Jihadology presents Think Tank/NGO/Policy/Gov Reports and Articles of 2013, Part VII

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James Brandon — Anti-Muslim Attacks in Myanmar Threaten Uptick in Regional Violence and Islamist Activism

Jami Forbes — The Significance of Taliban Shari`a Courts in Afghanistan

Jeffrey White, Andrew J. Tabler, and Aaron Y. Zelin — Syria’s Military Opposition: How Effective, United, or Extremist?

Jessica D. Lewis — AQI’s ‘Soldiers’ Harvest’ Campaign

Jessica Stern — The Suicidal Tendencies of Suicide Bombers

Joas Wagemakers — A Little-Known Syrian Jihadi Magazine

Joas Wagemakers — Al-Qaida Advises the Arab Spring: Al-Maqdisi

Joas Wagemakers — Al-Qaida Advises the Arab Spring: The Case for al-Baghdadi

Joas Wagemakers — Al-Qaradawi and the Help of the Unbelievers

Joas Wagemakers — Memo about Syria: Jihadis are people too

Jonathan AC Brown — The Rise and Fall of the Salafi al-Nour Party in Egypt

Juha Saarinen — The History of Jihadism in Finland and An Early Assessment of Finnish Foreign Fighters in Syria

Kevin Bell — Usama bin Ladin’s “Father Sheikh”- Yunus Khalis & the Return of AQ’s Leadership to Afghanistan

Khalil al-Anani — Desacralization of Islamism

Kirk H. Sowell — Rebel Advance in Daraa Raises Jihadist Profile in Southern Syria

Lorenzo Vidino — Jihadist Radicalization in Switzerland

Lorenzo Vidino — The Evolution of Jihadism in Italy: Rise in Homegrown Radicals

Lucas Winter — The Ansar of Yemen: The Huthis and al-Qaeda

Madawi Al-Rasheed — Salman al-Awdah: In the shadow of revolutions

Mara Revkin — Islamic justice in the Sinai

Mara Revkin — Outsourcing Justice in the Sinai: Sharia Courts Thrive in the Shadow of a Weak State

Mara Revkin — Sharia courts of the Sinai