Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2013, Part V

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Nicolas Dot-Pouillard and Eugénie Rébillard — The Intellectual, the Militant, the Prisoner and the Partisan- the Genesis of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (1974–1988)
Orla Lynch — British Muslim youth: radicalisation, terrorism and the construction of the “other”
Patrick Loobuyck, Jonathan Debeer, and Petra Meier — Church–State Regimes and their Impact on the Institutionalization of Islamic Organizations in Western Europe
Paul Kamolnick — Al Qaeda’s Sharia Crisis: Sayyid Imam and the Jurisprudence of Lawful Military Jihad
Paul Kamolnick — The Egyptian Islamic Group’s Critique of Al-Qaeda’s Interpretation of Jihad
Peter Mandaville — Islam and Exceptionalism in American Political Discourse
Peter Neumann and Scott Kleinmann — How Rigorous Is Radicalization Research?
Peter R. Neumann — Options and Strategies for Countering Online Radicalization in the United States
Peter R Neumann — The trouble with radicalization
Petter Nesser — Abū Qatāda and Palestine
R. Kim Cragin — Resisting Violent Extremism: A Conceptual Model for Non-Radicalization
Rached Ghannouchi — The state and religion in the fundamentals of Islam and contemporary interpretation
Robert Nalbandov — Irrational Rationality of Terrorism
Sam Mullins — “Global Jihad”: The Canadian Experience
Samantha May — Political Piety: The Politicization of Zakat
Sami Emile Baroudi — Islamist Perspectives on International Relations- The Discourse of Sayyid Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (1935–2010)
Samuel C. Lindsey and Michael J. Williams — State-Sponsored Social Control of Illegitimate Social Movements: Strategies Used to Financially Damage Radical Islamic, Terrorist-Labeled Organizations
Samuel J. Leistedtemail — Behavioural aspects of terrorism
Sarah V. Marsden — Media Metrics: How Arab & Western Media Construct Success & Failure in the ‘Global War on Terror’
Shima Baradaran, Michael Findley, Daniel Nielson, and J. C. Sharman — Funding Terror