New article from al-Maqālāt: "The Rampant Eruption: Mass Takfīr by Abū Maysarah al-Shāmī"

Everyone by now has heard or read the recent article filled with excessive Takfir written by the well known ISIS jurist and spokesperson Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami. Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami does not only make Takfir on the Muslim Brotherhood in general, he makes Takfir on the organization in its entirety and all the individuals of this organization, which has more than 100 millions members in the world. Of course this goes for all other Islamic parties who participate in the democratic parliaments, and this goes for all the millions of members of the Muslim Brotherhood who have passed away since its establishment by Hassan Al-Bannah (may Allah have mercy upon him). But he doesn’t stop there, he continues and attacks the leaders of As-Salifiyah Al-Jihadiyah calling them the “Idols of As-Salifayah Al-Jihadiyah.” He begins with making Takfir on Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri, while calling him a fool, he then makes Takfir on Mullah Akhtar Mansour, while calling him a Dajjaal and an agent of the Pakistani secret services, he then makes Takfir on the Taliban, while calling them a nationalistic movement who refuse the Sharia of Allah. He continues and makes Takfir on Shaykh Abu Musab Suri (may Allah hasten his release). But he doesn’t stop there, there is more. He finishes with making Takfir on all the Muslims who vote on democratic parties; 40 millions Muslims vote in Egypt alone, let alone the rest of the dozens of Muslim countries! SubhanAllah, anyone still doubt the fact that ISIS are Khawarij after reading all of this mass-Takfir?
But what about the Muslims who do not make Takfir on the Muslims who vote? Are they apostates too, because they refrain from making Takfir on a Kaafir? Or are they excused due to ignorance? And if they are excused due to ignorance, then why not excuse the voters themselves? Most of the general Muslims do not understand the reality of democracy and legislation. He does not go in to that, he does however excuse his own Caliphate, claiming that they did know the reality of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri previously, fearing that the bolder extremists in their ranks will eventually make Takfir on ISIS because they did not make Takfir on Shaykh Ayman and the Taliban before. They even praised them, even though the positions on which they now make Takfir are old. Which could create a paradox, as one could make Takfir on ISIS, because ISIS refrained from making Takfir on themselves, while they knew about the so-called Kufr of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri and the Taliban. And even if they did not know, then they can not be excused for their ignorance. So this article actually gave the extremists a basis for making Takfir on ISIS itself. This is the ridiculous inconsistent idiocy of chain Takfir.
Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi responded on this and said: “The son that was raised on harming his relatives and neighbors; when he grows up he will also oppose his parents. Remember who you killed when they will make Takfir on you because you refrained from Takfir on the one who is excused. Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami claimed that Zawahiri helps every apostate group against Islam and Muslims, he even calls for his death and prays that Allah will destroy him at the hands of his brothers in the province of Khorasan. This is the caller of extremism: Leave the treacherous Afghan government, the NATO army, the enemies of Islam, and the Idol worshippers, and instead of inciting his followers against them, he incites them to kill the wise one (Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri).”
He contradicts himself as he excuses ISIS for its ignorance about the reality of Shayk Ayman Zawahiri and the Taliban, but he does not excuse the voters for their ignorance. Furthermore he makes Takfir on Shaykh Abu Musab Suri because he excused the Muslim Brotherhood and the voters due to their ignorance about the reality of democracy. He claims that ISIS must be excused because they did not the reality of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri “because they were too busy waging Jihaad.” While all the points he mentioned to proof his so-called Kufr were also mentioned years ago by Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani in his speeches “This is not our methodology” and “Apologies oh Amir of Al-Qaedah”, and he did not make Takfir on Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri at that time. So he knew about these positions, but he did not make Takfir on the Shaykh because of them.
This should mean that Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani has also fallen in to Kufr according to their own standards. Al-Adnani even said that he will accept the Bayah of Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri if he came to Shaam, how could the Bayah of a disbeliever be accepted? Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami also blamed Abu Musab Suri for refraining from Takfir on voters. While Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani addressed the protesters in Egypt who voted on Mursi as Muslims and people of Ahl Sunnah in his speech “Pacifism is the religion of whom?”, how could he address them as Muslims if they are apostates according to Abu Maysrah Al-Shaami? And what about his previous leader Abu Umar Al-Baghdadi (May Allah have mercy on him) who did not make Takfir on the voters and considered their blood to be sacred according to his own statements?
It is known that the majority of the Muslims vote in democratic elections in the Muslim countries, and you judge over a people or society according to the majority. So the basis of the Ummah is Kufr according to ISIS, as the majority of the Ummah votes. And if ISIS in addition does not excuse the ones who do not make Takfir on the voters, then we are not left with one single Muslim on the world, except a small Takfiri sect. Takfir is not just a judgment without any practical implications, with Takfir on someone blood and wealth become legal war spoils and women can be taken as slaves. So this is the promise the Caliphate of ISIS has for the Ummah, instead of promising the Muslim Ummah liberation from tyrannical oppression and colonial occupation, ISIS makes Takfir on the Ummah and promises them wars of apostasy. Who needs enemies if we have Takfiri jurists like Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami? His judgment means that we will likely witness random attacks on Muslim public places. As the majority of the Muslims vote, so their basis is Kufr and their blood is legal. We saw another indication of this prelude when we heard that the blood of those who refuse to give Bayah to their Caliphate is legal. We are already witnessing ISIS cold bloodedly executing the Taliban Mujahideen in Afghanistan and labeling them as apostates. Why? Because they did not give their Bayah to ISIS.
Making Takfir on all the voters is not just his own personal opinion, as he claimed that this is the position of ISIS in general. The current ISIS leadership seems to agree because his articles are shared on ISIS media channels, like the magazine Dabiq, and we still haven’t heard of any ISIS leader rejecting his many deviances and published works. Rather his articles are the most shared, translated and published. So this is not just some individual with a personal opinion, he represents ISIS and is an official spokesperson, and his Arabic articles are read by thousands of readers. Many even suggest that he is the official media spokesperson Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani. But Allah knows best. Two years ago ISIS supporters and soldiers said that ISIS does not make Takfir on Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri. Well now ISIS officially makes Takfir on the whole Al-Qaedah leadership and all its branches and soldiers, so will they reject the deviances of ISIS?
Like Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi said in his response to the recent article of Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami: “If there were any sane people with authority and influence in ISIS they would not allow the likes of Abu Maysarah Al-Shaami to publish and talk, because his Takfir and perversion is like that of Al-Adnani; if it isn’t the same person.”
Abu Maysarah is known for his extremism and shameful articles, which often confirm previous articles written in Dabiq. He wrote an article titled “Inform the wives of the Sahawaat that they are divorced” making Takfir on the members of Jabhat Nusra and other Mujahid factions, and calling their wives fornicators if they did not divorce their husbands, confirming what Umm Sumayah said in the 10th issue of Dabiq. He also wrote an article titled “A response to the sissy pimp” defaming Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisis and Shaykh Abu Qatadah Al-Filistini calling them donkeys of knowledge.
He also made Takfir on the Taliban and called Mullah Akhtar Mansour a Taghut and a Dajjaal in his article titled “Oh youth in Somalia – The foolish sheep gave Bayah to the Tawagheet of the Taliban”. But when the Mujahid youth in Somalia ignored his nonsense and renewed their Bayah to Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri and Mullah Akhtar Mansor, he wrote an article attacking and defaming the Mujahid youth in Somalia, calling them deviant, and he called upon ISIS cells in Somalia to execute suicide operations against Al-Shabaab and its leaders, in his article titled “Surely this is the treachery of Al-Shabaab leaders.” He then wrote an article called “The Jews of Jihad – The Al-Qaedah of Zawahiri” filled with lies, defaming and slandering the Al-Qaedah leadership and Ansar Sharia in Libya. Now this article titled “The obliteration of symbols – Abu Musab As-Suri” confirming the slanders against the Shaykh in the recent edition of Dabiq.
The attack against Shaykh Abu Musab Suri clearly originates from his outspoken statements against the extremist Takfiris he encountered in the Algerian civil war in the early nineties. Which indicates that ISIS shares the same extremism of the Takfiris from the GIA in Algeria. We have never heard ISIS criticize the extremism in the Algerian war, but they do criticize Shaykh Abu Musab who opposed the extremism in Algeria that cost many Muslim lives. His statements about the extremism he encountered in Algeria are also

New release “Biography of the Martyred Figures in East Africa #5: Bilāl al-Birjāwī al-Lubnānī (Abu Ḥafṣ)”

