New statement from Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām: “Response to the Independent International Commission of the United Nations on Syria Issued on July 7, 2020”


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New statement from Ḥarakat al-Shabāb al-Mujāhidīn: “On the Bombing By the Mujāhidīn of Headquarters of the United Nations and the Crusader Alliance in the Capital Mogadishu”

New release from al-Qā’idah’s Shaykh Bilāl Khuraysāt (Abū Ḥudhayfah al-‘Urdunī): "They Are Not From Us"

Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Shaykh Bilāl Khuraysāt (Abū Ḥudhayfah al-‘Urdunī) — They Are Not From Us
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New statement from Sarāyā al-Dafā’ ‘an Binghāzī: "Message to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Regarding Egyptian-Emirati Interference in Libyan Affairs"

New statement from Sarāyā al-Dafā’ ‘an Binghāzī: "Reply To The Report Of The United Nation's Mission To Libya Addressed To The General Secretary of the United Nations"

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding renewal of sanctions by the United Nations Security Council"

On Monday 21st December 2015 the United Nations Security Council renewed their illegal sanctions against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan at a time as the advancements of the Mujahideen began rekindling the hopes of perpetual peace and the impassive aspirations of the nation have begun showing life.
The corrupt Kabul administration also welcomed this cruel abhorrent decision of the UNSC and asked for even more sanctions against the Islamic Emirate.
On the other hand the barbaric occupation forces are directly engaged in the Helmand fighting, are carrying out blind airstrikes on residential areas, are carrying out night raids in various provinces and reports are emerging that Daesh elements are being transported by helicopters into Nangarhar in spite of the fact that the airbases and airspace of our beloved homeland are under the control of the invaders which is a clear proof that the invaders are commanding Daesh.
The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the sanctions by the UNSC and recent actions of the enemy and wishes to turn the attention of its respected nation, people of the world and international peace loving forces towards the new obstacles created in front of real long-lasting peace:
1. The above mentioned decision by the United Nations Security Council
2. Anti-peace declarations by groups within the Kabul setup and backers of this administration
3. Recent moves by the invaders aimed at protracting this war
4. Reports by invaders and Kabul administration officials regarding support for Daesh
5. Direct involvement by British forces in Helmand fighting
6. Welcoming of UNSC sanctions decision by Kabul administration and request for further sanctions
We see the above obstacles created in front of peace as an intentional effort to sabotage the peace process and consider these steps the main cause of the protraction of war in our beloved homeland.
We have repeatedly declared to our nation and the international community that the invaders seek to keep our country under perpetual occupation in order to turn it into a hub for controlling the region, threatening nations and achieving their imperialist goals. Their promises have no meaning while their rhetoric and actions always contradict each other.
Since the invading enemy has not retracted from its occupational goals therefore the Afghan Mujahid nation will continue its Jihadi struggle until the complete independence and establishment of an Islamic system. It will continue its obligation of Jihad against the malevolent ambitions of the invaders courageously and in complete unity in order to free the country from the clutches of the invaders and their stooges and hand them a historical exemplary lesson.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
12/03/1437 Hijri Lunar
02/10/1394 Hijri Solar                    23/12/2015 Gregorian

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the UN Mandate to Extend the NATO Mission in Afghanistan"

Regretfully, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday extended the mandate of NATO mission in Afghanistan to continue the occupation of this country, spill the blood of Afghans, killings, vexing, bombardment, raids and savagery for another year. The Islamic Emirate reacts to the decision of the United Nations in the following points:

1.We strongly condemn the decision of the United Nations Security Council which extended the mandate of foreign NATO invaders to continue the occupation and killings in Afghanistan for one year.

