Articles of the Week – 8/1-8/7

Saturday August 1:

Truth and lies in the Caliphate: The use of deception in Islamic State propaganda – Daniel Milton, Media, War & Conflict:

Tuesday August 4:

A Qualitative Analysis of Drivers among Military-Affiliated and Civilian Lone Actor Terrorists Inspired by Jihadism – Alexa Katon, Christine Shahan Brugh, Sarah L. Desmarais, Joseph Simons-Rudolph, and Samantha A. Zottola, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

ISIS’s New Leadership: Past Lessons in a New Strategic Environment August 4, 2020 – Husham Al-Hashimi, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday August 5:

How radicalizing agents mobilize minors to jihadism: a qualitative study in Spain – Álvaro Vicente, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

The terrorist and the mercenary: Private warriors against Nigeria’s Boko Haram – Antonino Adamo, African Studies:

Re-thinking Religion and Empire: Non-State Organizations from the Knights Hospitallers to ISIS – Dominic Alessio and Lucas Villegas-Aristizábal, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies:

Exploring youth radicalisation through the framework of developmental crime prevention: a case study of Ahmad Numan Haider – Adrian Cherney, Current Issues in Criminal Justice:

Thursday August 6:

The Problem of Apocalyptic Terrorism – Justin J. Meggitt, Journal of Religion and Violence:

The Allure of Jihad: the de-territorialization of the war in the North Caucasus – Vassily A. Klimentov and Grazvydas Jasutis, Caucasus Survey:

Friday August 7:

Chronicling the Boko Haram Decade in Nigeria (2010-2020): distinguishing factions through videographic analysis – Jacob Zenn, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Articles of the Week – 7/25-7/31

Saturday July 25:

Maoist Hybridity? A Comparative Analysis of the Links between Insurgent Strategic Practice and Tactical Hybridity in Contemporary Non-State Armed Groups – Edward Stoddard, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Monday July 27:

Contending with Turkey’s Islamic State Returnees – Nigar Göksel and Berkay Mandıracı, War on the Rocks:

Extremist Offender Management in Europe: Country Reports – ICSR:

“I Will Tell You a Story about Jihad”: ISIS’s Propaganda and Narrative Advertising – Anna Kruglova, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Tuesday July 28:

Insurgency and international extraversion in Somalia: the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and Al-Shabaab’s Amniyat – Mohamed Haji Ingiriis, African Security Review:

Dogmatism or pragmatism? Violent extremism and gender in the central Sahel – Luca Raineri, International Alert:

Boko Haram’s Expansionary Project in Northwestern Nigeria: Can Shekau Outflank Ansaru and Islamic State in West Africa Province? – Jacob Zenn, Terrorism Monitor:

Wednesday July 29:

Is Religion a Barrier to Peace? Religious Influence on Violent Intrastate Conflict Termination – Mora Deitch, Terrorism and Political Violence:

ISIS in South Asia: Struggle for Survival Beyond ‘Khorasan’ July 29, 2020 – Shweta Desai and Amarnath Amarasingam, Center for Global Policy:

Thursday July 30:

National Extraction, Geographical Origin and Migratory Ancestry among Jihadists in Spain – Carola García-Calvo, Fernando Reinares, and Álvaro Vicente, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Telegram’s anti-IS Campaign: Effectiveness, Perspectives, and Policy Suggestions – Meili Criezis, GNET:

Child is Father of the Man? Retribution or Reintegration of ISIS Youth in Mosul, Iraq – Vera Mironova and Sam Whitt:

Former Extremist Interviews Current Extremist: Self-Disclosure and Emotional Engagement in Terrorism Studies – Mehmet Ümit Necef, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Choosing to Fight, Choosing to Die: Examining How ISIS Foreign Fighters Select Their Operational Roles – Tyler Evans, Daniel J Milton, and Joseph K Young, International Studies Review:

Friday July 31:

The End of the Sahelian Anomaly: How the Global Conflict between the Islamic State and al-Qa`ida Finally Came to West Africa – Héni Nsaibia and Caleb Weiss, CTC Sentinel:

The Threat from Europe’s Jihadi Prisoners and Prison Leavers – Robin Simcox and Hannah Stuart, CTC Sentinel:

Articles of the Week – 7/18-7/24

Saturday July 18:

