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Report full of grief was received that last Wednesday (10/10/2018) about an air and ground operations carried out by the American invaders and their internal mercenaries in Shawal area (Gul Agha Bazaar) of Nad-Ali district in Helmand province. As is now become the norm, the brutal and savage enemy inflicted heavy casualties on the innocent and defenseless civilian people. In this tragic incident, 19 civilians including women and children were martyred and 30 more were injured while four civilian houses were completely demolished and some of their vehicles were also destroyed.

Names of the martyred ones:

Abdul Baqi and his wife, his three daughters and five sons whose names are as following:
In this way, ten members of one and the same family were martyred.

Qutratullah’s wife who was married just two months ago.
Four civilian way-farers were targeted and martyred by the enemy’s helicopters.
Two civilians going to the bazaar were martyred by the enemy from inside their tanks.
Two civilians travelling in their mini-van type vehicle to Lashkar-Gah city (the center of Helmand province) were martyred in the indiscriminate bombing of the enemy’s jets.
Names of the injured people:

Abdul Ghaffar
Abdul Malik
Gul Agha
Khan Agha
Jamil Ahmad (just one month aged child)
Abdul Salam
Said Ahmad
Twelve civilians including women and children who were travelling to Lashkar-Gah city in their mini-van type vehicle.
Five civilians who were going to the bazaar on their motorbikes.
Three daughters of Abdul Ghaffar
In this way, a total of nineteen civilians were martyred while thirty people were injured.

Houses and vehicles destroyed in bombing and mortar shelling:

Houses of Abdul Baqi, Karimullah, Sharifullah and Abdul Salam comprising 45 rooms were demolished.

In these houses, 9 animals, 45 kharwar (nearly 25200 kg) wheat, 4 solar panels, 4 water pumps, and 1 tractor belonging to Abdul Baqi were completely destroyed.

The Islamic Emirate Commission for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Inquiry of Complaints condemns this terrible war crime as well as crime against humanity in the strongest terms on behalf of its honorable leadership, by extending condolences to the bereaved families of the above martyred and injured civilians. We pray to Almighty Allah that the pious spirits of the martyred are bestowed with Jannah and the injured are recovered as soon as possible. We fully share their griefs and sorrows suffered by them in this tragic incident.

Commission of the Islamic Emirate for the prevention of civilian casualties and inquiry of complaints.

05/01/1440 Hijri Lunar

23/07/1387 Hijri Solar 15/10/2018 Gregorian


Source: Telegram


Respected lecturers, teachers, professors and directors of educational institutes!

Peace, Blessing and Mercy of Allah be upon you all and may He accept all your services for our religion and nation.

You are already well aware about the issue and current conditions prevailing in Afghanistan. Just as the occupying forces have continued operations and bombings on the military front, politically they are trying to mislead the public and give legitimacy to their stooges and Shah Shuja’s of this era.

The parliamentary elections process by the invaders is aimed at fashioning a supposed parliament through which it can sign documents about prolonging the occupation and attaining their colonial objectives. And that is why they are campaigning so hard for parliamentary elections. Since this entire process from start to finish is planned and end results reaped by the invaders, therefore it becomes the religious and national obligation of every Afghan to boycott and neutralize this process launched by the invaders.

And since teachers and directors of educational institutes are influential members of societies, they must ardently prevent their students and fellow colleagues from participating in this process. Additionally, that the directors of election process want to open polling stations inside educational institutes. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Commission for Teaching, Learning and Higher Education orders all educational workers, teachers, lecturers and school principles in all cities and rural areas of the country to halt transformation of their schools into polling stations and prevent their teachers and students from participating as election workers.

The Islamic Emirate does not wish that common people or teachers and students of educational institutes be harmed in the attacks of Mujahidin. Teachers and students of educational institutes must stay away from all enemy political processes and must not allow the invaders and their stooges to utilize their schools for the implementation of their evil projects.

In the end we must emphasize that the election process has no Islamic or Afghan essence but is a foreign plot to prolong occupation, mask military invasion and deceive the common mindset, which is both funded and its final results dictated by the infidel invaders. Hence, it is the duty of every true Muslim and Afghan to nip this plot in the bud so that the invaders are disappointed in their plans and forced to withdraw from our homeland.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Commission for Teaching, Learning and Higher Education

08/02/1440 Hijri Lunar


Source: Telegram


The negotiation team of the Political Office of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – comprising the head of the Political Office the respected Al Haj Sher Muhammad Abbas Stanikzai, deputy of Political Office the respected Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi and members of the Political Office Sheikh Shahabuddin Delawar, Qari Deen Muhammad Hanif, Al Haj Muhammad Zahid Ahmadzai and Muhammad Sohail Shaheen – met with the US negotiation team headed the US special representative for Afghanistan, Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, on 12th October 2018 in Doha where they held a discussion about ending occupation and working towards finding a peaceful resolution to the Afghan conflict. The representatives of the Islamic Emirate identified presence of foreign forces as the greatest obstacle obstructing true peace and solving problems, adding that Afghanistan is an Islamic country and has its own Islamic values and culture. Keeping that in mind, efforts must be made towards a true and intra-Afghan solution. At the end both sides agreed to continue holding meetings in the future.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

04/02/1440 Hijri Lunar

21/07/1397 Hijri Solar 13/10/2018 Gregorian


Source: Telegram