The 26th of Dalwa is considered a significant and memorable day in the history of Afghanistan and the region. On this very day of the year 1367 Hijri Solar, the withdrawal of the Soviet invaders was completed as the last soldier crossed the Amu River. We congratulate our Mujahid nation especially the Mujahideen fighting the current American invasion and struggling in the path of truth and independence on the anniversary of this historical day.

Before the invasion of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union was considered the most powerful country on the face of the planet, feared by the entire world including America and NATO. However this super power was quickly battered following the invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent Jihadic struggle of our nation, up until its final leader Gorbachev declared Afghanistan a bleeding wound for the Soviet Union that will not heal until all troops are withdrawn.

If we look at the current situation, the state of America in Afghanistan is exactly the same as that of the Soviet Union during the final days of her invasion. When we analyze the testimony of General Nicholson during the senate hearing, we arrive at the conclusion that the Americans also believe that the US military cannot achieve victory in Afghanistan and the only thing they can do is continue this exhausting and stalemate mission such that it will further erode American reputation on top of incurring human and material losses.

Scholars say, those who do not learn from predecessors will themselves end up becoming lessons for successors. The Americans need to take a lesson from the Soviet Union to heal the bleeding wound of the Afghan war and must think about withdrawal from this country with honor. But if they insist on war, then the experiences of the previous fifteen years adjudicates that the cost of this war will be further human and material losses and erosion of international legitimacy.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

17/05/1438 Hijri Lunar

26/11/1395 Hijri Solar                    13/02/2017 Gregorian


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Thirty seven years ago today on the 6th of Jaddi 1358 (Hijri Solar), the Soviet Union launched a military invasion of our beloved homeland, Afghanistan.

The military invasion against our poor defenseless people by the international idol of communism put our nation in at a terrifying crossroads. While looking at their weak state and strength of the enemy, if they were to choose surrender in front of the communist infidelity , they faced the prospect of elimination of their creed, religious values and Afghan culture as well as the danger of losing the upcoming generations to absolute misguidance and irreligiosity like the other Muslims nations ravaged by communism. And if they were to choose empty handed resistance against a powerful foe then they would have to face heavy casualties, hardships, migrations and losses. Our believing nation began armed Jihad against the Soviet superpower in defense of their religion and beliefs and with the blessing of 14 year Jihad and immense sacrifices, they defeated the communist atheism and shielded their nation and the world from this deadly plague.

Today some deviated and superficial people consider the Afghan Jihad against the Soviets as a futile harmful war. However they do not realize that had the Afghan nation surrendered to the comprehensive communist invasion and accepted their atheist ideology and beliefs, what would their condition be today? It is known that today this nation would not have understood the proper beliefs and actions of Islam and like other communism ravaged Muslim nations, they would have lost their history and deviated from Islam ideologically, politically, educationally, culturally, economically and in all other aspects of life.

All praise belong to Allah that our nation chose worldly hardships, suffering and sacrifices and saved themselves and the upcoming generations from everlasting destruction.

On the anniversary of Soviet invasion on 6th of Jaddi – like how we condemn the dreadful tyrannical occupation of the Soviet invaders – we remind the American invaders and their allies of today to take heed from the fate of the Soviets. Just like how the Soviet forces knelt before this nation with all their might and wealth, the Americans will also follow in their footsteps. Instead of further testing force and prolonging the occupation, think about how to quickly end your tyrannical invasion. Leave the Afghan nation to live a life of peace and security so to heal the wounds caused by the thirty year war.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

26/03/1438 Hirji Lunar

06/10/1395 Hijri Solar                    26/12/2016 Gregorian


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27 years ago today on the 26th of Dalwa 1367 (15th February 1989) the Soviet invading forces in our country [Afghanistan] were completely defeated and a new chapter of valor and heroism was written in the proud history of the Afghans.

After a decade of tyranny and barbarism in Afghanistan, the defeat and withdrawal of the Soviet occupiers in spite of having the most advanced military equipment was a clear example of Falsehood succumbing in the face of Truth.

The enemies of our nation and religion have constantly tried to bring us misery, promote irreligiosity, occupy our country and break our determination but all praise is due to Allah, they have failed and taken their dreams with them to their graves.

Unfortunately after the Soviet Union the remaining arrogant international powers not only failed to take heed from the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan but began treading the latter’s footsteps and transgressed against the honor, pride, land, religion and culture of this poor miserable nation.

The humiliating defeat of the Soviet and withdrawal of over a hundred thousand soldiers proves that none can subdue this nation or become an impediment in front of their faith and lofty goals. Whoever seeks to subjugate them should await the same fate as that of the Soviets.

Today’s American invaders are also standing on the edge of overt defeat and have failed at achieving anything during the 14 year occupation. They have been forced to kneel in front of Faith and Afghan valor and it is not far that we shall add the date of American defeat to our calendar just as that of the Soviets.

The Islamic Emirate acknowledges the heroism of the its valiant Mujahid nation on the anniversary of the defeat of the Soviet Union’s Red Army and asks Allah Almighty to reward those who have sacrificed in this path.

At the same time it is determined that just as the Soviet Union, Allah willing, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate will also completely defeat the American invaders, emancipate our nation from their oppression and will continue waging Jihad as its religious obligation so long as a single American invader is present on our soil and is an impediment in front of an Islamic government.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

06/05/1437 Hijri Lunar

26/11/1394 Hijri Solar                    15/02/2016 Gregorian


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It is 32 years to the day, beginning on the date Feb, 22, 1980 since the Afghan Muslim nation launched the popular uprising against the former Soviet Union in the heart of Kabul city, the Afghan capital.

The residence of Kabul man and women consisting of the students of the schools and university and masses rose in revolt shouting “Allah-o-Akbar” “Death to Russia” Down with Kahligqi-Parchami (People’s Democratic Party)” the

slaves and puppets of Russians.

Despite the use of every possible tool and means within their power and their shower of bullets and massacre of the empty-handed Afghan masses to suppress and crush the popular revolution in much the same way as the current invaders and their puppets today, the then barbaric Red Army and their conscienceless minions were unable to stop the waves of unrest from engulfing entire Kabul city.

The determined Afghan sisters, with indomitable bravery and selfless sacrifice, rose up against the then regime alongside their brothers in the national rising on February 22nd 1980 among whom the name of the legendary woman popularly known asNahid-i-Shahidor Nahid the Martyred will be forever honored and engraved in the Afghan history.

Kabul’s national uprising, regarded as miracle of the century, paved the ways to an inspirational countrywide revolution and Jahidic resistance throughout the country that not only put an end to the Red Empire with its all arrogance but also sank it under its stormy waves.

We are celebrating this historic day when our country being librating from the tyrannical grip of the former Red invasion only tofall under the claws of tyrannical white, yellow, and black occupiersIn place of the former non-conscientious Khalqi-Parcham minions, the existing unprincipled puppets, the slaves of the America selling their soul, religion and country, are in power.

We have just witnessed the most shocking inhuman crime in the history of Afghans on the part of the Americans who frantically burned 300 copies of Holy Quran in the largest military base, Bagram Airbase, what is a most brazen desecration of the Muslims’ most sacred book, the “Holy Quran” in public which is considered the worst kind of blasphemy, the most alarming in a series of hundreds of the atrocities and savageries previously committed by American invaders.

The Afghan nation as a remainder of the very day launched an extremely fierce countrywide protest on Feb. 22nd, 2012 in Kabul, Nangarhar in several other parts of the country which has carried into its fifth day and is likely to be going on to practically condemn such heinous act of blasphemy by the Americans. Besides, some of the angry protesters, empty-handed and unarmed, even stormed the US invaders military base in some parts of the country in retaliation for this

The self-styled and non-influential puppet administration of Karazai rather than collaborating and assisting its Afghan nation in this popular protest, joined forces with the US occupiers and its NATO allies in suppressing the protest and began shooting at and arresting demonstrators in much the same way and for much same reason as the former Babrak Karmal regime.

Afghans take pride in the fact that they posses several proud days as this which witness great heroism and bravery of legendary Afghans.

The foreign occupation forces, taking a lesson from our historical background, are supposed to get the idea of exacerbating rift among our nation out of their minds and avoid harassing the Afghans and violating our sacrosanctities.

Finally, let us up hope long life to memory of the martyrs to honor the memory of those who laid their lives on the day 32 years ago; may their souls rest in peace.


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Exactly 23 years from today, the occupying soldiers of the former Soviet Union wept as they withdrew from Afghanistan. The occupying troops of the Soviet Union of yesterday, just like the barbaric soldiers of America and other crusaders of today
invaded our beloved homeland and for exactly ten years, they barbarically spilled the blood of its heroic Afghan people in order to subdue them. But in the end and after the Jihad, struggle and countless sacrifices of this gallant nation, it faced such a humiliating defeat that the whole red empire collapsed and the atheist communist ideology became a laughing stock of the entire world.
Historically, the Afghans can declare this commemorative day as a day of salvation of the entire humanity from the evil of communism because as a consequence of their Islamic Jihad against the Soviet, not only did Afghanistan gain its independence but it also served as the driving force behind rescuing all the subdued central Asian nations from the evil of communism and from the clutches of the rule of the soviet empire.
Today, on the anniversary of this commemorative day, the invading forces of America and her allies in Afghanistan, with the help of Almighty Allah are facing the exact same fate as the former intrusive Russians did due to the blessed legitimate Jihad of the Afghan people.
The occupying Russians, after testing its strength against the gallant Afghans for a decade learnt that staying in the home of the Afghan Mujahid nation means nothing more than self destruction and with this realization, it fashioned a way for its departure under the cover of Geneva Accords and unconditionally withdrew all its forces.  But the Americans still want to keep testing the proven Afghans and are attempting, through various unjustifiable reasons and under disastrous conditions, to stay in Afghanistan.
On the occasion of this historical day of the retreat of the occupying Soviet forces, the arrogant Americans must take lessons from the previous humiliating invasions of the British and Soviets, seize their hands from this vain confrontation with the heroic Afghans and immediately withdraw all of its forces from Afghanistan.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would like to congratulate its Mujahid nation and the entire Muslim Ummah collectively on the occasion of this celebratory day. We ask Allah to grant us the same victory against today’s occupying crusader Americans as it did against yesterday’s atheist Communists.


Source: http://www.shahamat-english.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=15154:statement-of-islamic-emirate-on-the-occasion-of-the-23rd-anniversary-of-soviet-withdrawal-from-afgha&catid=4:statements&Itemid=4

Thirty two years ago, on this day, the 6th of Jaddi, 1358 (AH anno hegirae) corresponding to 27thDecember, 1979, the former Soviet Union, in much the same way and for much the same reason as the present-day U.S, violating all human rights and ethics, invaded our country.

Still, more than three decades after the former Red Army invasion of Afghanistan, the Afghan are suffering from the aftermath of the war and the impact of it appears to be seen largely in terms of destruction of our country and economic infrastructure. Millions of our countrymen were made homeless leaving their country to migrate to other countries.
The former Soviet Union invasion cost the Afghans the gravest material, emotional and psychological losses in addition to losses of lives of more than one and a half million Afghans. The Afghan Muslim nation is still suffering from the negative effect of what happened, in return, the world including the America were disposed of the Red Empire by the downfall of the former Soviet Unions at the hands of Afghan Muslim nation which got several countries permanent independence and recognition of their identities.
At this stage, the US and the other countries, having been disposed of the Red Empire, had to comfort the miserable Afghans and extent assistance to the war-torn country. Contrarily, the worst was yet to come. The US and their allied countries destroyed and ruined whatever parts of our country had been left of the former Soviet Unions.
Afghans, with help of Allah, are well-trained and able to carry out Jihad and combat all the invaders. The Afghan Muslim nation, in the same way as in the past defeated the entire Eastern bloc headed by the former Soviet Unions though their Jihad getting the world rid of the communism, are successfully withstanding all the coalition forces led by the US invaders and will make them all face the same fate that befell the then Red Army who under the pretext of Peace Treaty of Geneva pulled out of Afghanistan in failure.
The current invaders are, too, looking for the pretence to withdrew from Afghanistan in a face-saving way and are in the point of fleeing.
)  لِلَّهِ الأَمْرُ مِن قَبْلُ وَمِن بَعْدُ وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ   بِنَصْرِ اللَّهِ يَنصُرُ مَن يَشَاء وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ(
To Allah belonged the matter before and (to Him it belongs) thereafter. And on the day the believers will rejoice with Allah’s help. He help whomsoever He wills, And He is the Mighty, the Very-Merciful.
The sequence of the events, if observed, it becomes crystal clear that Afghanistan has never been and is never a country where the invaders can survive or be settled. Besides, the collapse of the Genghis, British Empire, and Red Empire are the living examples that the US may learn from. The US invaders and their allies, Instead of putting the tested brave Afghan nation to the test and fighting them, are to put an end to their invasion.
Furthermore, the western nations should insist on their rulers not to commit war crimes any longer that may further disgrace their nations nationally and internationally but to let the miserable Afghans live freely.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that Afghanistan is sure to be liberated from the occupation of the US invaders with help of Allah Almighty and through their Jihad the and the current invaders are bound to be destined with the same fate that the former ones befell, if Allah wills it.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


Source: http://www.shahamat-english.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13944:statement-of-the-islamic-emirate-concerning-the-condemnation-of-the-32nd-anniversary&catid=4:statements&Itemid=4


19 years ago, on 28 April (8 Saur, 1371 Hijri solar year), the Jihadic resistance of the people of Afghanistan culminated into victory versus the Red Army and their internal (Afghan) puppets. This was not an easy success. Almost 1.5 million Afghans had sacrificed their lives

to reach  this great day of realization of hopes and aspirations, by forcing the dreadful Red Army of the former Soviet Union to flee the country—an Army which even the Westerners had acknowledged as being undefeatable.  Unfortunately, some well-known leaders of the Jihadic resistance could not safeguard the fruit of the resistance which was, in fact, a historical pride for the Ummah as a whole.  They acquiesced in embracing the internal ideological enemies in their ranks against whom they themselves had been fighting for more than a decade. Contrarily, they were not ready to tolerate unity and fraternity with their brothers-in-arm. The obsession of power grabbing frustrated the caravan of aspirations of the people which, though, by then, had approached its destinations.

Ultimately, the splendid victory of the Mujahid people evolved into a tragedy. Some opportunist armed men turned to violating the lives, property and honor of the people, cashing in on the factional fighting. The path of establishment of Islamic regime took up the form of a battle for power. Even the clandestine enemies of Islam were predicting that, as a result of the factional fighting, the Afghan people will be disappointed and oppressed to the point that, in future, they will welcome any non-Islamic regime with open arms.

At this time, some sons of this proud soil gathered under the banner of the Taliban Islamic Movement to bring the great aspiration of the establishment of Islamic regime to its destination—an aspiration that both Mujahideen and the Afghan people had offered 1.5 million martyrs for its sake. In fact, at that critical phase, the Taliban Islamic Movement played the role of (real) heirs of the spiritual legacy of Mujahideen. They implemented the aspirations of Mujahideen in 95% land of the country. However, the internal and external enemies of Islam and the country could not tolerate the regime.

Today, the true sons of this land offer their lives for the protection and success of the same goal. But the world of infidelity under the leadership of America wants to impede the realization of the said goal by dent of force. It is not possible now. The Afghan Mujahid people have thrown down the gauntlet by assembling under a sole leadership. When drops of rains become flood, mountains are not able to prevent them from carving their way forward.

We would like to say, no difference between a Talib and a Mujahid. The Mujahid and the Talib of yesterday who were fighting against the Red Army of the Soviet Union or fighting against America  today, are,  in fact, brothers-in-arm and share common goal.

At this final phase of victory, all Afghans who follow the Truth and love God, any ethnicity they may belong to, should join hands with each other for the sake of brining about Islamic regime.  They should strictly avoid those blunders and flaws that take us away from our prideful goal. Protection of a revolution is as important as its precious winning.

The enemy has lost its morale and strength. Only need for a country-wide uprising. The day is not far off when the (current) invaders, like their predecessor of the 27th April (7th Saur), will be forced to leave our land with humiliation and debasement.

— (Forward towards) independence of the country and an early establishment of the Islamic regime.

–Away with invaders and their puppet and shame on them.

–Pride and f victory to the sacrificing warriors of the way of Truth.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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