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‘Umar Studio presents a new video message from Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Ponder a Little”



Source: https://shamikh1.info/vb/showthread.php?t=218235

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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Remarks Regarding Enemy Propaganda and False Reports About Assassination of Jihādī leaders”

There have been recent reports which indicate that several leaders of Islamic Emirate have been assassinated in the city of Quetta located in Baluchistan province of Pakistan regarding which we state the following:

A while back a former Jihadi commander of Zabul province, Noorullah, who was living the life of migration in the Pakistani city of Quetta was martyred in an assassination operation by unknown assailants. After the martyrdom of the said person, news outlets circulated rumors that a member of leadership council of Taliban had been killed. It must be stated that Noorullah was a Jihadi commander at the time of Jihad against the Soviet Union however he was not a member of Islamic Emirate’s leadership council.

Since the enemy is facing a certain defeat, its confidence is shaken and it is only left with baseless propaganda therefore it claims every person who surrenders or is killed is a Taliban Shura member and a close associate of Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (may Allah protect him). The enemy in its delusionary state of mind even fails to comprehend how many Shura members the Taliban have that despite them being supposedly killed, detained and surrendering every day, they never seem to finish.

This statement in itself is sufficient proof of how unsubstantiated the false enemy propaganda is.

After the martyrdom of Commander Noorullah, the enemy once again spread rumors that 3 more Taliban commanders namely Mullah Abdul Malik, Mawlawi Muhammad Ismail and Mullah Saleem have been assassinated in Quetta city. This despite all of the mentioned personnel of Islamic Emirate being alive and actively busy in their Jihadi activities yet the enemy persists in fabrications which are strongly rejected by us.

It seems that some professional con artists have made it a habit of stealing large sums of money from the world most incompetent regime in Kabul led by Karzai. Before this, many con men cashed in money under the peace and integration program so perhaps some mercenaries could have begun their campaign of fraud and embezzlement by fabricating news of assassination of Mujahideen figures for the same purpose. The fact of the matter is the all of the said persons are still alive and busy in their Jihadi activities.

We must make it clear and reiterate our strong rejection of the enemy claims while labeling it as nothing more than mere baseless propaganda effort of the cowardly enemy spread through its media.

Meanwhile the oppressive occupying country of America declared the blacklisting of a Mujahid of Islamic Emirate named Qari Saifullah and the freezing of all his assets. This is yet another feeble and erratic step of the enemy which does not worry Mujahideen in the very least. We do not have any large scale trade relationships with any entity which could be affected nor any other interaction with America. The American goal with such meaningless step is only for propaganda purposes and a last ditch effort against Mujahideen which only shows their weakness despite such moves having failed in affecting the Jihadi ranks for the past decade.

The enemy must realize that such propaganda will not create any barrier for our Jihad. We are a nation prepared and used to martyrdom and imprisonment. So is it possible that we could be scared with false assassination rumors and imaginary embargoes?


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

09/03/ 1435 Hijri Lunar

20/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    10/01/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41284-remarks-of-islamic-emirate-regarding-enemy-propaganda-and-false-reports-about-assassination-of-jihadi-leaders

New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “The Capture of a Ten-year Old Girl in Helmand on Charges of a Suicide Bombing is a Plot of the Enemy to Defame the Mujāhidīn”

On Monday some media outlets claimed that the forces of Karzai’s regime had apprehended a ten year old girl attempting to carry out a suicide bombing. This is not the first time that the officials of Karzai’s regime, faced with imminent defeat, have contrived such absurd accusations with the purpose of defaming the Islamic Emirate. Sometimes they spread false rumours that the Taliban have hanged a seven year old child, sometimes they claim that Taliban have sexually abused children, while at other times they claim that the Islamic Emirate recruits children to carry out attacks and bombings against their regime. The arrest of the ten year old girl, named Spogmy, is also part of the Karzai’s intelligence official’s fabrications aimed at defaming the Islamic Emirate. In truth these preposterous accusations have no reality.

Under the principles of Islamic law, young children are exempt from carrying out the responsibilities of Islam. The Islamic Emirate, in adhering to this principle, also does not allow such children to take part in armed conflict. The truth is that the fronts of the Mujahideen against the illegitimate regime of Karzai are full of the brave youth of Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate has no need to recruit children for this task.

In the same manner that the Islamic Emirate considers the recruitment of children for armed conflict as contrary to the laws of war, similarly it also considers the use of children for propaganda purposes to be against all principles of morality and human dignity. In this light the Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the intelligence agents of Karzai’s regime for taking advantage of children and using their innocence in order to defame the Mujahideen.

The claim that the ten year old girl from Helmand was recruited by her brother, with the agreement of her parents, to become a suicide bomber is a complete fabrication and has no reality at all. When news of this  accusation spread the Islamic Emirate requested the local Islamic Emirate authorities in Helmand to conduct an investigation into the incident. After conducting a thorough investigation our local authorities informed us that this incident has no reality. Moreover they informed us that in the entire province of Helmand there is no Taliban commander by the name of Zahir. They confirmed that the Islamic Emirate in Helmand has never allowed anyone to recruit children for the purposes of carrying out attacks. Even the Karzai regime’s officials in Helmand have stated to the media that there are severe inconsistencies in the girl’s account. They are still investigating the specifics of this incident.


Qari Muhammad Yusuf Ahmadzai

Spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan




Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41270-the-capture-of-a-ten-year-old-girl-in-helmand-on-charges-of-suicide-bombing-is-plot-of-the-enemy-to-defame-the-mujahideen

‘Umar Studio presents a new Fatwā from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Details About the Ruling on Digital Media”


Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān — “Details About the Ruling on Digital Media”


Source: https://alfidaa.info/vb/showthread.php?t=88685

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The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan releases Issue #91-92 of al-Ṣamūd Magazine

NOTE: Previous issues: #90#89#88#87#86#85#84#83#82#81#80#79#78#77#76#75#74#73#72#71#70#69#68#67#66#65#64#63#62#61#60#59#58#57#56#53, and #51.


Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — Issue #91-92 of al-Ṣamūd Magazine


Source: https://shamikh1.info/vb/showthread.php?t=217636

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‘Umar Studio presents a new video message from Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān’s Shaykh Khālid Ḥaqqānī: “Condolences About the Death of Innocent Students and Unarmed Worshipers in a Horrific Massacre”





Source: https://alfidaa.info/vb/showthread.php?t=88213

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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Guantánamo Prisoners in Critical Condition Due to Hunger Strike”

Inmates inside the notorious American prison of Guantanamo have been on a hunger strike for the past twenty days. According to information, the prisoners have deprived themselves of every basic living need due to their absolute necessity from which some ill inmates are said to be in a life threatening condition. Inmates inside the notorious Guantanamo prison are being held in conditions which violate all international principles and norms. The prison is being run in such a state that the cruelty, savagery, barbarity and tragedies taking place against the inmates inside are being mostly kept secret from the public however latest information by some news outlets and Human Right workers suggest that for the past twenty days, the prisoners are spending time in a very depressing condition and if it continues much longer it can lead to a big humanitarian tragedy.

The inmates began their hunger strike due to the inhumane treatment by their American captors, physical and psychological torture as well as insults towards the sanctities of Muslims. Instead of having respect towards the hunger strike and accepting the legal demands of the inmates, their American captors have done the opposite and are treating them in a manner to try and break their spirits of ever again carrying out such actions in the future therefore it must be stated that this reaction by the American officials violates every humanitarian and established international principle.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly urges the American officials to stop their savage treatment towards the oppressed prisoners, to accept their legitimate demands in order to end this hunger strike and stop a humanitarian disaster from taking place. If they fail to take timely action then we warn them about its harsh retaliatory consequences. The Islamic Emirate also calls upon all the Humanitarian organizations as well as media outlets to raise their voices in defense of these oppressed innocent prisoners and to expose this unparalleled barbarity.


The spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

29/02/1435 Hijri Lunar

11/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    01/01/2014 Gregorian


Source: http://shahamat-english.com/index.php/paighamoona/41063-guantanamo-prisoners-in-critical-condition-due-to-hunger-strike

‘Umar Studio presents a new statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Documenting the Crimes of the Massacre in ‘Mir Ali’ Market and the Genocide North of Waziristan at the Hands of the Pakistani Military”


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

In yet another wave of expanding America’s Crusader war in one of its ugliest forms in the tribal areas in north Waziristan, the apostate Pakistani army performed a severe, random bombing using heavy cannons and mortars as well as war planes and helicopters on the 19th of November 2013 in the area of Mir Ali, north Waziristan, that swarms with residents leading to the destruction of a market that had thousands of shops and houses and private possessions as well as the Masjid and the Madrasah, and the martyrdom and injury of thousands of innocent civilians

This random bombing that aims to destroy the area completely upon the unarmed residents, resulted in the martyrdom of two women and three children from the same family because of the rockets and grenades of the Pakistani army. In addition, 6 other civilians were martyred while performing the Fajr prayer in the Jami Masjid in the market. The grenade from the cannon of the Pakistani army fell on a Masjid resulting in the destruction of the Minbar of the Masjid, as well as a portion of it.

The following day, the news of the martyrdom of 42 civilians was confirmed as a result of the random bombing of the Pakistani army. However, the number of martyrs is far more than that, because several hundreds of victims still lie under the rubble, and the Pakistani army has imposed a strict curfew in the area to hide their ugly crimes against humanity, and no one is allowed to transfer the bodies of the martyrs under the rubble
This massacre victimized tens of children, women and the elderly and even animals that were not spared from the crimes of the cowardly Pakistani army that is incapable of anything except killing unarmed civilians with deceptive bombing.

The Pakistani forces were not satisfied with simply targeting the unarmed civilians and random bombings using heavy cannons, mortars and warplanes and helicopters. Instead, it did things uglier than that in ‘Dar al-Musafireen’. ‘Dar al-Musafireen’ is located at some distance from the market of Mir Ali, where the poor workers, most of whom come from the area of ‘Laki Maroot’ and work here at ‘Dar Ali’ with a daily wage to earn a living, reside. The Pakistani army attacked ‘Dar al-Musafireen’ at night and tied up 26 workers with ropes, and then shot them resulting in their martyrdom, all of them.

These hideous massacres of the Pakistani army show that this is a deliberate genocide of the residents of north Waziristan, which aims at killing them and driving them away from their lands, so that the Pakistani army can fulfill the dream of subjugating the tribal lands, a dream dreamt by their masters, the English, when the British forces raided the area during the time between 1860 and 1945.

And here we are documenting the new crimes of the Pakistani army with pictures so that it becomes clear for everyone that the Pakistani forces have reached such a level in the American Crusade against Islam and Muslims, whereby they have exceeded the Jews, Christians and Hindus in committing ugly crimes.

So, where are those who pretend to cry for humanity and human rights and animal rights, and why are they not protesting against the Pakistani Army?

And where are the media outlets and the TV channels, and why are they not covering these crimes of the Pakistani army and relaying the news minute by minute?

Where are those people who scream day and night upon the death of a vaccine employee, and why are they not raising their voices upon the death of hundreds of civilians in a clear genocide?

Where are those who have taken the enemy of Islam ‘Malala’ as a role model for themselves, and why are they not protesting the destruction of schools and targeting of education by the Pakistani army?

Where are those who raise the banners of Islam and peace against terrorism and corruption and against war crimes, and why are they quiet now?

Is their immoral silence because the one performing these crimes is the Pakistani army who is launching a war sponsored by America and Britain against Islam and Muslims, under the pretext of uprooting terrorism, and that is why, it is alright for them to do whatever crimes they want?

For us Allah sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs, and Allah is the Greatest.

{But honour belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers; but the Hypocrites know not.}

The Official Foundation for Production and Distribution
Umar Media
Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

Monday, Safr 20, 1435 A.H


Don’t forget us in your prayers

Source: (Echo of Jihad Center for Media)
The Global Islamic Media Front
Observing Mujahideen News and Inspiring the Believers



Source: https://alfidaa.info/vb/showthread.php?t=87041

‘Umar Studio presents a new video message from Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: “Heroes of the Ummah #1″



Source: https://alfidaa.info/vb/showthread.php?t=86364

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‘Umar Studio presents a new video message from Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān’s Mawlānā Faḍl Allah: “Then We Put You, [Oh Muḥammad], On An Ordained Way Concerning the Matter [Of Religion]“

NOTE: This is the first half of 45(Al-Jāthiyah):18. Here it is in full: “Then we put you, [Oh Muḥammad], on an ordained way concerning the matter [of religion]; so follow it and do not follow the inclinations of those who do not know.”



Source: https://alfidaa.info/vb/showthread.php?t=84962

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