UPDATE 4/19/13 9:23 AM: Here is an English translation of the Arabic biography:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious the Most Mercifull
سيرة الشهيد بإذن الله بلال البرجاوي-اللبنانيّ-(أبو حفص)
Life of the Shaheed -by the permission of Allaah- :: Al-Akh Bilaal al-Bar’jaawi al-Lebnaani (Abu Hafs)
Bilaal al-Bar’jaawi (and he is also known by Abee and Abee Dujaanah) joined with the Mujaahideen in Somaalia during the time of the Islamic Courts Union, so he got his first training from al-Qaa’idayn (the two Military Commanders) a’-Shaheedayn (as we reckon them) ‘Abdullah Muhammad Faadhil and his beloved companion Abu Yoosef Saalih an-Nabhaani.
So he went for some days with his companion between training and battles.
And after the withdrawal of the courts brothers entrusted him the task of collecting money and arranging a permanent line, along with some other tasks, he returned to Britain and engaged there in the organizing of Secret Ways to work, in which he took responsibility for, and in particular the collection of funds and its delivery, Bilal excelled in this area so he was able (thanks to Allaah) bi Fdl lilaah to provide several permanent income-generating projects for the Brothers the Mujaahideen and in many ways, as it was a permanent communication with our brothers and especially Fadel.
In the length of his stay in Britain has not gone unnoticed with him and his companions from the eyes of the British intelligence.
Bilal was able to leave Britain in 20098 from the eyes of the Intelligence, so he made a journey for a long period to a number of countries until he reached Somaalia with his companion Abee Ahad al-Misri. Bilaal, or as he liked to be called (Abu Dujaana) eventually arrived to Somaalia, so he entered Baido then transferred to the Military Training Camps, since the start of the camp he excelled at Listening and Obeying – the other two standards, for this is not something strange for one that participated in the Jihaad in the past so he understood the importance of “al-Sam’u wat Taa’at” (Listening and Obeying) and despite that he had previous ability amongst the brothers in the camp and he educated them in a number of issues, he was not astonished by himself in his heart, and he never got proud or arrogant over his Brothers. Rather, he used to listen and obey. In his innocence you would see him as a small child, but with Mount – the smell of a mountain. He was very patient in everything despite his health conditions which he used to face in the camp, and despite that he was injured with a bullet-wound in his stomach he was not able to move because of its affect only except that he had patience and he didn’t get fazed. And he used to be relaxed with his Brother joking with them and he didn’t leave anybody except that he shared their concerns and opinions. He was socializing and he never refused to look at the opinion or question of anyone. He was performing difficult tasks in the military camps. One day he was digging the trenches in underground shelters, so his brothers participated with him, but he was the most active of brothers, he would encourage them and organize their tasks.
He was attentive inj his military studies، as well as being a responsible person he felt responsible for meeting the weight on his shoulders, and from the days of the military training camps he used to be open with the Brothers and talk about the issues of the Jihaad with them and work which is obligated to be performed. He always sat with his Brothers, tell them many things about his life and his Hijrah and the life of Shuhadaa and about the Karamaat (The Miraculous events) which he once mentioned, what happened during the martyrdom of Abee Maryam (Raheemahullaah) he said: “Abaa Maryam went into a battle and his was holding his weapon in a sitting position, so he was wounded and gained martyrdom in the same condition, the Brothers tried to change what passed by removing his weapon or by extending it to him, but they couldn’t, and it was as if he was frozen with his weapon in his hand not leaving him. the brothers tried many times but could not do it so they decided to bury him with his weapon..after some time one of the Brothers remembered that they maybe could not make him in a side facing the Qiblah , then they returned and dag the grave finding him in the same condition, then they tried to to remove the weapon one of the Brothers, but he couldn’t do it, then one of the Brothers said to hm : ” Yaa Abaa Maryam we are your brothers the Mujaahideen and we need the weapon “, so Abu Maryam (Raheemahullaah) Maryam let go of his weapon and smiled, a light smile extending his weapon to the Ikhwah” fa subhanAllaah …. these are the miracles with which Allaah makes firm His slaves the Mujaahideen on their pat. And he relates may Allaah accept him, about the battle of Saleh An-Nabhaan in which the camp passed by an atmosphere of very beautiful Brothers regardless of the clashing events. And he was charged with the spreading of things to the students intending to provide for them and relax them, like offering fruits, biscuits and things that are impossible to find in the Military Camps as well he was always in communication with the Admin of the Mujaahideen and those outside despite his presence in the training camps (in order that his good deeds are not put to waste.) Also communicating with some of the brothers and the camp passed by with this kind of atmosphere and this atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Then he traveled to Mogadishu and when he was in the rest room he was always thinking of the times with his Brothers the Muhaajireen and their state as he was in charge of their issues and his was advising the Ikhwah in charge with sorting out the conditions of the Junood (soldiers) also he was active in the position which established in the house, in fact, he was the one that arranged its issues and he helped in making the importance of that work, he was known for seeking the best in all of its situations. A few days went by with the Brothers, then he left them going with his close friend Abu Ahad al-Misri. He love battles very much, as whenever the changes of the battles began he would go and participate despite the importance of his work, he would sit for long days on the front line, he had great manners, alive and shy in front of his Brothers and he gave them service (al-Khudamaat) in accordance with the word of Allah ‘aza wa jall: ” Humble towards the Believers” and he was in truth humble with the Believers, where if a person would speak with him he lower his head -may Allah have mercy on him- revered but humbled , and this is from the small traits among the brothers.
The tounge becomes unable to mention his Hasanaat (Raheemahullaah), the one that does not know his clemency will leave (forget) it all., he was in charge of the issues concerning the Shuhadaa and their family , as well he was in charge of sending them assistance as much as one can , as well as being in charge of the children of the Mujaahideen and the martyrs in particular. And also he never stopped sending gifts to the Mujaahideen in general and the Muhaajireen (migrants) and Muraabiteen in particular. Such as buying clothes, and sending them warm clothes in the Winter, and light clothes in the Summer, and he was in charge in the side of “Ashyaa’ al-Haydah” and also in charge of the weapons field. In all this time he was communicating with Faadhil al-Qamrii (Raheemahullaah)n and we reckon that all of these directions came from Faadhil al-Qamrii himself, as he used to give glad tidings to the fore runners with the close arrival of The Commander Faadhil to Somaalia, and he was the one that was really in responsible of the condition of the Muhaajieen alot, hence a group of people waited for his arrival as if holding onto the most free from the hot-coal of the Believers. Where if one would talk with him he would lower his head (Raheemahullaah) revered and humble with the Brothers, and these are from among the traits of the believers between the Brothers. Faadil was able to arrive to Somaalia with the arrangement with Abu Hafs (Belaal), so he began with work on the side of the Muhaajireen, he joined Bilal al-Barjaawii in the first role from the camp which was arranged by the Teachers who came with Faadhil on his journey to Somaalia, after that period Allaah did not decree for him to complete the military camp, Faadil gained martyrdom in the event of planned assasaination in Dhawaahee , Mogadisho, after which Bilal became sad about the exit (of Faadil) along with his companion Abee Ahad. The British intelligence where still monitoring his movements, and his contact with the help of the spies and the Munaafiqiin, their aim was to bomb with an unmanned drone when he was trying to leave the companionship of his Teachers, Bilaal was exposed to severe injuries and he was pressured because of its affects to go to the hospital , and after that with the support of medicine for a number of month as he was transported during that time to the city of Afogye and he started to get better. He was heading to serve his companion Abu Ahad al-Misri (Raheemahullaah) and he was adherent to following the situation of the Brothers despite his difficult condition, after he was transported to the city of Merka and there his condition became better, so it became healthy and started to walk and drive the car on his own. That day he became anxious to meet one of the Ikhwah in the city of “A’leish Baiyo” so he headed to the city along with his Driver who had been recruited from the side of the American Intelligence, so the informer Driver began pressing

New release “Biography of the Martyred Figures in East Africa #3: Shaykh 'Abūud Rūghū”

UPDATE 4/3/13 1:44 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic biography:

ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤن ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ
In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful
ﺍﻟﺤﻤﺪ ﻟﻠﻪ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺼﻼﺓ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ
All praise is due to Allaah and may the peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of Allaah
أﻣﺎ ﺑﻌﺪ: ﻗﺎﻝ ﺗﻌﺎﻟﻰ:”
as to what follows, Allaah says:
“ﻭ ﻻ ﺗﺤﺴﺒﻦ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻗﺘﻠﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺒﻴﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻣﻮﺍﺗﺎ ﺑﻞ ﺃﺣﻴﺎﺀ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺭﺑﻬﻢ ﻳﺮﺯﻗﻮﻥ ﻓﺮﺣﻴﻦ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺁﺗﺎﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻣﻦ ﻓﻀﻠﻪ ﻭ ﻳﺴﺘﺒﺸﺮﻭﻥ ﺑﺎﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻠﺤﻘﻮﺍ ﺑﻬﻢ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻠﻔﻬﻢ ﺃﻻ ﺧﻮﻑ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ ﻭ ﻻ ﻫﻢ ﻳﺤﺰﻧﻮﻥ”
The Shaikh, Aboud Rogo Muhammad born in 1968 in Siyu, Kenya. He got his first studies in the Arabian Peninsula itself, then he transferred to Mombassa in 1989.
As you know he is from the most famous callers to Islam in East Africa in general and in Kenya more specifically.
Rogo was accused of the destruction of the Intelligence Services in Nairobi Dar es Salaam 1998,  In 2002 he was arrested with the alleged charge of being involved in the Kikambala hotel bombing, in the Ugandan capital of Kampala, he was released in year 2005. In 2010 Rogo left for Hijra to Somalia for preparation and Jihaad, he joined the military camp after passing his beginning stage, then he completed the remaining courses, and he was -Raheemahullah- hardworking, patient, and always advising his Brothers, always encouraging them He was excellent in obedience and listening, and respecting his brothers as they would seek his counseling with the problems in the military camp and its issues. Despite his old age he would participate with his Brothers in all activities like cooking and his cooking was very delicious, (even all the Brothers always used to ask him to cook) bringing water, digging trenches and other arduous activities, he was a humble man with a forgiving character to everyone, and if they were in action he wouldn’t begin unless he consults his brothers out of his love and respect for them.  He was studying the book “Mashaar’i al-Ashwaaq ila Masaar’i al-‘Ashaaq And that day just after finishing from the Camp with his Brothers, he participated in a training ambush with live bullets, and they had to retreat after the ambush quickly to a meeting place, and it had been like that until he was strained -Raheemahullaah- but he was very pleased with this work. After the leaving the training camp, the Brothers has to walk a long distance till they reached the place of the car, so they walked for a complete night and he was so patient may Allah have mercy upon him. After arriving at Mogodisho, some Brothers came to him to take him to the front-lines to inspire the Brothers, as he was known especially to the Kenyan brothers, whenever they would leave he would take permission. After the strategic period ended he faced one of the fronts close to Mogodisho with his Brothers and there was a link to take advantage of their time in the Front He had a share in delivering The Lessons And after a period the Brothers left the Front heading towards Mogodisho, and from there he traveled -Raheemahullaah- to the City of Kismayo from there returning back to Kenya, and the Kenyan Intelligence Services did not leave him in his position, they had harrased in all the time as he was put imprisoned a number of times then released.
In year 2012 America imposed restrictions on him with a travel ban, as well as freeze funds, and all of that was with a charge of what is called supporting “Terrorism”
In the last lecture he gave in May 2012, Rogo said that he is ready for the Shahadah and he hopes to become a Saheed for the sake of his religion, and on the 27th of August the same year he opened the “Unidentified Gunmen” n the car as he was with his Wife taking her to the hospital, so he was killed Shaheed -may Allah have mercy upon him- In return after his death there were demonstrations in the city of Mombasa in the area of Majengo, where there was a Masjid which he used to teach the people.There has been an attack on two churches, the protestors came out and lit tires in the roads, 2 were Police men where killed and 16 others wounded.  poetry
مضى طاهر الأثواب لم تبقى روضة
غداة ثوى إلا أشتهت أنها قبر
عليك سلام الله دوما فإنني
رأيت الكريم الحر ليس له عمر
We ask Allaah the All-able Protector that He writes for your reward and good deeds, and that He makes for you a place in al-Firdaws and those who He blessed from amongst the Prophets, the Truthfull, the Martyrs and the Righteous and those are the best of companions.
والحمد لله رب العالمين.
All prasie belongs to Allaah swt.
Please remember us in your Dua.
لا تنسونا من صالح دعواتكم.


NOTE: For earlier biographies in this series see: #2 and #1.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم الشيخ عبود روغو محمد،ولد سنة 1968 في جزيرة سيو الكينية،حصّل تعليمه الأولي في الجزيرة نفسها، ثم إنتقل إلى مومباسا في سنة 1989. كما أنه من أشهر الدعاة في شرق أفريقيا عامة و كينيا خاصة، و قد إنتشرت خطبه المسجلة والمرئية بين المسلمين في شرق إفريقيا. أدين روغو بتورطه في أحداث تدمير وكر المخابرات في نيروبي ودار السلام سنة 1998، وفي سنة 2002 إعتقل بتهمة المشاركة في تفجير الفندق في العاصمة الأوغندية كامبالا،وتم الإفراج عنه سنة 2005. في سنة 2010 خرج روغو مهاجرا إلى الصومال للإعداد والجهاد،إلتحق بالمعسكر بعد أن مرّ على بدايته فتره،ثمّ أكمل ما بقي من الدورات،وكان رحمه الله مجتهدا صبورا ناصحا لإخوانه دائم التحريض لهم. وكان يمتاز بالسمع والطاعة وإحترم إخوانه،كما كانوا يستشيرونه في مشاكل المعسكر وأموره، ورغم كبر سنه فقد كان يشارك إخوانه جميع الأعمال كالطبخ(و قد كان طبخه لذيذا، حتى أن الإخوة كانوا يطلبون منه الطبخ دائما) والإتيان بالماء و حفر الخنادق إلى غيرها من الأعمال الشّاقة،وكان رحمه الله متواضعا سمحا خلوقا مع الجميع،و إذا هم بفعل لا يبدءه حتى يشاور إخوانه من حبه وإحترامه لهم . كما وكان يُدرِّس إخوانه كتاب “مشارع الأشواق إلى مصارع العشاق” . و ذات يوم وقبل الخروج من المعسكر شارك مع إخوانه في التدريب على كمين بالرصاص الحيّ،وكان عليهم الإنسحاب بعد الكمين بسرعة إلى مكان الإلتقاء، و قد جرى حتى أجهد رحمه الله، لكنه كان مسرورا بهذا العمل جدا. وبعد الإنتهاء من المعكسر، كان على الإخوة مشي مسافة طويلة حتى يصلوا إلى مكان السيارة،فمشوا ليلة كاملة وكان صابرا رحمة الله عليه،وبعد الوصول إلى مقديشو، جاءه بعض الإخوة ليأخذوه إلى الخطوط الأمامية لتحريض الإخوة، لأنه كان معروفا وخصوصا عند الإخوة الكينيين،و كل ما هم بالخروج أخذ الإذن رحمه الله. وبعد إنتهاء فترة الإستراحة، توجه لإحدى الجبهات قرب مقديشو مع إخوانه، وهناك رابط مع الإخوة مستغلين وقتهم في الجبهة، وكان له نصيب في إلقاء الدروس و بعد فترة غادر الإخوة الجبهة متجهين صوب مقديشو، و من هناك سافر رحمه الله إلى مدينة كسيمايوا ومنها عاد إلى كينيا، ولم يتركه عناصر مخابرات كينيا بحاله، فقد كانوا يضايقونه كل الوقت، كما أنه سجن عدة مرات وأفرج عنه. وفي سنة2012 فرضت أمريكا عقوبات عليه بمنع السفر و تجميد الأموال، و كل ذلك بتهمة ما يسمونه دعم “الإرهاب”. وفي آخر محاضرة له في مايو 2012 قال روغو أنه مستعد للشهادة ويتمنى أن يكون شهيدا من أجل دينه، و في 27 أغسطس من نفس السنة، فتح “مسلحون مجهولون” النار على سيارته بينما كان يقل زوجته إلى المستشفى فقتل رحمه الله . ومن ردود الفعل بعد مقتله خرجت مظاهرات في مدينة مومباسا في منطقة ماجنكو،حيث يوجد المسجد الذي كان يأم الناس فيه، و تم الهجوم على كنيستين، كما و قد قام المتظاهرون بإشعال إطارات السيارات في الطرقات، وقد قتل 2 من ظباط الشرطة وجرح 16 آخرون. مضى طاهر الأثواب لم تبقى روضة  ***** غداة ثوى إلا أشتهت أنها قبر
***** عليك سلام الله دوما فإنني *****  رأيت الكريم الحر ليس له عمر

New release “Biography of the Martyred Figures in East Africa #2: Abū Hurayrah al-Anṣārī”

UPDATE 4/3/13 1:34 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic biography:

ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤن ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ

In the name of Allaah the Most Gracious, Most Mercifull

ﺍﻟﺤﻤﺪ ﻟﻠﻪ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺼﻼﺓ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ

All praise belongs to Allaah and may the peace and blessings be upon the final Messenger of Allah

أما بعد:قال تعالى:
And after: Allah says,

“ﻭ ﻻ ﺗﺤﺴﺒﻦ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻗﺘﻠﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺒﻴﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻣﻮﺍﺗﺎ ﺑﻞ ﺃﺣﻴﺎﺀ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺭﺑﻬﻢ ﻳﺮﺯﻗﻮﻥ ﻓﺮﺣﻴﻦ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺁﺗﺎﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻣﻦ ﻓﻀﻠﻪ ﻭ ﻳﺴﺘﺒﺸﺮﻭﻥ ﺑﺎﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻠﺤﻘﻮﺍ ﺑﻬﻢ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻠﻔﻬﻢ ﺃﻻ ﺧﻮﻑ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ ﻭ ﻻ ﻫﻢ ﻳﺤﺰﻧﻮﻥ”
Think not of those, who have been slain in the cause of ALLAH, as dead. Nay, they are living, in the presence of their Lord, and are granted gifts from HIM;

Life of The Shaheed (As we reckon him) Abu Huraira Al-Ansari
Abu Huraira..
A man from the best of the Ansar (the Supporters)..
He had a kind heart may Allaah have mercy on him, loved by his Brothers the Muhaajireen, working tireless at their service night and day seeking the reward from Allah, (as we reckon him and Allaah is aware of His slaves),
He participated in many battles, and he was brave and bold to Allaah he returns
and with Allaah is his reward

He was injured one time in his left hand with a serious injury and because of its severity was amputated,
but he was not deterred by the constants of Jihad
so his hand was replaced with a manufactured one and he continued Jihaad
in carrying his weapon and going for Ribaat side by side with his brothers in the front-lines. 

He was always joking about with his Muhaajireen brothers, he was loved by everybody and he received an injury in his leg
And still he didn’t stop, he continued on the road with no sadness and no boredom, in fact we used to see him as the most happiest, unless one of the Brothers was marytred he would be saddened by their separation as well as his remain in this minute Dunya 
and with the withdrawal from Mogodisho he went with his Muhaajireen Brothers to another front, when the period of his stay on the front ended his joined his Brothers in the section of Al-Istishaadiyeen (The Martyrdom Seekers), and when we met him to speak he used to talk alot about Jannah and the Hoor el-Ayn. 
After a number of months came his role to join his Brothers Al-Istishaadiyeen, so he immersed with his martyrdom belt with a group of the Murtadeen at a number of inspection points in the city of Afgooye. 
و إذا الخميس عرض أنيابه-بالسمهري و ضرب كل مهند
فكأنه ليث على أشباله-وسط المعامع للعدو في مرصد

And after a period from the operation one of the Brothers saw him in his dream, so he said to him: 
“What has happened
to you?”
“All did was press on a button till I found myself in

So may Allah have mercy upon you oh Abu Huraira and we ask Allaah..
to join us with you in Gardens of Paradise, and Rivers
with the King al-Malik the All-Capable. (Ameen)
Oh Allah theres no life except the life of the Hereafter, so forgive the Ansaar and the Muhaajira 

We ask Allaah the All-Able King, to write for you reward and the best prize, and that He makes you a resident of Paradise with those who He blessed from the Prophets, the Truthful, Martyrs and the Righteous, and those are the best companions.
والحمد لله رب العالمين.
All praise belongs to Allaah, Lord of all the worlds
Please remember us in your Dua.
لا تنسونا من صالح دعواتكم.


NOTE: Click here for the first biography in this series.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
ﺃﺑو ﻫﺮﻳﺮة…شاب ﻣﻦ ﺧﻴﺮﺓ شباب ﺍﻷﻧﺼﺎر..
كان ﻃﻴﺐ ﺍﻟﻘﻠﺐ ﺭﺣﻤﻪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ، ﻣﺤﺒﺎ ﻹﺧﻮﺍﻧﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﻬﺎﺟﺮﻳﻦ، ﻭ ﻳﻌﻤﻞ ﻋﻠﻰﺧﺪﻣﺘﻬﻢ ﻟﻴﻼ ﻭﻧﻬﺎﺭﺍ ﺑﻼ ﻛﻠﻞ ﻭﻻ ﻣﻠﻞ ﻳﺒﺘﻐﻲ ﺍﻷﺟﺮ ﻧﺤﺴﺒﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺣﺴﻴﺒﻪ، ﺷﺎﺭﻙ ﻓﻲ ﻛﺜﻴﺮ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﺎﺭﻙ، وﻛﺎﻥ ﺷﺠﺎﻋﺎ ﻣﻘﺪﺍﻣﺎ ﻟﻠﻪ ﺩﺭﻩﻭﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﺟﺮﻩ. ﺃﺻﻴﺐ ﺫﺍﺕ ﻣﺮة ﻓﻲ ﻳﺪﻩ ﺍﻟﻴﺴﺮى بإﺻﺎﺑﺔ بالغة على إثرها بترت، ﻓﻠﻢ  تثنه عن ﻣﻮﺍﺻﻠﺔ ﺍﻟﺠﻬﺎﺩ، فعوض يده بيد إصطناعية ﻭ ﻭﺍﺻﻞ الجهاد بحمل  ﺍﻟﺴﻼﺡ ﻭﺍﻟﺮﺑﺎﻁ ﺟﻨﺒﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺟﻨﺐ ﻣﻊ ﺇﺧﻮﺍﻧﻪ ﻓﻲ ﺍﻟﺨﻄﻮﻁ  ﺍﻷﻣﺎمية. ﻛﺎﻥ ﺩﺍﺋﻤﺎ ما ﻳﻤﺎﺯﺡ ﺇﺧﻮﺍﻧﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﻬﺎﺟﺮﻳﻦ، ﻭﻛﺎﻥ ﻣﺤﺒﻮﺑﺎ ﻟﻠﺠﻤﻴﻊ، ﻭﻗﺪ ﺃﺻﻴﺐ ﻓﻲ ﺭﺟﻠﻪ رحمه الله فلم تثنه ﻛﺬﺍﻟﻚ، فواصل ﺍﻟﻄﺮﻳﻖ بلا حزن و لا تضجر، بل كنا نراه من أسعد الناس، ﻭ ﻛﻠﻤﺎ ﺇﺳﺘﺸﻬﺪ ﺃﺥ من إخواننا ﻛﺎﻥ ﻳﺤﺰﻥ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻓﺮﺍﻗﻬﻢ ﻭ على بقاءه ﻓﻲ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﺪﻧﻴﺎ الفانية. ﻭﻋﻨﺪ ﺍﻹﻧﺴﺤﺎﺏ ﻣﻦ ﻣﻘﺪﻳﺸﻮ ﺫﻫﺐ ﻣﻊ ﺇﺧﻮﺍﻧﻪ ﺍﻟﻤﻬﺎﺟﺮﻳﻦ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺇﺣﺪﻯ ﺍﻟﺠﺒﻬﺎﺕ خارجها، ﻭﻋﻨﺪ ﺇﻧﺘﻬﺎﺀ ﻣﺪﺓ مكوثه ﻓﻲ الجبهة ﺇﻟﺘﺤﻖ ﺑﺈﺧﻮﺍﻧﻪ ﻓﻲ ﻗﺴﻢ  ﺍﻹﺳﺘﺸﻬﺎﺩﻳﻴﻦ. ﻭﻋﻨﺪ ﻟﻘﺎﺋنا ﺑﻪ ﻛﺎﻥ ﻛﺜﻴﺮ ﺍﻟﺤﺪﻳﺚ ﻋﻦ الجنة ﻭﺍﻟﺤﻮﺭ  ﺍﻟﻌﻴﻦ، ﻭ بعد ﻋﺪﺓ ﺷﻬﻮﺭ ﺟﺎﺀ ﺩﻭﺭﻩ للإلتحاق ﺑﺈﺧﻮﺍﻧﻪ الإستشهاديين، ﻓانغمس بحزامه الناسف في جمع من المرتدين بإﺣﺪﻯ ﻧﻘﺎﻁ ﺍﻟﺘﻔﺘﻴﺶ ﻓﻲ ﻣﺪﻳﻨﺔ ﺃﻓﺠﻮﻱ.


و إذا الخميس عرض أنيابه-بالسمهري و ضرب كل مهند
فكأنه ليث على أشباله-وسط المعامع للعدو في مرصد


ﻭﺑﻌﺪ ﻓﺘﺮة ﻣﻦ العملية ﺭﺁﻩ ﺃﺣﺪ ﺍﻹﺧﻮة ﻓﻲ منامه ﻓﻘﺎﻝ ﻟﻪ:” ﻣﺎﺫﺍ ﺣﺼﻞ  ﻣﻌﻚ 


؟” فأجابه ﺭﺣﻤﻪ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ:”ﻣﺎ ﺇﻥ ﺿﻐﻄﺖ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺰﺭ حتى ﻮﺟﺪﺕ ﻧﻔﺴﻲ ﻓﻲ  الجنة”. ﻓﺮﺣﻤﻚ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ يا ﺃﺑﺎ ﻫﺮﻳﺮة ﻭنسأل ﺍﻟﻠﻪ  ﺃﻥ ﻳﺠﻤﻌﻨﺎ بك ﻓﻲ ﺟﻨﺎﺕ ﻭﻧﻬﺮ ﻓﻲ ﻣﻘﻌﺪ ﺻﺪﻕ ﻋﻨﺪ ﻣﻠﻴﻚ ﻣﻘﺘﺪﺭ.  ﺍﻟﻠﻬﻢ ﻻ ﻋﻴﺶ ﺇﻻ ﻋﻴﺶ ﺍﻵﺧﺮة ﻓاﻏﻔﺮ ﻟﻸﻧﺼﺎﺭ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﻬﺎﺟﺮة
نسأل المولى القدير أن يكتب لك الأجر والمثوبة، وأن يجعلك من سكان الفردوس مع الذين أنعم الله عليهم من النبيين والصديقين والشهداء والصالحين، وحسن أولئك رفيقا.والحمد لله رب العالمين.


لا تنسونا من صالح دعواتكم.


Jihadist Strategic Study translated into English: "The Vision of the Jihād Movement & the Strategy for the Current Stage" by Abū Jihād ash-Shāmī

NOTE: For an excellent examination of this text see Mark Stout’s recent post about it at his blog On War and Words.

Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Abu Jihad al-Shami — The Vision of the Jihad Movement & the Strategy for the Current Stage

New statement from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM): "Surrender of the two brothers is a lie (Abū al-'Abbās and Abū Nu'mān)"

NOTE: al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), based in Algeria, but conducts activities in other countries such as Mali, Mauritania and Morocco, has released a new statement in reply to the news that two members of AQIM (Abū al-‘Abbās and Abū Nu’mān) have surrendered to Algerian authorities. The below statement is unedited in its original Arabic version.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم تنظم القاعدة ببلاد المغرب الإسلامي ———————————-
تكذيب استسلام الأخوين:أبي العباس و أبي النعمان
ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــــــ
الحمد لله ربِّ العالمين و العاقبة للمتقين،و لا عدوان إلاّ على الظالمين،و الصلاة و السلام على سيدنا محمد و على آله و صحبه الأخيار الطّاهرين،أمّا بعد: يقول الله عزّ و جلّ: ﴿إِنَّ اللَّهَ لا يَهْدِي مَنْ هُوَ مُسْرِفٌ كَذَّابٌ﴾(غافر: من الآية28). و قال سبحانه: ﴿إِنَّمَا يَفْتَرِي الْكَذِبَ الَّذِينَ لا يُؤْمِنُونَ بِآياتِ اللَّهِ وَأُولَئِكَ هُمُ الْكَاذِبُونَ﴾(النحل:105). لقد عوّدنا المرتدون في الجزائر على الترويج للكذب الصراح و التشويه المتكرر للمجاهدين عبر وسائل إعلامهم و من خلال أحذيتهم و عملائهم المأجورين في بعض الصحف و من آخر ذلك الخبر المكذوب عن استسلام الأخوين أبي العباس عثمان قاضي منطقة الوسط و الأخ أبي النعمان عضو الهيئة الطبية لمنطقة الوسط. و قد تناقلت الصحف هذا الخبر الكاذب يوم الثلاثاء 18 جمادى الثانية 1431هـ دون تثبت و لا تحقق كالعادة…و لا عجب في ذلك والله!… فقد أصبح اهتمام الصحافة الجزائرية منحصراً فقط في التضليل و التلبيس اليومي و الترقيع لأبناء فرنسا قدر المستطاع و التفنن في تخدير الجماهير و إلهائها بمباريات كرة القدم عن قضايا الأمة و همومها …أما تسليط الضوء مثلاً على خيانة المرتدين لقضية فلسطين بل وشنهم مؤخراً حملة اعتقالات كبيرة مسّت كل من تظاهر فقط ضد اليهود فتلك قضايا لا تجرؤ جواري القصر و لا أذناب المخابرات على التطرق لها و التعاطي معها بمهنية و موضوعية…و لا نستثني من ذلك إلا بعض الأقلام المنصفة و قليل ما هم. و نحن سعيا منا لتوضيح الحقائق و قطع الطريق على هذه الأقلام المأجورة فقد ارتأينا أن نرد على بعض الأكاذيب بين الفينة و الأخرى رغم أنه من العبث التصدي و الانشغال بالكذب و التضليل اليومي ،و عليه: فإننا نكذب خبر استسلام الأخوين أبي العباس عثمان و أبي النعمان و نؤكد أنهما أُسرا في عمليتين استخباريتين متباعدتين زمانا و مكانا…فنسأل الله أن يخفف عنهما وطأة التعذيب و يفرج عنهما كربتهما. و نقول للمرتدين و أسيادهم الصليبيين: إنّ تكراركم لهذه المسرحيات الركيكة الإخراج و تعلقكم بالأماني الكاذبة و اضطراركم في كل مرّة لتلفيق حكايات غبيّة الحبك لهو دليل على فشل مشاريعكم و علامة واضحة على هزيمتكم بحمد الله. و والله لن تجدوا منّا إلاّ السيف و الاستماتة في مقارعتكم بإذن الله حتى يظهرنا الله أو نهلك دون ذلك،﴿رَبَّنَا افْتَحْ بَيْنَنَا وَبَيْنَ قَوْمِنَا بِالْحَقِّ وَأَنْتَ خَيْرُ الْفَاتِحِينَ﴾.

تنظيمُ القَاعِدَةِ ببلادِ المَغْرِبِ الإسْلامِي
ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــــــــــــــــ
‏السبت‏، 22جمادى الثانية‏، 1431هـ الموافق ل:‏05‏/06‏/2010‏م
مؤسّسة الأندلس للإنتاج الإعلامي
المصدر : ( مركز الفجر للإعلام )

New article from al-Maqālāt: "The Mass Defections Have Yet To Start: Commenting On The Defections In The Ranks Of Hayy'at Taḥrīr al-Shām"

What’s happening today in Syria of backtracking and surrender is something very natural in a war or a revolution. Not everyone who stood up against the regime was taking an armed struggle into account. Many of them were forced and had no other choice, if given another choice they would have grabbed it. Some fled, others stayed and fought, some died, some surrendered, etc. Not everyone who took up arms was convinced that this was the solution, while others thought it was a temporary phase which would quickly end with an international intervention similar to the intervention in Libya. Several factions want to leave the armed struggle and prefer political solutions and peace agreements with the regime, Russia and Iran after the war has prolonged for seven years. This is why Hassan Sawfan the current leader of Ahraar Shaam and other factions have expressed their intention of attending the sixth Astana meeting with Russia and Iran.
These people long for a peaceful stable live, thinking that this can come about with meetings and agreements with Russia and the regime, who seek nothing less than their complete surrender. Some of them were so desperate that they even joined or returned into the ranks of regime, we saw this on several fronts. They did not learn from the political experiments in Egypt and Algeria while these regimes were not half as vile as the Syrian regime. But again this heedlessness and defeatism should not surprise us. Our hearts and souls, especially during pressing trails and tribulations, are subjected to constant fluctuation. Even ISIS has defections into the ranks of the regime as some of their soldiers became completely disillusioned by the major losses. This is why we should not think that we are immune for deviance after Allah has guided us, rather we should increase our supplications for direction and guidance. The Messenger of Allah (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) said “Verily the hearts of the children of Adam, all of them, are between the two fingers of the Merciful as one heart. He directs them wherever he wills.” Then the Prophet said “O Allah, the director of the hearts, direct our hearts to your obedience.” (Sahih Muslim)
You can live as a pious believer your whole life but become a disbeliever right before you die. The Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) predicted that this fluctuation of Imaan will increase in the End Times, you could wake up as a believer and go to sleep as disbeliever or the other way around. So you could also be a righteous Mujahid one day and become a despicable traitor the next. We heard and read this about the Soviet-Afghan war before witnessing it with our own eyes in Syria. People no matter how much they differ, including Muslims, always become united to a greater or lesser extent when they are facing the same fate. This is why Russia and the regime have eased their bombardments on the liberated territories. While seducing the weak hearted with political solutions, as they incite and make room for internal disputes between the opposing blocks within the opposition, consequentially weakening the opposition as a whole. Which gives the regime the advantage of isolating their assaults and reckoning with them one after the other.
The international powers help the regime as they guide the flock of weak hearted factions and its leaders with the stick of terrorist designation, something they oddly seem to fear more than the bombardment and destruction of their land and people. Despite the treacherous backstabbing international community represented by the UN, who betrayed the Syrian revolution, they still seek to please it, even if it entails the sacrifice of their people and revolution. So in their desperate attempt to distance themselves from the contagiousness of terrorist designation, in addition to the reports about an upcoming military campaign against the regime, and the upcoming political negotiations in Astana, this in combination with their desire to give up arms and live a peaceful life. All of these ingredients form a recipe for the fierce defaming campaign they have cooked against Hay’at Tahrir Shaam; effectually causing several defections in their ranks.
However they are not really defections. Meaning the individuals and factions that defected from Hay’at Tahrir Shaam did not defect from the revolution all together. They did not give up the armed struggle, they simple left a group because of internal disagreements, but they will carry on their armed struggle against the regime on the battlefield. So such a defection should not sadden us that much. They will not leave the battle and sit at home nor will they leave the battle and sit at the table in Astana to sell the Syrian revolution. We are still united because we will fight beside each other in the coming battles; the battlefield is what really unites us. Factions and organizations do not unite us, rather what really unites us is our shared struggle. This is why a defensive Jihaad does not even require a banner. Moreover, it is even allowed to fight under a corrupt banner during a defensive Jihaad. This is for example why Shaykh Sulayman Al-Ulwan allowed Muslims to fight in the Baathist army of Saddam Hussein against the US invasion.
They are not the first who left the merger nor will they be the last. This will not harm the revolution provided they will continue the fight against the regime, independently or with another faction. This is why are not saddened that much and this why the hypocrites are not pleased that much, as it is their goal to defect the people from the armed struggle all together. They want to leave the armed struggle and they want to drag the people with them. There is no doubt that they will deceive a number of people who will follow them, but the revolution will continue with or without them. During the battle of Uhud the hypocrites also succeeded in withdrawing one third of the army from the battle. The Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) likewise predicted that one third will run away during Al-Malhamah, also known as the Battle of Armageddon. So it is no surprise if a number within the opposition defect from the revolution and the armed resistance.
It is not Shaykh Abdullah Al-Muhaysini, Shaykh Muslih Al-Ulyani, Abu Salih Tahan or Jaysh Al-Ahraar who really defected, for they will continue with the armed struggle against the regime. Rather the hypocrites who will attend Astana are the ones who really defected, for they have turned their backs on the revolution and the Syrian people. They abandoned the armed struggle as they seek political solutions and peace agreements with Russia, Iran and the regime. However this is not enough for them, they want to drag the rest of the armed opposition with them. We did not forget the days in which we used to hear about mass defections in the military ranks of the regime at the beginning of the revolution, unfortunately we will soon witness mass defections in the armed opposition as we near the end of the revolution. For they have become tired of warfare and defeatism has crawled deep into their hearts. Like Thomas Edison said “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
As for Hay’at Tahrir Shaam and its mistakes, any diverse merger-group growing exponentially will have an increased rate of committing mistakes. Those who did not take this in to account before the merger lack a great amount of realistic insight. Making mistakes is not what matters, rather what matters is the willingness to denounce and correct any mistakes. As long as this willingness is present we have hope for such an individual or group. Even Satan had the chance to repent, but instead of asking for forgiveness he asked Allah for an extended live on earth filled with injustice and disobedience. Unlike Adam who made a mistake and hastily asked for forgiveness. Allah answered both their prayers, so we are given the freedom to choose between stubbornness or repentance. The brothers from Hay’at Tahrir Shaam chose repentance, unlike the stubborn Khawarij or the hypocrites who defend their mistakes and adopt them as a policy.
Even the army of the Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) made mistakes, the general Khalid ibn Walid for example executed the Banu Jadhimah tribe mistakenly and the Prophet distanced himself from this mistake upon hearing the news. The same goes for the army of Abu Bakr who appointed Fujaa’a during the Wars of Apostasy as he went on a rampage killing innocent Muslims until he was caught. No one left- or advised others to leave their armies, let alone defame their armies day and night because of these mistakes. Because these mistakes were not adopted as policy, rather these individual mistakes were denounced and punished by the leadership.
The hypocrites who keep defaming Hay’at Tahrir Shaam however do not have the goal of them correcting these mistakes. Rather they use these mistakes to sabotage and destroy the merger giving them the chance to impose their corruption and defeatism in the liberated territories. They do not seek to advice Hay’at Tahrir Shaam hoping that they will correct their mistakes, if this was the case we would not have any problem with them exposing and showing these mistakes. But unfortunately this is not the case, they seek to destroy the only strong armed Sunni entity which is actually able to protect the liberated territories, all for their own measly benefits. Of course the local foreign secret services are co-operating with these hypocrites as well, but we will not go in to that for now.
These hypocrites did not dare to talk about the hundreds of innocent civilians killed by Turkey in Al-Baab, they waved these collateral victims away as if they were flies. When Jaysh Al-Islam transgressed against Jaysh Al-Fustaat, Faylaq Rahmaan and other factions including

New article from al-Maqālāt: "The Wild Card in Time of Necessity: Jabhat al-Nuṣrah – Their Perfect Timing For an Unpredicted Decision"

The issue of Jabhat Nusra breaking their ties with Al-Qaedah has busied friends and foes, everyone is sitting on the edge of their seat waiting patiently to hear from Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani. This shows how big the political and military influence of Jabhat Nusra actually is, both inside and outside Syria. This news came very unexpected, the US clearly did not have a plan-B for Jabhat Nusra if they would break their ties with Al-Qaedah, while the secularist hypocrites and the demoralizing parrots on the internet are already looking for other excuses and accusations they can fire at Jabhat Nusra. I am not in the position to say whether Jabhat Nusra will break its ties or not, but let us assume that they will. Then there are a couple of quick observations I could like to make. The factions and the Muslims in Shaam did not ask from Jabhat Nusra to change their strategy and methodology, they simple asked them to change their organizational ties. If Jabhat Nusra changed their ties and name, but still shared the same strategy and methodology as Al-Qaedah. Then this will actually be the initial plan of Al-Qaedah for Jabhat Nusra in Shaam, as Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri ordered his soldiers not declare any presence of Al-Qaedah in Shaam. So by changing the name, Jabhat Nusra is returning to the original strategy for Al-Qaedah in Shaam. We much rather have Mujahideen who share the same strategy and methodology as Al-Qaedah, even if they do not share the organizational ties and name of Al-Qaedah, then Mujahideen who claim to be part of Al-Qaedah and carry its name while they do not share their strategy nor methodology. We have seen how ISIS shared the organizational ties and name of Al-Qaedah under Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi but they did not share their strategy and methodology. There are numerous groups on various fronts throughout the world who share the strategy and methodology of Al-Qaedah and they could even have organizational ties with Al-Qaedah –in Mali, Tunisia and Egypt for example– but they did not openly declare these ties. Like Ahmad Shawqi said: خفي الأساس عن العيون تواضعا .. من بعد ما رفع البناء مشيدا The modest foundations remain hidden for the eyes .. after firmly constructing the building. Those who accuse Jabhat Nusra for declaring their ties with Al-Qaedah because this turned the Western powers against the people of Syria, should first of all know that Jabhat Nusra was put on the terror list before they declared these ties. Second of all, there was another danger which was more harmful for the revolution in Syria then the West at that time, which should not be ignored; the danger of the Khawarij. If Jabhat Nusra did not openly declare their ties with Al-Qaedah and confronted the deviant legitimacy of ISIS, then most of the Mujahideen in Syria would have joined ISIS. The damage was limited as mainly only factions from the FSA joined ISIS, while Jabhat Nusra kept resisting their deviance from the beginning. However this danger is now contained as the deviant methodology of the modern day Khawarij is exposed, and the clear methodology of Jabhat Nusra is known. So it is very unlikely that anyone would join ISIS now if Jabhat Nusra broke its ties with Al-Qaedah. The situation has changed, the Western powers have become a greater threat for the Syrian revolution than the Khawarij. After exposing the Khawarij and annulling their deviant legitimacy, until it is no longer a considerable threat, it became important to focus on the other growing threats. The recent treacherous agreement between the US and Russia signifies this growing threat. The Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) said: “Fear the insight of the believer for he sees with the light of Allah.” Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani announced his ties with Al-Qaedah due to the necessity of that moment, and now he will change these ties due to the necessity of this moment. The breaking of ties between Jabhat Nusra and Al-Qaedah will expose a lot of facts. The timing of this decision is no coincidence, it came right after the US agreement with Russia to cooperate and coordinate air strikes against Jabhat Nusra. Jabhat Nusra could not stand by and watch as the enemies unite against them. A major strategic move to counter and hinder this alliance, and a reorganization of their ranks within Syria was not really a matter of choice, it was an absolute military necessity. Breaking their ties with Al-Qaedah will form a dilemma for the US. If the US insists on bombing Jabhat Nusra in cooperation and coordination with Russia despite them breaking ties with Al-Qaedah, then this will without a doubt proof that the US is aiding the Syrian regime, it will proof that this is not a war against terrorist organizations, but a war against Muslims and Islam. The factions who still refuse to unite with Jabhat Nusra will also be exposed, it will proof that they used the ties of Jabhat Nusra as an excuse to refrain from unity. It will also divide between the truthful factions who only objected to the name and the organizational ties with Al-Qaedah, and those factions who keep their agenda hidden and actually oppose the Sharia project of Jabhat Nusra rather then their ties. There are two types of people who wanted to see the ties between Jabhat Nusra and Al-Qaedah disappear. The first are truthful Muslims who are of the opinion that this will benefit the revolution a great deal. The second are hypocrites who want to incite against Jabhat Nusra and weaken it; as if their lifeline was connected to these organizational ties. Jabhat Nusra does not seek to please either of them, but by breaking their ties with Al-Qaedah these two parties –who are very different– will not share any common ground. Like Muhammad ibn Al-Qasim said: إذا رضيت عني كرام عشيرتي .. فلا زال غضباناً عليّ لئامها If I were to please the noble ones among my people .. then its lowly will stay angry at me. ومن ذا يرضي كل نفس … وبين هوى النفوس مدى بعيد And who is able to please every soul .. while the desires of souls vary enormously. Allah said “Never will the Jews or the Christians be pleased with you until you follow their religion.” It is impossible to please everyone, even if you tried. If you would follow the religion of the Jews for example, then the Christian would be displeased. The same goes the other way around; if you would follow the religion of the Christians then the Jews would be displeased. So it is a wasteful effort from the very start. Pleasing people is not the goal we should aim for, rather certain benefits and harms must be considered and outweighed. This is the settling standard for sensitive decisions like these. The recent‏ assembly of scholars in Shaam also influenced the decisions of Jabhat Nusra without a doubt. The unity of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan started with the gathering of students and scholars known as the Taliban. This blessed gathering united between the truthful Mujahideen and exposed the hypocrites who opposed the Sharia of Allah; while they initially fought alongside the Mujahideen against the Soviets. The blessed gathering of the Talibn united between all schools of thought. A similar scenario could very well be expected after the assembly of scholars in Shaam, the signs of unity are already beginning to show, true unity is always accompanied with knowledge. The breaking of ties with Al-Qaedah will be a strong message to the factions who do not want to unite and to the Western powers who try to deceive the Ummah. The overall message of the break with Al-Qaedah will be that the US is not enemies with Al-Qaedah or any other so-called terrorist organization, but their animosity is against the Muslim Ummah as a whole, especially the Muslims who are seeking to establish the rule of Islam. Many Muslims have reached this awareness of course, but this awareness will grow further and reach every general and common Muslim. If the US insists on bombing Jabhat Nusra despite their broken ties with Al-Qaedah then the popular support for Jabhat Nusra will grow in a rapid speed. It were the people of Shaam who requested from Jabhat Nusra to break their ties with Al-Qaedah, Jabhat Nusra showed their loyalty to the Muslim Ummah, they proofed that they place the interest of the Ummah before the interest of an organization. If they are sidelined by the other factions despite this show of good will, and if they are bombed despite their decision to break ties with Al-Qaedah, then the popular support for Jabhat Nusra in Shaam and outside could be unstoppable. With such popular support the ideology, strategy and methodology of Al-Qaedah will reach far and wide within the Muslim communities and enter further into the heart of Muslim societies. This goal would be far more important then the organizational ties with Jabhat Nusra. These facts are not hidden, it is obvious that this decision could work out brilliantly. As an intelligence site stated: “The prospect of a formal breaking of ties with al-Qaeda and formation of a new coalition body with al-Qaeda’s blessing arguably represents the worst outcome from the U.S. perspective, making targeting of terrorist figures much more difficult as they will be ever more deeply embedded in the wider insurgency. Further, in such a scenario, if the proposed U.S.-Russia coordination actually goes forward, it seems likely that a larger coalition between Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups would then quickly and easily dismantle many of the U.S.-backed groups among the Syrian rebels in the north, reducing any influence and leverage in so far as U.S. policy hopes for an eventual political transition in Syria. Or perhaps U.S.-backed groups would join this coalition.. Jabhat al-Nusra has effectively exploited the breakdown of the ‘cessation of hostilities’: it may well outsmart the U.S. further with the supposed breaking of ties with al-Qaeda, which, far from reflecting a change in the ideological end goals, could actually embody an al-Qaeda ideal of integrating more deeply into the local environment.” (Source: ‘Jabhat al-Nusra: Breaking ties with al-Qaeda?’ – The secularist hypocrites and their parrots have been repeating that Jabhat Nusra is spoiling the revolution in Syria. But we will see that those who spoiled the revolution in Egypt and in Libya and tried to spoil the political attempt in Turkey, are the same wolves in sheep clothing who hide behind fake claims and weak excuses as they attempt- and wait for the right moment to spoil the revolution in Syria. These poisonous weeds must be rooted out, and Jabhat Nusra has proven to be the best remedy against this plague. Jabhat Nusra is very well aware of their threat, breaking ties with Al-Qaedah will not change this awareness. Rather, it will become an awareness shared by all the faction. Like Abu Muslim Al-Khurasani said: من رعى غنما في أرض مسبعة .. ونام عنها تولى رعيها الأسد Those who herd sheep in a country of lions .. and falls asleep –then the lion will take over the herding. Many people seem stunned and surprised by this strategic move, but this decision is actually nothing new if we were to look at the history of Al-Qaedah. It is not the first time that such a decision is made. Shaykh Abu Musab Zarqawi and after him Shaykh Abu Hamza Al-Mujahir were the leaders of Al-Qaedah in Iraq. Al-Qaedah in Iraq became part of the Mujahideen Shura Council, after that it merged with other groups in what was known as the Islamic State in Iraq, before it was hijacked and infiltrated by Baathis officers and deviated to what is now. When Al-Qaedah merged with the other groups in the Mujahideen Shura Council, the name Al-Qaedah disappeared in Iraq, and the loyalty and ties with Al-Qaedah became a hidden fact, while the strategy and the methodology stayed the same until ISIS deviated. This decision was made so that the groups in Iraq could unite. It is therefore very likely that we are going to witness a similar unity between the groups and factions in Syria very soon under Jabhat Fath Shaam. The first priority of Al-Qaedah in Syria is to topple the Syrian regime, they share this goal and this enemy target with the other factions, but to achieve this goal Al-Qaedah and the rest of the Mujahideen must fully cooperate and completely coordinate their efforts and their operations with each other. The eyes of Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani are set on Damascus, but he can not liberate Damascus without cooperating and coordinating with the other factions. Al-Qaedah has shown and proven that it is truthful in its claims and goals, it is now up to the rest of the Mujahideen to show the same sincerity. They must be willing to set aside any obstacle to unite and merge with the other factions. I repeat what I said before: If the Islamic Sharia is implemented by all the factions, if the ties with the secret services of Turkey and Jordan is broken by all the factions, if all political solutions and all truces with the regime are scrapped, if all the factions unite in one army, if all foreign agendas are annulled in Syria, if the Mujahireen are left to stay and come into Shaam, if the corrupt ones are removed from the field in Shaam, and if all the fronts are reignited against the regime; in return for breaking of the ties between Jabhat Nusra and Al-Qaedah. If the other parties agree to any of these preconditions, then this would be the best deal in the history of Islam, or rather mankind. If the other parties agree to these preconditions, then the breaking of ties between Jabhat Nusra and Al-Qaedah will form a major backlash for the West, as this is everything they did not want in Shaam. Al-Qaedah is a message before it is an organization, and these mentioned goals and prerequisites are exactly what the message and Dawah of Al-Qaedah seeks to achieve. Goals are more important then the means, the mentioned goals are more important then the organizational means through which the Mujahideen are trying to achieve these goals. The Prophet (SalAllahu Alayhi wa Selam) erased the words “Messenger of Allah” from the treaty of Hudaybiyah; because it is not about names, rather it is about realities, it is about objectives. Erasing these words did not change the fact that he indeed was the Messenger of Allah, whether the pagan Arabs of Mekkah wanted to recognize this fact or not. A Mujahid from Al-Qaedah wages Jihaad to support the religion and the Muslim Ummah as a whole, not only his own organization. His organization is merely a means to organize his actions on the battlefield. If his actions in Al-Qaedah could be organized better, and if his actions in Al-Qaedah are more beneficial for the Ummah, then it is obvious that staying in this organization is preferable. But if his actions could be organized better in another organizational setting and if his actions will be more beneficial for the Ummah in another organization setting, then this setting if of course more preferable. A Mujahid should not be blinded by partisanship, he should realize that organizations are mere stepping stones for a much larger project which encompassed the Ummah as a whole. He works within the most suitable, efficient and beneficial organizational setting. The Mujahideen from Al-Qaedah have clearly proven that they are not blinded by partisanship, they do not place their organizational love above the interest of the Ummah and the goals of Jihaad. A Mujahid from Al-Qaedah does not fight for organizational names, he fights to lift oppression from the Ummah and to raise the Word of Allah. Al-Qaedah is a school and the noble Mujahideen of Shaam are some of its many graduates. The central command of Al-Qaedah is a center which spreads awareness, it spreads the message and the strategy of Al-Qaedah, it inspires and mobilizes the Ummah against the Western powers, whether they do so under the command of Al-Qaedah or independently. However it does not control area’s nor people. Unlike Jabhat Nusra, they are a guerilla movement who wage a defensive war against a local enemy, it is a movement who now controls vast area’s in Syria, it has all kinds of responsibilities towards the people they control. They must wage Jihaad and control land together with other factions with whom they eventually must merge and unite, while avoiding a confrontation with any additional enemies like the Western powers. So Jabhat Nusra needs to operate in a different organizational setting. Al-Qaedah has declared an open war against the West, and calls for attacks against it, while it ordered Jabhat Nusra to focus on the Syrian regime and not to carry out any attacks against the West. The West however chose deliberately to ignore these organizational division of assignments, and accused Jabhat Nusra of planning attacks in the West; as an excuse to carry out coalition air strikes against Jabhat Nusra to aid the regime and prevent the establishment of an Islamic government in Syria. If Jabhat Nusra broke their organizational ties with Al-Qaedah the West will be left with no excuse. Their animosity against Jabhat Nusra will become a clear violation for everyone to see. This will turn the Muslim population against the West, it could even mobilize the Muslims against the West in long run –and this is exactly the goal of Al-Qaedah from the get-go. The hypocrites and the enemies of the Ummah have been focusing their propaganda on the ties between Jabhat Nusra and Al-Qaedah to create a popular opinion against them, and to split and weaken the ranks within Jabhat Nusra. To avoid a growing popular opinion against them, and to avoid the weakening of ranks, the timing for breaking the ties with Al-Qaedah is chosen carefully, thus turning the tables completely. Popular support will turn against the enemies if they decide to attack Jabhat Nusra despite them breaking their ties. If Jabhat Nusra broke these ties a couple of years ago it could have created a weakening of the ranks. But the soldiers of Jabhat Nusra have reached a high level of trust in their leadership and the overall majority understands the benefits of this decision, many of them were even opting for it quite some time. So the seeming weakness of Jabhat Nusra has now become their strength, this decision was an unexpected wild card they were saving for the right moment; so it will work in the complete interest of the Muslim Ummah and against the enemies. The enemies of the Ummah will of course try to misuse this decision as much as possible; the Russians, the Shia-Rawafid, the Nusayris, the West, the secularist hypocrites, and the Khawarij extremist. All of them will try to misuse this decision and turn it to their benefit. Maybe they could even gain some tactical gains, but the overall strategic gain will be in the benefit of the Mujahideen with the permission of Allah. Especially the extremist Khawarij will try to capitalize on this decision. As they tried to capitalize on the Fitnah in Shaam, and they indeed gained many followers through their deceiving methods. However the Mujahid leaders and scholars warned them for their reckless self-destructive behavior. Unfortunately many youths did not listen as their lives were wasted due to the terrible political, theological and strategic insight of their leadership. The rapid tactical gains in Iraq and Syria quickly vanished, everything they built on the backs and the limbs of the Muslims and the Mujahideen in Iraq and Syria collapsed. So tactical victories should not fool those with insight or those who learn from history.