Seeing is Believing: Notes on the Visibility of Women’s Contribution to the Islamic State Movement in 2019-2020 – Audrey Alexander, The ISIS Reader:

Sunday July 19:

The Islamic State’s Pattern of Sexual Violence: Ideology and Institutions, Policies and Practices – Mara Redlich Revkin and Elisabeth Jean Wood,  The Journal of Global Security Studies:

Monday July 20:

Rising in the East: A Regional Overview of the Islamic State’s Operations in Southeast Asia – Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani, and Charmaine Willis, Combating Terrorism Center:

Tuesday July 21:

ISIS in Yemen: Caught in a Regional Power Game – Elisabeth Kendall, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday July 22:

Prisons and Terrorism: Extremist Offender Management in 10 European Countries – Rajan Basra and Peter R. Neumann, ICSR:

Friday July 24:

Sectarian Triangles: Salafis, the Shi‘a, and the Politics of Religious Affiliations in Northern Nigeria – Alexander Thurston, Politics and Religion:

Articles of the Week – 7/11-7/17

Saturday July 11:

The Children of ISIS: Statelessness and Eligibility for Asylum under International Law – Ana Luquerna, Chicago Journal of International Law:

Monday July 13:

Understanding the Online and Offline Dynamics of Terrorist Pathways – Joe Whittaker and Chamin Herath, GNET:

The Propaganda Pipeline: The ISIS Fuouaris Upload Network on Facebook – Moustafa Ayad, ISD:

“They cowardly attack US, so we nobly eliminate them…”: The emergence of the translocal group in the propaganda of the Islamic State – Cristina Mayor-Goicoechea and Jesús Romero-Trillo, Pragmatics and Society:

Tuesday July 14:

The Challenge and Promise of a Multidisciplinary Team Response to the Problem of Violent Radicalization – B. Heidi Ellis, Alisa B. Miller, Ronald Schouten, Naima Y. Agalab, and Saida M. Abdi, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday July 15:

HTS and al-Qaeda in Syria: Reconciling the irreconcilable – Orwa Ajjoub, MEI:

Thursday July 16:

Al-Qaeda’s Iran Dilemma: Evidence from the Abbottabad Records – Bryce Loidolt, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Repeated and Extensive Exposure to Online Terrorist Content: Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit Perceived Stresses and Strategies – Zoey Reeve, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Unity, Segregation, and Obedience: Islamic State’s Use of Quranic Verses and How It Relates to State-Building – Maria-Louise Clausen, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Coin as Imagined Sovereignty: A Rhetorical Analysis of Coins as a Transhistorical Artifact and an Ideograph in Islamic State’s Communication – Ayse Deniz Lokmanoglu, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Foreign Fighters, Rebel Command Structure, and Civilian Targeting in Civil War – Austin C. Doctor and John D. Willingham, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Reconstructing the theater of terror – Matthew M. Sweeney, Arie Perliger, and Ami Pedahzur, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Friday July 17:

Reconceptualizing Ideology and Extremism: Toward an Empirically-Based Typology – Sara Doering,Garth Davies, and Raymond Corrado, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Articles of the Week – 7/4-7/10

Saturday July 4:

Drone imagery in Islamic State propaganda: flying like a state – Emil Archambault and Yannick Veilleux-Lepage, International Affairs:

Monday July 6:

The jihadi insurgency in Mozambique: origins, nature and beginning – Eric Morier-Genoud, Journal of Eastern African Studies:

Tuesday July 7:

Imprisonment and Terrorism – Vincenzo Bove and Tobias Böhmelt, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Religious Radicalisation in the Albanian Diaspora – Ebi Spahiu, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network:

Another Perspective on “Local Versus Global” in Analyzing Jihadism: “Contingent Versus Cohesive” – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Militants in Retreat: How Terrorists Behave When They Are Losing – Matthew Dixon, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The Radicalization of Young Jihadi Convicted of Membership of Terrorist Organization in Spain: Analyzing the Pieces of the Puzzle – Rogelio Alonso and Paul Delgado, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Reframing Islamic State: Trends and Themes in Contemporary Messaging – Telli Betül Karacan, Danish Institute for International Studies:

ISIS in Iraq: The Challenge of Reintegrating ‘ISIS Families’ – Husham Al-Hashimi, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday July 8:

Predicting behavioral profiles of online extremists through linguistic use of social roles – Phillip Conrad De Bruyn, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

