New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding Soviet Invasion On the 6th of Jaddi”


Forty years earlier on the 6th of Jaddi 1358 (Hijri Solar), the arrogant Soviet armies launched an invasion against our sacred Islamic homeland, Afghanistan.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is considered one of the biggest human tragedies in modern history.

The ruthless communists began mass murder of our believing people, bombing of villages and indiscriminate destruction with an impression that they could succeed in imposing their evil system and ideology on our believing nation through the use force and brutality. Our people, however, presented unimaginable sacrifices to protect and defend their sacred values as one and half million compatriots sacrificed their lives in defense of Islam, a similar number were wounded, maimed, imprisoned or disappeared, majority of villages and towns were destroyed and our national foundations razed. But despite such calamities and the unspeakable horrors of the ruthless invaders, our believing nation was not prepared to forgo their values and accept the Soviet occupation. In the end due to the blessing of these enormous sacrifices, the Soviet invasion was repelled and they left our land in humiliation.

On this occasion marking the launch of the Soviet invasion, we remind the current invaders (Americans) and their stooges that your experiments of oppression and terror that you are perpetrating – the razing of villages, torching of homes, murder of women and children, imprisonment of believers and repetition of the experiences of Genghis, English and Soviets – have continuously failed and proven futile here.

Understand that this nation is prepared for death with honor but never a life of disgrace and persecution.

Therefore, learn lessons from past experiences and adopt the path of reason. End this unlawful occupation and leave our oppressed people to live a life of dignity and peace in accordance with their own values in their own homeland.

To end we condemn the Soviet invasion and ask the Almighty Allah (SwT) to grant all the martyrs of the Afghan Jihad Jannat-ul-Fidaus and may He (SwT) accept the hardships of all the martyrs, injured, maimed, migrants and Mujahideen – Ameen O’ Lord of the Universe.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
30/04/1441 Hijri Lunar
06/10/1398 Hijri Solar 27/12/2019 Gregorian


Source: Telegram