  1. 2.Just as everyone of is aware that for the past 12 years, foreign invaders and especially NATO have been oppressing our countrymen, bombing their homes, unlawfully detaining, torturing and vexing people and have carried out various war crimes therefore the decision of the United Nations to extend the mission of the criminal NATO in Afghanistan for another year means that this organization will be directly responsible and involved in the future crimes of NATO and other foreigners due to them providing the approval.
  2. 3.We strongly reject the attitude which characterizes Afghanistan as a threat to the world. Afghanistan is not a threat and danger to anyone. Our history proves that problems have not been created for other nations from our soil but rather it is others who have aggressed against us from time to time and haveforced us into resisting in our own soil.
  3. 4.The foreign invaders which have aggressed against us under whatever cover and title have not been able to break the self-determination of our people nor have they achieved anything in the past twelve years hence the NATO invading forces will also not reach their selfish goals by extending their mission for another year. Without a doubt, the losses of NATO and other foreigners will only increase here and their troops shall continue to live under our unrelenting strikes.
  4. 5.We urge all free nations especially the Muslims of the world to condemn this step of the United Nations and to actively support the legal demands of the oppressed Afghans.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


19/07/1392         11/10/2013


New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Rejoinder About the Recent Report of the UNAMA Regarding the Civilian Casualties"

As usual, a report has been prepared and published by the UNAMA office in Kabul on the American demands which is totally biased. The Islamic Emirate reacts as following:
1-    The UNAMA office inside Kabul has tactically shared this report just a few hours prior to its publication. The Islamic Emirate was not given enough time for its analysis and discussion with the UNAMA. This step was taken by them just to have a reference that they had shared this report with us which is itself an attempt to mislead the people.
2-    Just like previous year, 16% increase in civilian losses has been claimed this year in which 74% responsibility has been assigned to Mujahidin without furnishing any proofs. Some of the incidents were alluded to in which people related to Kabul admin, Arbakis and workers of some other detrimental organs were plainly called as civilians. No explanation is given about the reason of these incidents which itself produces doubts about the authenticity of this report. It shows that the above mentioned report is in consonance with the Americans’ attitude and is an attempt of propaganda against Mujahidin.
3-    The interesting point is that a part of the report says that the Islamic Emirate has admitted the responsibility of 52 such incidents through its websites, spokesmen and emails; resulting in civilian casualties in which 571 ordinary people have lost their lives. These attacks are martyrdom attacks, landmines and complex assaults carried out by Mujahidin. This statement is made by UNAMA while the Islamic Emirate has not a single incident in which civilian people have been targeted in these attacks. The incidents claimed by us are all the losses of our enemy and calling them civilians is UNAMA’s own judgment which is used for making the report more acceptable for Americans. Secondly, all the news broadcasted from the address of the Islamic Emirate, are simultaneously shared with media and the loss of 571 civilians is totally baseless and an unproven news. Yes! If UNAMA considers officials of Kabul admin, police, soldiers, intelligence workers and employees of other sensitive and detrimental organs as civilians, then their own analysis is inaccurate which means nothing but a baseless propaganda.
We never consider those people as civilians who are directly involved in our country’s occupation and work with sensitive organs of the enemy. On the other side, thousands of defenseless civilian people are martyred, wounded in imprisoned by Americans in their raids and bombings; but UNAMA, while speaking on behalf of Americans, terms all these people either militants or related with them in its reports !!!
Only 9% casualties have been attributed jointly to the invaders and the Kabul admin which has no resemblance with the American brutalities on the daily basis, their raids, bombing and all the cruelties of the Arbakis and workers of other security organs who have made the life the people unbearable in each and every corner of the country. It is another evidence that this report has been filtered by the Americans and has been attributed to UNAMA.
The Islamic Emirate considers the civilians as its own people. It has undertaken this huge, hazardous and painstaking resistance just for the emancipation of its own civilian countrymen. The Islamic Emirate has established an influential committee in its organizational setup for the prevention of civilian losses which has resulted in substantial reduction of these losses as per our calculation.
As we have said earlier, UNAMA prepares its report on the directions and recommendations of the American embassy inside Kabul whose sole aim is to mislead the people’s mentality against Mujahidin. We strongly reject this unfounded report and ask UNAMA that it will not succeed in this process of propaganda. The people are observing everything with their own eyes. The precautionary measures undertaken by the Islamic Emirate for saving the civilian lives, in such a huge and unbalanced war, have been unparalleled on the international level today as well as in the past.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan