Jihadology presents Think Tank/NGO/Policy/Gov Reports and Articles of 2013, Part I

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Aaron Y. Zelin — #Jihad’s social media trend

Aaron Y. Zelin — Al-Qaeda Announces an Islamic State in Syria

Aaron Y. Zelin — Al-Qaeda in Syria: A Closer Look at ISIS (Part I)

Aaron Y. Zelin — Al-Qaeda in Syria: A Closer Look at ISIS (Part II)

Aaron Y. Zelin — Deciphering the Jihadist Presence in Syria: An Analysis of Martyrdom Notices

Aaron Y. Zelin — European Foreign Fighters in Syria

Aaron Y. Zelin — Foreign Jihadists in Syria: Tracking Recruitment Networks

Aaron Y. Zelin — Islamism in Libya

Aaron Y. Zelin — Jihad 2020: Assessing Al-Qaida’s 20-Year Plan

Aaron Y. Zelin — Jihadists on the Nile: The Return of Old Players

Aaron Y. Zelin — Jihadist Reactions in the Event of an Israeli War with Hezbollah or Assad

Aaron Y. Zelin — Libya’s jihadists beyond Benghazi

Aaron Y. Zelin — Meeting a Returned Tunisian Foreign Fighter from the Syrian Front

Aaron Y. Zelin — Meeting Tunisia’s Ansar al-Sharia

Aaron Y. Zelin — Muhammad al-Zawahiri: Leader of the Salafi-Jihadi Revival in Post-Mubarak Egypt

Aaron Y. Zelin — Rebels Consolidating Strength in Syria: The Islamic Front

Aaron Y. Zelin — Standoff Between the Tunisian Government and Ansar al-Sharia

Aaron Y. Zelin — The State of Global Jihad Online: A Qualitative, Quantitative, and Cross-Lingual Analysis

Aaron Y. Zelin — The Syrian Islamic Front: A New Salafi Force

Aaron Y. Zelin — Tunisia: Uncovering Ansar al-Sharia

Aaron Y. Zelin — Tunis Designates Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia

Aaron Y. Zelin — Up to 11,000 foreign fighters in Syria; steep rise among Western Europeans

Aaron Y. Zelin — Who is Tunisia’s Salafi Cleric Shaykh al-Khatib al-Idrissi?

Aaron Y. Zelin — Who’s Who in Tunisia’s Salafi-Jihadi Community

Aaron Y. Zelin and Charles Lister — The crowning of the Syrian Islamic Front

Aaron Y. Zelin, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, and Andrew Lebovich — Al-Qa`ida in the Islamic Maghreb’s Tunisia Strategy

Aaron Y. Zelin, Evan F. Kohlmann, and Laith al-Khouri — Convoy of Martyrs in the Levant: A Joint Study Charting the Evolving Role of Sunni Foreign Fighters in the Armed Uprising Against the Assad Regime in Syria

Alex P. Schmid — Radicalisation, De-Radicalisation, Counter-Radicalisation: A Conceptual Discussion & Literature Review, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism

Alex Thurston — Boko Haram: What’s in a Name?

Alex Thurston and Andrew Lebovich — A Handbook on Mali’s 2012-2013 Crisis