereadicalization:

Vicarious Trauma From Online Extremism Research – A Call to Action – Michael Krona, GNET: