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Safar 25, 1432 A.H, Sunday, January 30, 2011

By Isma’il al-Suhayli

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Geographic Situation: Paktika Province is located in the southeast of Afghanistan and is bordered by Paktia and Khost provinces to the east; Ghazni to the north; Zabul to the west and the Waziristan region to the south. 393,800 people live in the province, the capital of which is the city of Sharan. It is situated 2118 meters above sea level.

(Paktika) was separated from greater Paktia and is composed of 23 districts: Mata Khan, Yosuf Khel, Yahya Khel, Omna, Sar awda, Zarghun Shahr, Jani Khel, Gomal, Sarobi, Urgun, Ziruk, Nika, Dila, Khushamand, Waza Khwa, Terwa, Barmal, Gayan, Kherkut, Remami, Yek Khel and Jarbaran.

The life of the people in Paktika province is a tribal life like the rest of the Pashtun tribes, characterized by religiousness, hospitality, patience, forbearance, respect for their chiefs and honor for scholars.

Educational Situation: The continuous wars in Afghanistan have impacted all aspects of life. The educational aspect has been greatly damaged and the residents of Paktika have been denied the blessings of education. There are undoubtedly causes for this deprivation, at the forefront of which is the foreign occupation which has left its negative impression on the Afghan people, especially the people of Paktika province.

Paktika province was one of the main battlefronts during the Soviet occupation and remains in the front line of fire in confronting the Crusaders. The residents of Paktika still defend Islam and its people with self-sacrifice and devotion as they break the backs of the tyrannical aggressors. Due to their death-defying defense and heroic stand, the haughty aggressors destroy their schools by their continuous shelling of villages and their barbarous campaigns. Because of this, the educational infrastructure is being demolished and the people of this province are denied their right to an education.

Health Situation: Undoubtedly whenever a country is afflicted by the flames of battle, there is a detrimental impact on and degeneration in the basic necessities of people’s life. Public health is one of those necessities (of life) that has been greatly damaged in Afghanistan. The health situation in Paktika province is very low. Some Arab charitable foundations used to be concerned with the health situation in Paktika province but, after the American occupation, all projects connected to the health situation in the region collapsed and matters went from bad to worse. A routine illness that used to be treated immediately, now, because of the lack suitable clinics for treatment, become chronic illnesses. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Paktika province lacks a working hospital and a single specialist who can treat these routine illnesses!!!

The Role of the People of Paktika in Confronting the Crusader Occupation: The people of Paktika province, as mentioned before, are a prohibitive barrier in confronting the occupiers, always conducting their Jihad to defend their religion. The pages of the history of Afghanistan bear (the stories of) the heroes of Paktika who confronted both the English and Russian occupation. After the American occupation of Afghanistan and the maligning of our Islamic values, Paktika was among the first provinces to declare Jihad against the American forces. The famed Shahi Kut mountains in Pakistan witnessed one of the epic battles in the land of Afghanistan under the leadership of the Shaheed Saif al-Rahman Mansour, may Allah have mercy on him. This extraordinary commander began his campaign against American forces, taking the Shah-i Kot mountains as a base to launch his Jihadist operations and reminded the occupiers of the black days of Vietnam.

From the epic battle of the Shah-i Kot mountains till this day, Paktika province has been a lofty fortress of Jihad. The sacrifices of its people are always increasing. The people of this proud province are determined to continue their Jihad until Afghanistan is liberated from the filth of the Crusaders and the banner of Islam flutters in its sky!

Paktika province is one of the provinces in which the Mujahideen were able to kidnap an American soldier from inside an American military base in broad daylight and transport him to a secure location. This demonstrates the cooperation of the people of Paktika and their standing by the side of their Mujahideen brothers because such an operation cannot be conducted without the cooperation of the local people.

Paktika province is considered one of the most important bases of Jihad in the southern regions and the operations of the Mujahideen in this province are conducted with the cooperation of its residents. Its zealous people stand in the ranks of Jihad in confronting the occupiers and their lackeys. For this cause, they, like the rest of the people in the other provinces of Afghanistan, offer the greatest examples of heroism and sacrifices.

This year, Paktika province, in comparison to neighboring provinces, offered many martyrs, may Allah Almighty accept them. Yet, Jihadist operations have not ceased. Rather, they are on the continuous increase. In each of its districts, the Mujahideen launch their attacks on enemy bases. The enemy has tried his sword (against them) time and time again but they remain nothing but a shamed loser, bearing enormous losses in lives and equipment.

The martyrdom-seeking military operation which was recently carried out by nine Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate against a border base in the Urgun directorate resulted in the destruction of almost fifty infidel occupiers, is the best evidence of what we said. The pace of Mujahideen operations against the supply convoys of the occupation forces is continuously on the increase. The people of Paktika have not, and will not permit these military convoys to cross the lands of Paktika in peace! They lie in ambush for them and offer themselves; their wealth and their sons as a sacrifice for the Deen of Allah Azza wa Jall and will not let the filthy feet of the occupiers tread on their lands. Despite all the efforts of the enemy to control Paktika province and annihilate the Mujahideen, the Mujahideen, through the grace of the All-powerful and Omnipotent, have liberated a large area of this province from the filth of occupations and its lackeys. The flag of the Islamic Emirate flutters in the sky over 85% of the lands of Paktika, praise be to Allah. The occupiers and their lackeys have become besieged in their bases and even the areas adjacent to these bases are under the control of the Mujahideen.

Most of the occupiers in this province are American, but there are also some soldiers belonging to other countries who work on American bases under the direct supervision of the Americans. The number of occupiers is around 10,000 soldiers.

The presence of this huge number of occupiers armed to the teeth with the most modern and destructive of weapons has not had a negative impact on the morale of the Mujahideen. Rather, the morale of the Mujahideen is high, because it is based on lofty principles and their ardor built upon true and passionate sentiments. Indeed, the Mujahideen rejoice in this great number of occupiers because military targets have therefore spread out and increased.

Because of his inability to destroy the Jihadist movement in the region, the cowardly enemy has resorted to base methods in targeting the people; destroying their houses and raiding their homes at night in order to take their revenge against the Mujahideen and spread a climate of fear and terror in the province. This, however, has no effect on the morale of the people of the province and strong cooperation in the cause of Jihad. Rather, this barbarism makes them more committed to the Mujahideen and ignites in them the spirit of vengeance and retribution against the occupiers and their cowardly agents. The increase in Mujahideen operations in this province and in their campaigns there is evidence of this reality. Indeed, because of these operations, the Paktika theater has become oppressive for the occupiers.

Praise be to Allah, first and finally.

Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #56

The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

NOTE: ‘Alī Abū Muḥammad al-Dagestanī was appointed the Supreme Qāḍī of the Caucasus Emirate this past October. Earlier this week he also released a video titled “Clarification About the Distribution of the Spoil of War According to Sharī’ah.” According to the Kavkaz-Jihād Blog, this video answers questions for Muslims about jihād, ṭāghūt, those who help infidels, and those who spread ḥaram.

UPDATE 1/31 8:56 AM: Here is an English translation of the below Fatwā (Disclaimer: the below translation is via the Islam Policy website and was according to the post done in haste):

“What is the ruling on participating in the revolution in Egypt (the revolution of January 25)? I would like you toexpound in the answer to include everything that surrounds the subject of matters related to it?
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
May Peace and Prayers be Upon His noble Prophet and on his family and companions
To what Proceeds:
I mentioned the ruling on this issue in this article: “Revolution against Mubarak,” I said in that: (Certainly what is happening today in the land of Islam from the oppression, injustice and immorality within the circle of injustice is the shariah of Allah for His slaves to address it or face it .. He says in the description of people of faith: {And those who, when wrong is done to them, defend themselves} [Shura: 39].
He said in the description of the oppressed to lift oppression and to raise and repel it:
{Yet indeed, as for any who defend themselves after having been wronged – no blame whatever attaches to them} [Shura: 41]
He said (peace be upon him):
“Fight without the owner until you take possession of ownership, or are killed so you become one of the martyrs in the Hereafter. (Saheeh: narrated by Imam Ahmad and Tabaraani).
He said (peace be upon him): “Whoever is killed under oppression is a martyr” Narrated by Ahmad from Ibn Abbas.
He said (peace be upon him): “Whoever is killed defending his wealth is a martyr”. Narrated by Muslim.
He said (peace be upon him): “By He whose hand rest my soul, you either enjoin good and forbid evil and catch hold of the hand of the oppressor and persuade him to act justly and stick to the truth, or, Allah will involve the hearts of some of you with the hearts of others and will curse you as He had cursed them”(Tabaraani in Muajam Kabirr and al-Bayhaqi in al-Sunan.)
He said (peace be upon him): How to sanctify the nation is not taken from the strong of them for the weak among them? (Narrated by Ibn Haban and Tabaraani).
He said peace be upon him:
If you have seen my ummah fearing the oppressor and to tell him, “certainly you are unjust” simply tell them goodbye! (Narrated by Ahmad and al-Bayhaqi.)
And Al-Bayhaqi said commenting on this hadeeth:
(Ahmed said that the meaning of this is, “About them, if they feared for themselves from this statement and then abandoned it they are worse than it and the greatest of speech and the most feared action as they were called to Jihad with the mushrikeen but out of fear for themselves and their closest money and if they became like this therefore they were bid farewell and were deposited, and firmly established their presence and nonexistence (People of faith -Bayhaqi) oh martyrdom.”
– It is obligatory that we know that offsetting the ruling regime in Egypt was a command hard to realize for the biggest jihadist organizations, so if these protesters succeeded in dropping the regime then that is a great victory for Islam and Muslims .. and it has emerged over the Western interests the strength in this great system and their fear of its falling .. so the U.S. government is following what is happening with great interest and the relations did not stop and the command came down on the internal affairs!!
This shows the severity of their dependence on this system! And this is why they are today polishing ElBaradei, who is expected to be the next client, trying to preserve the empowerment of the lining of Mubarak, who felt that its demise is imminent ..
If the Egyptian regime fell, God willing, we would lose an important client of the West, the most important customers who depended on them ..
If the Egyptian regime fell, God willing, there would be mixed with a lot of leaves on the U.S. government will have to deal in a new way with the peoples of the region ..
If the Egyptian regime fell, God willing, it will change a lot of circumstances and conditions of the Islamic world ..
If the Egyptian regime fell, God willing, perhaps several other systems would fall down ..
If the Egyptian regime fell, God willing, there may occur in the region a major earthquake similar to the raids of September 11 ..
If the Egyptian regime fell, God willing, therefore this means that Israel has lost a sentry from its most important sentries ..
The issue is important, substantial and sensitive not only for Egypt alone, but for the whole Islamic world .. we are facing a historic moment and a decisive stage in the history of the Islamic nation ..
The issue for the Egyptian brothers today means a grab of dignity, pride and freedom and to get rid of the West’s customers, which means the birth of a new era in which Egypt has freedom and self-determination and dignity… in her religion and the law of her Lord and her ummah.
According to the West, this means a serious defeat and the loss of a client regime which is one of its most important customers in the region and exit the country from the grip of their hands .. This is what explains the strong attachment to the survival of Mubarak in power and if not for this support given by them he would not have dared to defy the legions, which insist on his immediate departure and refuse that he stay in power ..
The Egyptian brothers today repelling against this system and removing him make a major victory for their country and for Islam and Muslims ..  They stand today in the bond of great repelling… Even if some of the Mujahideen today exists in Egypt it is one of the best jihads to participate in this blessed revolution..
If I asked about the standing of ten or a hundred of the finest Mujahideen for a martyrdom operation in which all of us to perish for Mubarak and his regime you would not see anything wrong with this because it’s in the interests of Islam and Muslims and defeats the enemies of the religion.  How many of us wished to be behind our brothers in Egypt and to have the privilege to contribute to the overthrow of this system, even with half a word.  We ask Allah to accept all the martyrs who fell in the face of this tyrant and to give sustenence to their parents pay, patience and fortitude.
Those demonstrators who came out on the street today, chanting the slogan: “People want to overthrow the regime” may in fact have reached the same conclusion reached by the jihadi groups two decades ago that there was the necessity to dispose of this system  considering it an extension of the West ..  And here the youth today go out to the street to face the police themselves which  was undertaken by the militants two decades ago the need to confront the necessity .. and they are burning cars and smashing its headquarters ..
This was a period sufficient to recognize the Muslim masses for the right decision taken by the Mujahideen:
So it shows you the position of the ignorant *** and alter the news from one who did not provide. Please note that the Mujahid groups in Egypt said that it did not resort to the decision to confront the system until after it was forced to because of stifling and exactly how much the public was forced today to confront the system due to cracking down on them.
Here is the system today, even after the breakdown of security is out of his hand, he describes that all the many people going against it are a group of thugs outside the law! Just as this group of terrorists said of the Mujahideen that they are terrorists, outlaws!
– I am amazed from those who are shy to come out for these demonstrations!
If these systems who were switching the law of Allah and were corruption and tyrannical it obligatory to rebel and fight with the sword, as is the matter with all the groups abstaining from the law of Allah, it is it not obligatory to come out for it with other ways other than protests?
If we claim that we are excused and justified in leaving them, we will be disabled it should be known that we are not excused in leaving the protests against it because ease does not fall without hardship. And how it is prescribed for us to come out and fight the ruler who fights Allah’s religion by force and arms. And it is not prescribed for us to ask him to just claim to relinquish power?
There was some who associate themselves to the methodology of the salaf today that became unfortunately adoptive of a negative direction about the matters of the ummah similar to the passivity of Tablighi Jamaat, that never made any change during her work even if the Kaaba was hit by nuclear bombs.
And the events that happen are greater than what is going on now and this group never moves.
The sanctity of Muslims was assaulted and the sanctity of a Muslim is greater than the sanctity of the Kaaba but the Jama’ah did not move a muscle.
Thus, some affiliated with the approach of the methodology of the salaf they leave or abandon all the matters of the Muslims ummah and have no interest except in their books and papers, and study circles, ignoring the words of the Prophet peace be upon him, “He who does not care about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of us.”
Increasingly, I am surprised by the audacity of some young people who are not committed to the ummah by their enthusiasm and their support for these issues, while some young people who claim to be students of knowledge do not even move their head!
If they talk and they participate they only warn people of the strife of fitnah as though they don’t know that people are already full of fitnah around them. And some of them rioting to participate in the protest against these regulations says:
– If you fall down this regime you only will get the secular regime does not apply the law of Allah!
The answer about that is that we are now talking about the matter of toppling the regime and this is a demand that we agree with  the rest of the people.we should contribute to achieve it. And after the demise of the regime we can seek to establish a new constitution that rule with Allah’s law. Participation in overthrowing  this regime does not mean it will be followed by the adoption of systems in violation of Allah ‘s law. The matter is about reducing the evil and to achieve what can be achieved from good. People are already  injustice, oppression and persecution, we must contribute to the lift it ..
Prisons are full of muwahidun and  We must help with their release.. And qunoot (night prayer) and du’aa is obligatory upon all Muslims in order to fell the tyrant and so he leaves my dear Egypt.
O Allah destroy him and cut off the tail (America)

O Allah Link the hearts of the rebellious Muslim youth on the face of him ..

Allah accepts the martyrs and to pour constancy upon their mothers and sisters, patience and fortitude likewise ..
O Allah decree for this nation a wise matter where the people of your worship can have dignity
and humiliate the people of sin and judge them in it with your shariah.


And Allah knows best
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
Answered, a member of Shariah Committee:
Sheikh Abu-Mundhir Shanqeeti”

NOTE: Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shanqīṭī recently published an article last week titled “Revolution Against Mubarak,” which you can see here.

Shaykh Abū al-Mundhir al-Shanqīṭī — “What is the Ruling of Participating in the Revolution in Egypt Now”

NOTE: To view issue number fifty-six of the Ṭālibān’s magazine al-Ṣomūd see here.

Safar 23, 1432 A.H, Friday, January 28, 2011

By Fida’i

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Allah Almighty creates a reason for everything, whether for the existence or continuation of something or for its non-existence or disappearance. The Almighty is He who causes effects. When He wants to bring something into existence or remove it, He appoints a cause or causes for that. Two decades ago, the world witnessed, with the permission of Allah SwT; the world, and most especially the Islamic peoples, the salvation of the world from the great evil; the evil of the Soviets, who wanted to spread their control over the earth. To achieve this goal they attacked a country which had been crowned more than once with the medal of heroism in breaking tyrants, conquering the haughty and expelling evil transgressors. Their doom was sealed when they chose to attack this country.

To wit, they destroyed themselves! Yes, this great event confused the entire world which did not expect this occurrence, because this country did not have to its credit great discoveries, inventions and technologies. Yet, Allah SwT willed to make the sacrifices of this proud and zealous people the cause for the liberation of dozens of countries occupied by that tyrant. Additionally, it became a cause for removing their occupation of other Muslim lands, especially those countries neighboring Afghanistan. More important than all of this is that America – which has committed the same crime as the Soviets against this proud and zealous people – was itself saved by virtue of the Jihad of the Afghans – from those misfortunes which were expected to befall it – as if Allah SwT desired for those misfortunes to later befall it at the hands of the Afghans themselves and they therefore decided to stand by the side of Afghan Muslims, not because they loved the Afghans and the Muslims or because they wished them well. Rather, they sought after their own self-interest. It was therefore reasonable for the world to thank the Afghans.

Yet, unfortunately, they were ungrateful for the favor with an ingratitude that never occurs to anyone’s mind! After the defeat of the Russians, who left dragging their tails in shame and failure, some of those countries, which Allah had fated to continue to exist by virtue of the Jihad of the Afghans, toyed with the accomplishments of that great people. Indeed, they had a main role in creating problems and afflictions never before witnessed in the history of the country.

Today, the same tragedy is being replayed, but at the hands of another tyrant. Shaytan has enticed this (tyrant) into attacking that people who were the reason he still existed on the face of the earth, forgetting that favor that deserved thanks and a good turn; and not ingratitude and ungraciousness. Indeed, Allah SwT has here ordained the same fate He ordained for the Soviet attack on Afghanistan, which is the salvation of the world and especially the Islamic world from the grip of a tyrannical transgressor.

America wanted, as did its contemporary Soviet Union, to extend its control effectively over the entire world, and re-make it in its own image. Its wealth and its power seduced it into dreaming this dream but achieving this disgraceful dream was completely unreasonable – it is a morass from which it will be happy to escape half alive! Thus, we see today that America has retreated from all its goals – and more – for the sake of which it plunged into the unjust war, the certitude of which was a matter on which no two disagreed! Neither has it been able to take hold of the matter they thought they had a grip on from one day to the next, nor to obtain a guarantee for the security of its people! Rather their terror increases day after day and now it (America) wants to retain its self-respect and nothing more – and this is its great victory, but will it be able to do even that? They are like one who has attacked a person unjustly. When that person grabs them and shakes them, they say to him: “leave me alone and I will leave you alone!”

It is impossible for it now to be seduced by its dream of arrogance, aggrandizement and tyranny, or to spread its influence in the lands of others, or extend its control there. Rather its most pressing concern is to preserve what its forefathers gained!

Because of this the entire world and especially the Islamic world is indebted to the Afghan Jihad. Because of this Jihad, the snake has become preoccupied with itself rather than thinking about swallowing them. When Afghanistan has become a thorn in its throat it cannot advance and cannot return back!

The world has been saved from American aggression and barbarism in all fields: political, economic and security. America had wanted to spread its influence in Eurasia, half of which includes the Islamic countries, then extend their political and economic control over them, and take their affairs firmly in hand. If they were able to do that, then no one on the other continents could stand and face them. But Allah desired other than what America desired. If they had been able – Allah forbid – to realize their initial goals then subsequently it would have been very easy to swallow and digest the Islamic world. This was a turn of events for which it waited impatiently and for which sake it spared no expense. But through the grace of Allah first and then through the sacrifices of that proud and zealous people, it was not able to realize its dream. Rather, the entire Islamic Ummah was saved from those plots which those iniquitous hands wove in the world of fantasy.

Among the most prominent gains made by the Afghan Jihad for the Islamic Ummah which can be indicated here is the protection of the Holy Quran from fire and abuse, four months ago at the hands of a lunatic American: that vile minister who intended to burn a copy of the Glorious Quran in revenge for the events of September 11. Yes, what happened there with that idiotic man was not personal or unique to him, rather it was the voice of many of them and evidence was that they did not refrain from committing that crime out of respect for the sacred things of others or for human dignity! Rather, it was to preserve their bravado and prestige by protecting the lives of their soldiers deployed on the field of battle and to be precise; to avoid receiving the combat strikes of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate! Which they were certain to receive if they did not take that crazy man into their foolish hands! The commander in chief of the NATO Alliance, David Petraeus and others warned of the consequences of that action and stated that it would cause calamities for their soldiers present in Afghanistan. The lunatic minister therefore had to reconsider his plan and back down. He in his turn was more concerned with the defeat of his co-religionists and kinsmen, than in venting his anger against Muslims by burning the Noble Quran as if he considered – if the expression is apt – that the cost of this heinous act would outweigh its benefit. Here we must draw attention to certain points:

1. There are no doubt in the Islamic Ummah has many ideological, political and religious parties; and there are undoubtedly in Islamic countries (many) regimes that rule them – and there are more than 50 governments! But neither America or NATO or its commander in chief were troubled and they did not say that (these) regimes and rulers of Islamic countries or their varied and diverse parties and movements would cause problems for America or weaken it if that great crime were committed! For one reason: they had cast Jihad behind their backs!

2. Then why do the Americans fear the Mujahideen? What that commander stated means that those different parties and diverse movements in their great number and those governments armed to the teeth with even nuclear weapons(!) did not and will not be considered to constitute a threat to them! There is therefore no need to warn against them! As if they understood well that the Mujahideen were those who would avenge their sacred things. This is a matter that truly conforms to reality and fact. This is the reason behind infidel attacks launched against Jihad and its people over the course of time in all corners of the earth and in all rounds they struggle, and especially in this modern era. They are convinced that Jihad is the apex of the pinnacle of Islam, as was said by that leader of the Mujahideen, Muhammad ibn Abdullah (SAW). Meaning Islam is protected by Jihad only! The enemy is therefore terrified of Jihad and the Mujahideen, and tries with all the capabilities he possesses to mar the image of Jihad and the Mujahideen one way or another.

3. The commander’s statement that the burning of the Noble Quran would cause problems for his soldiers in Afghanistan only(!) – although Jihad continues through the grace of Allah SwT in other countries as well – indicates that the occupiers have learned through living in the hills and rugged mountains of Afghanistan over the past nine years; the message that the soldiers of the Islamic Emirate are at the forefront of the legacy of Islam, they are its most honorable and worthy men in the modern age. They are therefore careful of them, and try to deceive them with great deceptions and lay traps for them by other methods. Even though the Emirate does not posses the means and weapons of terror and fright, and weapons that would penetrate to the hearts of the enemy, Allah has placed terror in their hearts; terror because the Mujahideen follow in the steps of the Sayyid al-Mursaleen, (SAW) who said, as narrated by Bukhari in his Sahih:

“I had been given five things which were not given to anyone else before me. Allah made me victorious through awe for the distance of one month’s journey…”.

Today the world witnesses with its own eyes the truth of this Hadith as a palpable reality. America with all the armies and technology in its possession is frightened of a small group that cannot be compare with it in terms of means and equipment in any field or situation!

4. The thinking of the occupiers has changed towards the Emirate. They used to assume that officials and leadership of the Emirate took matters simply and naively, and they were merely seekers of religious knowledge, knowing nothing or very little of the politics of the world. It was therefore easy to dupe or play with them! But now, after tasting the bitterness of the war into which they plunged unjustly and aggressively, and after adopting a policy of shock and awe more than once, they understand that those of whom they thought so little are men! These men have stood in their face as an impassable barrier when those who thought they were brave and heroic surrendered. They were singing the praises of our Lord when all tongues were praising America.

In sum, the entire world, but especially the Islamic world and the countries neighboring Afghanistan, must thank Afghanistan for this great and historic accomplishment in helping them strike an enemy which was harming them more than it was harming the Islamic Emirate, and for extending to them aid in establishing an Islamic regime. Because establishing a strong Islamic regime in Afghanistan is to the interest of all. If Afghanistan is the bridge joining the world’s economy to Central Asia, and is indisputably the heart of Asia, then the well-being of the body (depends upon) the well-being of the heart. While the heart is sound, the body enjoys rest and ease. When the heart is fretful and disturbed, then undoubtedly the rest of the parts of the body does not enjoy tranquility and ease.

To conclude, it is worth pointing out that the peoples of the Islamic Ummah played an important role in the past Jihad of the Afghans, and that is still the case today. For this they must undoubtedly be thanked.

Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #56

The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

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