New release "Biography of the Martyred Figures in East Africa #1: 'Ubaydah al-Tshādī (al-Chādī)"

UPDATE 4/2/13 9:03 AM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic biography:

ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤن ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ
In the name of Allaah the Most Gracious, Most Merci full
ﺍﻟﺤﻤﺪ ﻟﻠﻪ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺼﻼﺓ ﻭ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ All praise belongs to Allaah and may the peace and blessings be upon the final Messenger of Allah أما بعد:قال تعالى: And after: Allah says,
“ﻭ ﻻ ﺗﺤﺴﺒﻦ ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻗﺘﻠﻮﺍ ﻓﻲ ﺳﺒﻴﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺃﻣﻮﺍﺗﺎ ﺑﻞ ﺃﺣﻴﺎﺀ ﻋﻨﺪ ﺭﺑﻬﻢ ﻳﺮﺯﻗﻮﻥ ﻓﺮﺣﻴﻦ ﺑﻤﺎ ﺁﺗﺎﻫﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻣﻦ ﻓﻀﻠﻪ ﻭ ﻳﺴﺘﺒﺸﺮﻭﻥ ﺑﺎﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻟﻢ ﻳﻠﺤﻘﻮﺍ ﺑﻬﻢ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻠﻔﻬﻢ ﺃﻻ ﺧﻮﻑ ﻋﻠﻴﻬﻢ ﻭ ﻻ ﻫﻢ ﻳﺤﺰﻧﻮﻥ”
Think not of those, who have been slain in the cause of ALLAH, as dead. Nay, they are living, in the presence of their Lord, and are granted gifts from HIM;

We our pleased your brothers in East Africa to present to you the first edition of series of Flags of Martyrs أعلام الشهداء

[center]Seerah of Al-Akh Abu Obeida Al-Chadi (the Chadian)
– Raheemahullaah-

Abu Obeida al-Chadi..unmatched modesty He was a shy man.. He grew up in the Arabian Peninsula, there he was pracistising the Deen and he began with seeking knowledge, he was no older than 18 years old.He had fellow companions, he was firm in commitment to the path which Allaah was pleased with them (A wonderful path to the land of Somalia) and this path is a story in itself Our hero joined his brothers for a number of months and entered into the forum of men ..Indeed, its the Military Camp.. He was may Allah have mercy on him a young man with patience, he would fulfill the military work to the fullest, and he was disciplined in his work, respected and loved by his brothers. Sometimes he would sing Nasheeds to his brothers in the mosque and the military camp, he had a passionate voice As for his character .. then its a blessing to speak about .. With the witness of everyone that knew him he was a man of a high moral in character. He used to respect the teachers with the utmost respect and their relationship with him was like a relation like an older brother to a little brother, and he would ask -may Allah have mercy on him- “Whose the most knowledgeable about the worship of the heart?”. This was from his commitment -may have mercy on him- about these acts of worship which many have become heedless about, despite his young age! And I remember a story which clarifies the brothers motivation and truthfulness with Allaah (and Allah is All-aware of His servants) he was marked by his brothers that he was known for fasting in the day and praying at night in the camp, despite the severity of the camp and despite of the efforts made in the night and the day, he used to fast and work until the time of Dhur, he got affected his body became very poor, and I remember once that time in the queue one brother asked him “What has befallen you? You’ve become very thin and weak?” And he use to hide his fasting and does not tell anyone. ترى الرجلَ النحيل فتزدريهِ وفي أثوابه أسدٌ هصور
poetry  You see the man slim but in his garments flouts a Persistent Lion One night his brothers said that fasting is optional (al-Naafila) and preparation is an individual obligation (Fard el-‘Ain) and so you should leave what is optional and perform the Fard. And he was tested -may Allaah have mercy on him- with fungi on his feet because of the shoes in the training camp, he was not used to wearing these type of shoes before, and despite this he dd not stop doing the military work. He was fulfilling in establishing the penalties which came with him coming late to the queue due to lack of sleep and fatigue. The smile never leaving his face. And we record that for him and Allaah is Aware of His slaves. Whoever would see him would remember Allaah aza wa jal. One day his platoon marched forth for a battle that was as clear as the day and the distance was very far and after arriving at the target the brothers started dispatching guards to take time to rest, but our hero chose to collect a number of firewood for his brothers that he was at the service of his brothers and he would cook food for them all despite the fatigue and tiredness. After completing the military work to head towards the center of Mogodisho, and after arriving in the capital our brother -may Allah accept him- joined his companions who he left and he from then will remain on the land of Jihaad and it was a very warm meeting, the brothers were very happy to meet their companion, and there was a link with the brothers and the Front lines. And In Ramadhan Year 1432 there was a fierce battle attacking and retreating, so the brothers in that battle went to new spots, and our hero brother was a Muraabit (one who guards on the front lines) at one of the buildings. The enemy discovered their place so they where targeted by a tank shell then he was hit with shrapnel and our hero attained the Shahadah because of the effects and one of his companions heard before his Shahadah him repeating “Laa ilaha illaLLAH” so it wasn’t soon except that his soul came out . So may Allah have mercy upon you oh Abu Obeida and may He put you in the highest ranks of Jannat O Allaah please accept our brother Abu Obeida in Al-‘iliyeen (Ameen) I ask Allah S.W.T to write for you the best, and that He makes you a resident of Paradise with those who He blessed from the Prophets and the truthful and martyrs and the righteous, and those are the best companion. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.


(بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم)

عبيده التشادي.. حياء لا نظير..
له رجل حيي..
ترعرع في جزيرة العرب فيها إلتزم وبدأ بطلب العلم، لم يتجاوز السابعة عشر من عمره، كان له رفاق في درب الإلتزام قد يسر الله لهم (طريقا عجيبا إلى أرض الصومال) وهذا الطريق قصة لوحده . 
لحق بطلنا برفاقه في بضع أشهر، ثم ولج ملتقى الرجال..
..إنه المعسكر..
كان رحمه الله شابا صبورا يقوم بأعمال المعسكر على أكمل وجه، و كان منضبطا في أعماله، محترما ومحبوبا عند إخوانه. و كان في بعض الأوقات يأم إخوانه في مسجد المعسكر، فقد كان صاحب صوت شجي ندي.
و أما عن أخلاقه..فأنعم به حديثا.. فقد كان -وبشهادة كل من عرفه- صاحب خلق رفيع، وكان يحترم المعلمين أشد الإحترام، كما كانت علاقتهم به علاقة الأخ الكبير بأخيه الصغير. و كان رحمه الله يسأل دائما من هو أعلم منه بالعبادات القلبيه، وهذا من حرصه رحمه الله على هذه العبادات التي غفل عنها كثير من الناس رغم صغر سنه. وأذكرقصة تبين همة أخينا وصدقه مع الله كما نحسبه فقد تميز عن إخوانه بأنه كان صواما قواما في المعسكر رغم شدة المعسكر ورغم الجهد المبذول في الليل والنهار، كان يصوم و يقوم حتى ظهر عليه الأثر،فقد أصبح جسمه هزيلا، وذات مرة في الطابور قال له أحد الإخوه ما أصابك أصبحت هزيلا ضعيفا؟ وكان يخفي أمر الصوم ولا يخبر به أحد.

ترى الرجلَ النحيل فتزدريهِ وفي أثوابه أسدٌ هصور
وذات ليلة قال له الأخ أن الصوم نافله والإعداد فرض عين فلا بد من ترك النافله والقيام بالفرض . وكان رحمه الله قد إبتلي رحمه الله أن تفطرت قدماه بسبب الحذاء في المعسكر لأنه ما أعتاد على هذا النوع من الأحذية من قبل، فرغم هذا لم يتوقف عن القيام بالأعمال في المعسكر. وكان وفيا في آداء العقوبات التي عليه لتأخره عن الطابور بسبب التعب وقلة النوم . وكانت الإبتسامه لا تفارق وجهه . وكان نحسبه والله حسيبه ممن إذا رأيتهم تذكر الله عز وجل . و ذات مرة خرجت فصيلته في مسيرة في وضح النهار وكانت المسافة بعيدة، وبعد الوصول للهدف قام الإخوه بتوزيع الحراسات ليستغلوا الوقت في الإستراحة، لكن بطلنا أختار هو وعدد من إخوانه أن يكونوا في الخدمة لجمع الحطب وطبخ الطعام عن جميع الإخوة رغم الشدة والتعب . وبعد إتمام مدة المعسكر تحرك الإخوه متجهين إلى العاصمة مقديشو. وبعد الوصول للعاصمة إلتقى رحمه الله برفقائه الذي تركوه وسبقوه لأرض الجهاد فكان لقاء حميما، وفرح الإخوة بلقاء صاحبهم . وهناك رابط مع إخوانه في الخطوط الأمامية. وفي رمضان سنة 1432 خاض المجاهدون معارك شرسة وكر وفر تقدم فيها الإخوه إلى مناطق جديدة، وكان بطلنا مرابطا في إحدى البنايات، إكتشف العدو مكانهم فاستهدفهم بقذيفة دبابة، فاصابته الشظايا وأستشهد بطلنا على إثرها، وقد سمعه أحد أصحابه قبل إستشهاده وهو يردد لا إله إلا الله، فما لبث أن فاضت روحه.

فرحمك الله يا عبيدة وأسكنك الفردوس الأعلى


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