It was a hot evening in Rural south Aleppo and I was at one of the bases of Jaish al-Nusra, an elite brigade of Mujahidīn. They had taken an empty luxury villa as a temporary base where the brothers would sleep and prepare for the coming battle; the battle of Khlasa. The garden was huge and beautiful, and there were brothers everywhere preparing themselves, some sitting under the trees reciting the Quran. The Amir, Commander Abu Taha had ordered that the Mujahidīn break their fast as fighting while fasting would be nearly impossible in the summer heat.

As I walked around between the brothers, I was greeted by Abu Zubayr Somali. A wonderful brother, I had previously met him on several occasions. He greeted me warmly and invited me to drink tea with him. He prepared the tea and we sat together on the balcony chatting.

Without exaggeration he is one of the best people I have met in my life, everybody who knew him loved him. He was a tall brother, dark in complexion.

“The person who owns this house must be very rich” Abu Zubayr told me. “The problem about making yourself too comfortable in Dunya is that how will you able to leave all this?”

Abu Zubayr told me that he used to live for a number of years in the US but realized that living in the land of kufr chasing after Dunya was of no use. He made up his mind to leave for Jihad. He left America attempting to reach his native land, Somalia to participate in Jihad there. Things did not go as he planned, he failed in reaching Somalia and returned to America.

But that was not enough to make this courageous soul give up, how could he live in America, the capital of oppression and kufr in the world? Now he was being monitored by the security services but for a person like Abu Zubayr, fearing the creation was not one of his traits.

Despite his lack of knowledge on the situation in al-Sham, upon hearing that there was Jihad taking place, he made up his mind to do Hijra to the blessed land of al-Sham. At the time the propaganda of the Khawarij, the Dawla group, was at its height and to many Muslims outside al-Sham it seemed that they were a group that was on truth. He left America with the intention of joining the Dawla group, unaware that they were Khawarij.

Taking all the risk, he began his journey towards Jihad. His movements were picked up by the security agencies and he was stopped for questioning. He later explained that Allah had made this very easy for him and he answered all their questions smoothly until the enemies of Allah were convinced that he had nothing to do with Jihad. He was released and then continued his journey towards al-Sham.

But how could such a pure soul filled with Imaan be amongst a group that has been an instrument to destroy the Jihad and Mujahidīn? Those who truly seek guidance, Allah guides them. Instead of joining the ranks of the Khawarij, he ended meeting other Muhajirīn brothers from the Mujahidīn areas and went with them, joining Jabhat al-Nusra. It was after he completed a Sharia course the reality of the situation in al-Sham became known to him.

It was not long before Abu Zubayr was in the brigade of the Inghimasīn, those who’s task it is to storm deep behind enemy lines. Battle after battle he participated in with the brigade. A brigade which is the cream of the Mujahidīn. The Battle of Al-Eis, one of the most important battles in the current jihad, Abu Zubayr was one of those who reached far behind enemy lines and the small unit destroyed an entire convoy of enemy troops. This was one of the major reasons for the Mujahidīn victory at al-Eis by the help of Allah.

After that he was deployed to Lattakia mountains, doing raid after raid, stopping any attempt from the enemy to advance. I met him in one of the bases of the Mujahidīn in Lattakia. As we sat and spoke my heart was filled with admiration of him. The next time we met was in Aleppo province before the battle of Khlasa, as I mentioned before, and it was also the last time…

As we sat and he served me tea, my eyes weld up with tears at his words. He had a calm way of talking and always reminded one of the Akhirah. An hour later I saw him sleeping peacefully on a bed, his weapon beside him.

Different units began moving in and out of the base, the battle was close and the place was buzzing with activity. I went with my unit to the site of the battle, as night fell the ground began shaking, the Mujahidīn were attacking Khlasa with all their might! We entered the battlefield, bullets were continually making whistling sounds above our heads as we moved forward.

Explosions of mortars and tanks, and then a rain of cluster bombs! As the early hours of the morning came, the battlefield fell quiet. The enemy had fled. Not only from Khlasa, but also from two extremely important towns which they feared being besieged in due to our capture of Khalsa. We remained in Ribaat until almost midday then we descended, we were all exhausted but overjoyed at the victory.

As we drove down I noticed the room that was being used as a command center had been hit by an airstrike. I asked the brothers if anyone had been killed, they told me Commander Abu Taha had been killed! Now my joy was replaced with sadness, he was a commander of such excellence that was rare to find. “Who else was killed?” I asked. “Abu Zubayr Somali” the brother replied. My world turned upside down with grief. Allah had chosen some of his closest servants and took them in the best month while they were storming the enemy (We consider them so and their accountability is to Allah). May Allah join us in their ranks.

Abu Zubayr had possibly had a feeling that he would be killed, his talk with me on that day gave me many indications. Not only that, but he had sent his will, not long before, to a brother.

Thinking about Abu Zubayr makes me think of the Hadith which refers to Sham as “the best of Allah’s lands to which the best of Allah’s creation gather in it” . The evil people of Sham can be found scattered out throughout the world while some of the best of the slaves of Allah flock to Sham. They are strangers to the world living in a land which has always been through the passage of time a home for the strangers; the blessed land of Sham.

Written by Abu Dujanah Al Afriki (Rahimahullah)




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The Jihadi Threat: ISIS, Al Qaeda and Beyond
The West failed to predict the emergence of al- Qaeda in new forms across the Middle East and North Africa. It was blindsided by the ISIS sweep across Syria and Iraq, which at least temporarily changed the map of the Middle East. Both movements have skillfully continued to evolve and proliferate— and surprise. What’s next? Twenty experts from think tanks and universities across the United States explore the world’s deadliest movements, their strategies, the future scenarios, and policy considerations. This report reflects their analysis and diverse views.
This report is a collaboration by 20 experts on the Middle East, Islamic extremism, and jihadism who held a series of conferences between August and November 2016. “The Jihadi Threat” reflects the broad— and often diverse— views of the coauthors. Not every one agreed on all points, but the variety of findings, trend lines, and scenarios for the future covers the best thinking about the evolution of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and their affiliates.

The United States Institute of Peace was the primary sponsor of this initiative, with the backing of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Fifteen other think tanks and universities were represented in the Working Group on Extremism. The goal was always to reflect the widest expertise and the full spectrum of views.

The navigation bar along the right side includes links to six sections of the report. The first is an overview examining the future of extremism. The second, third, and fourth sections profile ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, respectively, and lay out future scenarios for each group. Part five is an analysis of key drivers of extremism ― state frailty, ideological upheaval, conflict zones, foreign intervention, socioeconomic factors, and technology. The sixth and final section outlines policy considerations for dealing with jihadi movements.

Click here to read the full report.

The democrats have been very busy with patching the economy of the US, while spreading differences in foreign countries to busy them with each other. They were very dependent on waging proxy wars and avoided any direct military intervention. They used secret services, militias and sects to accomplish their wished. In eight years Obama was thus able to rebuild the economy of the US somewhat from the destruction caused by his republican predecessor Bush, and he achieved many things Bush was not able to achieve.

The democrats have a long breath in dealing with political issues, and it is difficult to trap them and embroil them into a bleeding conflict due to any political and strategic mistakes. Obama and the democrats are therefore a bigger threat to the Ummah, he had a large role in destroying the region of the Middle-East by opening all kinds of fronts against it and embroiling it in internal conflicts; political, economic and military.

The Obama administration was preparing Hillary to complete this task. They tried to get Hillary on track concerning Iran, Russia and Syria -with the objective of busying the Muslims in the Middle-East from Israel and the US. The naive Hillary however did not seem completely willing to walk this path as she criticized Obama for walking away from his set red line against the Assad regime, and she criticized the nuclear deal with Iran while openly she supported an intervention against the Syrian regime. We read from one of her Wiki-leaked letters “Some argue that U.S. involvement in Syria risks a wider war with Russia. But the Kosovo example shows otherwise. In that case, Russia had genuine ethnic and political ties to the Serbs, which don’t exist between Russia and Syria, and even then Russia did little more than complain.”

The US knows very well that Russia will not do a thing if the US decides to launch a military intervention against the Assad regime. Yet they keep fooling people that an intervention in Syria equals a confrontation with Russia. It was therefore no surprise that Hillary lost the elections despite her winning the obvious popular vote. She could have won the election if she supported Russia and the Assad regime like Trump openly did, because this has been the policy of the Obama administration from the get-go.

The Obama administration was busy with spreading division in the Mujahid ranks instead of attacking them directly, the US under Obama played a vital role in the rise of ISIS and the division between the Mujahideen, especially between Al-Qaedah and ISIS. In addition to this divide and conquer policy, the Obama administration invested its military intelligence in killing the top leadership of Al-Qaedah. An unprecedented number of top leaders were killed under the Obama administration in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Syria. The largest Fitnah was spread in the Mujahid ranks under the Obama administration, known since the global Jihaad movement. We saw the rise of a powerful Jihaad movement claiming to have established the Caliphate and implement the Sharia, while in reality they implemented the US policy in the region without them knowing.

We saw all of this under the Obama administration, so the question leaves us with “What will change under the republican Trump administration?” We will without a doubt see a transition from secretive warfare to open warfare. As Trump openly states what Obama kept hidden. The republicans benefit heavily from military contracts and war profits, so they do not shy away from open and direct warfare. This was very evident under the Bush administration who quickly opened fronts of direct warfare throughout the Muslim world; built on military contracts and war profits. Even if this meant the destruction of the US economy; because the republicans do not care one bit about the overall economy of the US, they only care about the corporate profits of the wealthiest upper-class. The tax avoiding billionaire Trump seems cut for this policy.

These direct military confrontations will make the US number one enemy in the Middle-Eastern region again, which will unite the Muslim forces after being divided. The republicans in addition do not have the same political and strategic cunningness of the democrats in dealing with world actualities. So it will be easier to embroil them into bleeding conflicts, which will hurt the US economy and military. The presidential elections of Trump is therefore a chance for the Muslim Ummah to benefit from the greed and blunt stupidities of the republicans, especially those of Trump.

Obama tried very hard to twist and escape from the republican stupidities caused by the Bush administration before him, he succeeded after eight years, and now Trump will dive right into them again. We have to benefit from his presidency and we must not let this chance pass by because it could not be presented again in the future. Who would have thought that a blatant idiot like Trump would ever rule the US? Even Bush Jr. looks intelligent next to him. If we do not seize this chance to benefit from his stupidities then we truly do not know how to seize opportunities when they are presented. And this chance should be seized quickly in the first term of his presidency, because if there was ever a coup planned in the US, then now would be the most expected time in US history.


Source: al-Maqlat’s Telegram Channel


Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Jaysh al-Fataḥ: “Condemning and Rejecting the American Designation of Dr. ‘Abd Allah bin Muḥammad al-Muḥaysinī”


Source: al-Maqalat Telegram Channel

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