Provoking Ordinary People: The Effects of Terrorism on Civilian Violence – Jürgen Brandsch and André Python, Journal of Conflict Resolution:

Thursday July 9:

Singapore’s Radicalised – Shashi Jayakumar, GNET:

Life inside Syria’s al-Hol camp – Vera Mironova, Middle East Institute:

Militant Islamism and local clan dynamics in Somalia: the expansion of the Islamic Courts Union in Lower Jubba province – Michael Skjelderup, Mukhtar Ainashe, and Ahmed Mohamed Abdulle “Qare”, Journal of Eastern African Studies:

Friday July 10:

IS “Advisers”: How Online Jihadists Guided European Volunteers to Syria – Hugo Micheron, GNET:

Articles of the Week – 6/27-7/3

Monday June 29:

Inside the Islamic State in Mosul: A Snapshot of the Logic & Banality of Evil – Haroro Ingram and Devorah Margolin, Program on Extremism:

The Islamic State’s Ideology: History of a Rift –  Cole Bunzel, Program on Extremism:

The Islamic State’s Real Estate Department: Documents and Analysis – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, Program on Extremism:

The Security Threat COVID-19 Poses to the Northern Syria Detention Camps Holding Islamic State Members – Audrey Alexander, CTC Sentinel:

Pandemic Narratives: Pro-Islamic State Media and the Coronavirus Chelsea Daymon and Meili Criezis, CTC Sentinel:

The Limits of ‘Shabaab-CARE’: Militant Governance amid COVID-19 – Christopher Hockey and Michael Jones, CTC Sentinel:

Tuesday June 30:

“Backstage” Responses to the Sydney Siege: A Case-study of the Sermons Delivered in the Mosques of Sydney in the Aftermath of the Incident – Husnia Underabi, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs:

Islamic State Telegram Stickers: Purposes, Themes, and Narratives – Meili Criezis, GNET:

Friday July 3:

From 4G to Languages: The Developing Online Jihadist Propaganda Network in India – Kabir Taneja, GNET:

Mali’s peace networks: the role of Islamic religious leaders in conflict resolution – Thomas Hinkel and Bakary Fouraba Traore, Conflict, Security & Development:

Bringing the war home: the strategic logic of ‘North Caucasian terrorism’ in Russia – Vassily A. Klimentov, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Articles of the Week – 6/20-6/26

Monday June 22:

The YouTube Browsing Habits of a Lone-Actor Terrorist – Rajan Basra, GNET:

An Alternative Vision of Statehood: Islamic State’s Ideological Challenge to the Nation-State – Nadia Kaneva and Andrea Stanton, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

From Cooperation to Competition: Localization, Militarization and Rebel Co-Governance Arrangements in Syria – Benedetta Berti, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Homecoming: Considerations for Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Islamic State-Affiliated Minors – Liesbeth van der Heide and Audrey Alexander, Combating Terrorism Center:

Tuesday June 23:

#Hamas: A Thematic Exploration of Hamas’s English-Language Twitter – Devorah Margolin, Terrorism and Political Violence:

ISIS in the Sinai: A Persistent Threat for Egypt – Allison McManus, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday June 24:

Lethal Violence in Civil War: Trends and Micro-Dynamics of Violence in the Northern Mali Conflict (2012-2015) – Adib Bencherif, Aurélie Campana, and Daniel Stockemer, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism:

Reclaiming Saudi Salafism: The Saudi Religious Circles and the Threat of ISIS – Raihan Ismail, Journal of Arabian Studies:

Articles of the Week – 6/13-6/19

Sunday June 14:

Negotiating With Jihadists in the Sahel and Nigeria – Jacob Zenn, Lawfare:

Tuesday June 16:

ISIS on the Iraqi-Syrian Border: Thriving Smuggling Networks – Husham Al-Hashimi, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday June 17:

Rethinking the weak state paradigm in light of the war on terror: Evidence from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania – Zekeria Ould Ahmed Salem, POMEPS:

Why Are There Few Islamist Parties South of the Sahara? – Alexander Thurston, POMEPS:

How Do Leadership Decapitation and Targeting Error Affect Suicide Bombings? The Case of Al-Shabaab – Mohammed Ibrahim Shire, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Staying Engaged in Terrorism: Narrative Accounts of Sustaining Participation in Violent Extremism – Neil Ferguson and James W. McAuley, Frontiers in Psychology:

Thursday June 18:

Logistical Details and (Competing?) Accounts of the Droukdel Strike – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

They Always Come Back: A Look at the Ben Khemais Network in Milan – Hindsight Is 20/20:

Friday June 19:

Fake It till You Make It? Representation of Special Operations Forces Capabilities in Jihadist Propaganda Videos – Daniel Koehler, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

“We Will Conquer Your Rome”: Italy and the Vatican in the Islamic State’s Propaganda – Francesco Marone and Marco Olimpio, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

“Sorry, We’re Closed”: Applying Business Models to Failed Terrorist Organizations – Keith W. Ludwick, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Spreading Hate on TikTok – Gabriel Weimann and Natalie Masri, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Articles of the Week – 6/6-6/12

Saturday June 6:

Exploring the hidden social networks of ‘lone actor’ terrorists – David Bright, Chad Whelan, and Shandon Harris-Hogan, Crime, Law and Social Change:

Monday June 8:

The future of the Islamic State’s Women: assessing their potential threat – Jessica Davis, ICCT:

Tuesday June 9:

On the Reported Death of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb’s Emir Abdelmalek Droukdel – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Islamic State in Khorasan: Attempting to Absorb Rival Groups – Amira Jadoon, Center for Global Policy:

Brokers of Legitimacy: Women in Community-Based Armed Groups – Hilary Matfess, Resolve Network:

Strategic Targeting: The Islamic State and Use of Violence in Iraq and Syria – Michael Burch and Elise Pizzi, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Islamist radicalisation in Italy: just A myth? – Michele Groppi, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism:

Musical Criminology: A Comparative Analysis of Jihadist Nasheeds and Narco Corridos – Hayat Alvi, The Air Force Journal of European, Middle Eastern, & African Affairs:

Wednesday June 10:

Social Media as a Mirror of External Circumstances: Insights Into a Radical Group – Mika Josephine Moeller, GNET:

“Jurisprudence Beyond the State: An Analysis of Jihadist “Justice” in Yemen, Syria and Libya – Joana Cook, Haid Haid, and Inga Trauthig, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The impact of terrorism on international mergers and acquisitions: Evidence from firm-level decisions – Babet Hogetoorn and Michiel Gerritse, Journal of Peace Research:

How Terrorism Spreads: Emulation and the Diffusion of Ethnic and Ethnoreligious Terrorism – Sara M. T. Polo, Journal of Conflict Resolution:

Thursday June 11:

“Help for Sisters”: A Look at Crowdfunding Campaigns with Potential Links to Terrorist and Criminal Networks – Audrey Alexander, GNET:

Friday June 12:

Islamic Caliphate or nation state? Investigating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s imagined community – Ben Caló, David Malet, Luke Howie, and Pete Lentini, Nations and Nationalism:

Indonesia’s missing Left and the Islamisation of dissent – Vedi R. Hadiz, Third World Quarterly:

Articles of the Week – 5/30-6/5

Monday June 1:

Jihadists see COVID-19 as an Opportunity – Mina al-Lami, GNET:

The inter-Islamic competition and the shift in al-Nur party stance towards civil state in Egypt – Shaimaa Magued, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:

Muslim Student Radicalism and Self-Deradicalization in Indonesia – Mun’im Sirry, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations:

Bourgeois Jihad: Why Young, Middle-Class Afghans Join the Islamic State – Borhan Osman, USIP:

Tuesday June 2:

ISIS and al Qaeda: Partnership is Not in the Cards – Aymenn Al-Tammimi, Center for Global Policy:

ISIS in Africa: The End of the “Sahel Exception” – Wassim Nasr, Center for Global Policy:

Radicalization’s Core – Zin Derfoufi, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Kosovo’s Experience in Repatriating Former Foreign Fighters – Julie Coleman and Teuta Avdimetaj, ICCT:

Sidelining the Islamic State in Niger’s Tillabery – Hannah Armstrong, ICG:

Thursday June 4:

Part and Parcel? Examining Al Shabaab and Boko Haram’s Violence Targeting Civilians and Violence Targeting Women – Hilary Matfess, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Measuring the success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria: findings on the strategic and tactical outcomes of the uses of terrorism Brenda Mugeci Githing’u, Fritz Nganje, and J. Tochukwu Omenma, Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research: