New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “True Men #1”




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New issue of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s magazine: “Sharī’at Issue #56″

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New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Fresh Conquests in Kunduz Province”




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New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “The Latest Advancements in Helmand”




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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Brussels Conference”


It has been announced that on 04-05 October 2016, a conference will be held in the capital of Belgium, Brussels, where financial support will be pledged to the Kabul administration. It must be reminded that over the past decade and a half, several conferences concerning Afghanistan have taken place at the behest of occupying nations however these conferences have not benefited the Afghans in the least except for astronomically widening the gap between the rich and the poor. The money pledged in the name of our country at each conference has either gone to the pockets of foreign contractors or to their partners inside the country, failing completely at bringing any meaningful change into the lives of the ordinary citizens. It is also known to everyone that the Kabul administration has no constitutional legitimacy, where the parliament calls the government illegitimate and the government vice versa.

In reality the occupying countries – due to their colonial peculiarity – always seek to prolong their occupation and attain their colonial goals through such conferences. This is because they always give precedent to their interests over the wellbeing and welfare of the people.

If their goals truly are demands and advancement of the Afghan nation, they would have immediately decided on ending the occupation in the previous conferences or should do it in the current conference. Or they would have given conditional aid for state level economical, industrial, agricultural and other foundational development projects over the past decade and half so that Afghanistan could have become independent and stood on its own feet. However everyone knows that the invaders want an Afghanistan that is always dependent on them politically, economically and militarily. And another distressing part of these aid packages are that a large part of it is either embezzled by the corrupt officials or is used to destroy our beloved homeland and kill our ordinary countrymen.

In the opinion of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, if this conference is truly for the economic wellbeing of the Afghans, then it is the moral and ethical duty of the participants to decide on ending the occupation before all other matters. Withdraw your troops and killing machines from our beloved homeland. Stop oppressing, killing and bombing the miserable defenseless Afghans and forcing an illegitimate Kabul administration upon them.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

01/01/1438 Hijri Lunar

15/07/1395 Hijri Solar               02/10/2016 Gregorian



New statement from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān’s Muḥammad al-Khurāsānī: “The Video On Kashmir Is a Fake”


ٹی ٹی پی کے نشریاتی ادارے عمر میڈیا کی جانب سے کشمیر کے موضوع پر ابھی تک کوئی ویڈیو جاری نہیں کی گئی لہٰذا اس حوالے سے شائع ہونے والی کوئی بھی ویڈیو جعلی اور دو نمبر ہوگی۔
ٹی ٹی پی کا بنیادی مشن پاکستان میں اسلامی نظام کا قیام ،برطانوی اور امریکی وفادار فوج سے پاکستان کے مظلوم مسلمانوں کو نجات دلانا ہے
چونکہ ہمارا جہاد ہر باطل کے خلاف ہے اسی لئے ہم کشمیرسمیت پوری دنیا کے مظلوم مسلمانوں کی مدد کیلئے تیار ہیں ، لیکن ہمیں پاکستان اور بھارت کے فوج میں کوئی فرق نظر نہیں آتا
دونوں افواج اسلام مخالف جمہوریت کے محافظ ہیں اور مسلمانوں پر ظلم ڈھارہے ہیں مثلاً
انڈین فوج نے بابری مسجد کو شہید کیا تو پاک فوج نے لال مسجد اور جامعہ حفصہ کو شہید کیا
انڈین فوج مقبوضہ کشمیر میں مسلمانوں پر ظلم ڈھارہے ہیں اور ناپاک فوج نے قبائل سمیت پورے پاکستان میں مسلمانوں پر ظلم کے پہاڑتوڑے
وغیرہ وغیرہ

محمد خراسانی
مرکزی ترجمان تحریک طالبان پاکستان



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New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “The Conquest of Omna”




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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Twentieth Anniversary of the Conquest of Kabul”


6th of Mizana 1375 (Hijri Solar) is considered a unique and memorable day in the history of Afghanistan. On this day a dark page in the history of Afghanistan was turned, the abominable period of anarchy of factionalism was ended and the white flag of a peaceful Islamic government was raised in the capital Kabul.

We congratulate our believing oppressed nation on the 20th Anniversary of this blessed day in the history of our country and share with them our hopes of the reestablishment of a pure Islamic government.

The conquest of Kabul at the hands of the Islamic Emirate on 6th of Mizana is considered a monumental day in the history of Afghanistan because on this very day the capital was rescued from evil, corruption, anarchy, looting, wars of prejudice and many other injustices. Kabul – where the personal wealth of locals, underground electricity wires and even zoo animals were not safe from the factional criminals – inaugurated on Mizana 6th a day of security, peace and respect such which was not experienced in the past few years.

The conquest of Kabul by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate was not only a historical event in terms of sealing fate of the country but this incident was also unprecedented in its nature. The forces of Islamic Emirate entered Kabul city from multiple axis during the night but neither was the home or wealth of anyone looted, nor were civilians harmed, nor were any government offices, banks, shops or money exchange points ransacked and nor did any other such incident take place that normally occurs in such war conditions.

The reason behind this was because the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, unlike the warlords, did not enter Kabul for plunder and corruption rather they conquered Kabul to establish order, peace and an Islamic government.

Kabul under the American occupation and in the claws of their stooges is again experiencing a condition reminiscent of the time before the 6th of Mizana. Kabul is once again partitioned by powerful gunmen into neighborhoods and streets of influence. Government land and fertile grounds are again usurped by gangs. The same warlords are once again challenging each other from the Tapas (hilltops) of Kabul, are building trenches and fanning the fire of prejudice. Security has deteriorated to a level where the kidnapping, killing and armed robbery of the wealthy have become daily occurrences. The oppressed citizens of Kabul have had enough of the regime’s extortion, embezzlement, plunder and exploitation and are once again awaiting a savior force to rescue the hearth of Afghanistan from American stooges and elements of evil and corruption.

Just as the reign of terror and corruption is temporary hence it is not far that Kabul shall once again see the face of peace, security and an Islamic government and be emancipated from corruption, Allah willing. And nothing is hard for Allah Almighty.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

25/12/1437 Hijri Lunar

27/09/1395 Hijri Solar                    27/09/2016 Gregorian



New audio message from al-Qā’idah in the Indian Subcontinent’s Mawlānā ‘Āṣim ‘Umar: “In Favor of the Leader of the Faithful Hībat Allah Akhūnd Zādah”


Mawlānā ‘Āṣim ‘Umar: “In Favor of the Leader of the Faithful Hībat Allah Akhūnd Zādah”



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New release from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān’s Miqdād al-al-Khurāsānī: “Reasons For The Failure Of Talks With the Pākistānī Government: Real Story, Real Facts”


There have been many negative things printed and circulated on social media regarding peace talks. So I decided to reveal real facts.

Because the man was present during whole peace process, so it was necessary to bring out facts before Muslim Ummah regarding the events that took place during this whole period of peace talks.

 The dialogue was mainly an excuse for the government to take gullible masses of Pakistan into confidence by fooling them. Everyone knows that America has been demanding operation since many years but Pakistan government has replied that if we suddenly start operation on your demand without any talks then masses will think that this operation is started to obey the orders of America , and as a result we will face opposition, so let us first take the masses into confidence so that we could conduct military operation with full support from the people easily without any resistance from the masses.  My point is supported by the fact that the final decision of operation was taken on 24 January 2014 and on next day 25 January 2014 American coalition support fund, which was closed since long time, was restored and 35 million dollars were approved for Pakistan byUnited States of America.

Now if someone objects that this is coalition support fund , why  you thrust it in military operation . Then we ask these gentlemen that see the statement given by Pakistani ambassador Jalil Abbas Jeelani who is living in America. In which he clearly stated that this coalition support fund is given by America for Waziristan’s operation.  So when the donors and receivers both are describing themselves, then there is no room remaining for audience to comment.

Background of starting the negotiations was that, the media was giving impression that Taliban want to continue war unnecessarily, if they don’t want war then why don’t they resolve the dispute by peace talks. So Taliban clarified their position that they want Pakistan government and army to leave American slavery and want an Islamic system to be implemented in the country. If this dispute is resolved through negotiations and if government and army are serious in resolving this dispute by negotiations then we are ready for it.

At the time when peace talks were being started, suddenly America killed the leader of Mehsood circle Maulana Wali ur Rehman Mehsood in a drone strike. But Taliban remained firm on their position that we don’t have any enmity with Pakistan, If Pakistan army and government leave slavery of infidels and impose sharia law in the country then we are willing to forget every sorrow and live as a slave of Pakistan. Government told us that America does not want negotiations that’s why America is deliberately creating problems. But at the same time, government and army were busy in serving Americans, if government was really sincere then it would have warned America. You are sensible enough to understand real intentions of government.

Later on, Leader of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsood was martyred in a drone strike but Taliban did not change their stance.

Government formed a committee for the negotiations and gave them enough publicity in media so that people think that government t is very sincere in negotiation but this was not true, government was not sincere That’s why Maulana Abdul Aziz who was a member of committee left the committee by saying that government is not sincere, government is just fooling people by saying that committee has all the authority and powers but the reality is that no power or authority had been given to committee.

But for a long time, drama continued in media, committee was meeting after weeks of breaks,meetings of committee were useless, no serious step was taken to proceed the process of negotiation’s forward. Media was showing that breakthrough has been achieved but this was not the case. If committee was serious then certainly it would have contacted Taliban as soon as possible, but drama continued for several months and after that government formed a new committee after removing some members of old committee.

Now a new drama started.

When talks started, Taliban announced ceasefire for one month in which Taliban ordered every group under its command to stop war for one month and all groups under command agreed this declaration. As a result Taliban did not conduct any operation for one month period. In this period some attacks took place inside the country but Taliban denied that they or any group under their command was behind these attacks.  It is not only Taliban who are at war with Pakistan government and army, there are many other groups e.g in Balochistan, all over Pakistan. Tehreek Taliban Pakistan was only responsible for group under their command, we are not responsible for all groups who are at war with Pakistan government. Excuse of Tehreek Taliban should have been accepted as Taliban accepted excuse of government that America does not want any negotiations and is trying to spoil the process by killing leader of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan by conducting drone strikes. On the other hand government had killed some of Taliban prisoners during the ceasefire period, proof of which was provided to government and reply of government was that we are investigating such incidents and guaranteed that these incidents will not take place again.

Before the announcement of ceasefire,Taliban committee had completed their homework e.g which topics are to be discussed in the negotiations and also created lists of prisoners so that when talks begin this issue could be raised upfront. After announcement of ceasefire and completing all the homework, Taliban committee was waiting for government committee to contact with them and start the process of negotiations.

Now imagine seriousness of the government towards peace that even after 3 weeks had already passed of one month ceasefire announcement , government committee was still not contacting the Taliban, After so much advisory meetings , government committee could not complete their affairs.

Even media was shouting that Taliban have announced a ceasefire and have invited committee so why committee is not going?

So brother! Dialogue was a drama of the government,

A trick to fool people!

Well, the government committee wasted 3 weeks, then in last week they contacted Taliban committee and invited Taliban committee to their favorite place which Taliban agreed after advisory meeting. And travelled through most dangerous roads and flood waters to reach the desired destination of governments committee which was militarily very dangerous place, from where a military fortress was just five minutes away.

This place was very suspicious militarily because in the past, government invited haji Muslim khan and other committee members of Taliban and then arrested them who were later killed by poison in jail.

However Taliban remained firm on what they decided and reached the desired destination with sincerity and substantial military arrangements.

It was decided that government committee will reach the place one day after Taliban committee had reached. Next day weather was not clear, when Taliban committee members contacted the government committee and asked when they will come, then government committee replied that we are in Peshawar, as soon as weather becomes clear we will reach the meeting place on helicopter. Taliban committee said that if weather does not become clear up to a week then will we wait here for a full week? So leave the helicopter and travel by road, journey will be long but Insha’Allah you will reach here today. Spokesman of Maulana Sami ul Haq conveyed our message to government committee but they rejected and insisted upon traveling on helicopter.

Anyways, governments committee was not willing to come by road so they did not come that day and Taliban committee had to wait for a day, next day weather became clear, and they arrived next day by enjoying the ride of helicopter.

Negotiations started with greetings behind the close door, government committee started the negotiations by putting allegations against Taliban , they tried their best to intimidate Taliban by their speech  so that Taliban would be forced to accept their demands but when Taliban started their talk, they presented pile of evidence  from Quran and Sunnah, every question was answered with arguments from Quran and Sunnah, even Maulana Sami ul Haq could not raise objections against evidences presented by Taliban.

Taliban spokesman said that this is not the time to on these small issues , lets pay attention to the real matter, well the discussion continued for some time, then talks again began after lunch and prayer break. Taliban were expecting that now talks on real issues will start but it was quite contrary to their expectations. Infact government committee only presented one demand which was to extend ceasefire. Taliban committee said, don’t worry about ceasefire, we will extend it, lets us talk on other points, top of which is release of prisoners, if you release some of our prisoners and we release yours, this will build more confidence. This will be a positive development in peace process. If only ceasefire should have been extended,was the purpose of the meeting, then this meeting would be useless.

But the government committee said that they don’t have authority for releasing prisoners, we are just here to extend ceasefire. Please discuss this issue. Taliban committee replied that if you don’t have any authority then why you were circulating lies on media that committee has full authority, look at us, our leadership has given us full authority, whatever we decide will be accepted by the leadership.

Now government committee became silent, they were insisting on the same thing again, they started describing benefits of extension in ceasefire, they were saying that if Taliban extend ceasefire then world will get the message that peace talks are proceeding successfully, all the plots of  united states of America ( who doesn’t want any  peace between government and Taliban) will fail, and many other benefits that they were trying to describe in the meeting. But Taliban committee said that negotiations will not progress with ceasefire extension but through release of prisoners,so talk on this specific subject if you want negotiations to proceed. But because the government committee was a puppet, which had no power and authority, so they kept repeating same demand of ceasefire extension. They were saying that if you don’t accept our demand of extending ceasefire, how we will face media and government when we go back. Taliban committee said that we didn’t come here just to extend ceasefire, we came here with many other points which you don’t want to discuss, what we will say to our companions. We are not in hurry, you should contact government authorities on mobile phone or go to Tal Fort and come back with governments reply on this issue , till then we will wait for you here. But the government committee refused, they were just repeating same demand of extension in ceasefire so that they could go back to Peshawar before evening. They were not willing to stay at that place or contact government in any case.

Taliban committee said to them that if you don’t agree then go to Peshawar and talk to government regarding prisoners and inform us about government’s reply on phone. We will fix next meeting, where and when, will be decided mutually on phone. Only after that we will extend ceasefire. After that government committee left.

Taliban committee extended ceasefire for 10 days as a favor and kept waiting for the government committees to reply but the government committee did not respond within 10 days of extended ceasefire because they were not taking negotiations seriously which proved that it was just a political stunt by the government .

Ultimately after 10 days of extended ceasefire, Taliban did not extend ceasefire further, because when government was not serious,then why would Taliban extend ceasefire, the purpose of ceasefire was already not being fulfilled. For government, negotiations were just a joke, so now fighting with sword was the only option left, only sword will decide between Taliban and government.

Well, after all this drama of negotiations, military operation started,Taliban had already planned to retreat from urban areas so that battle could be fought on mountainous terrain, away from urban population,as this would benefit Taliban. As a result of this military strategy, Taliban are able to attack army day and night on regular basis with all sorts of weaponry e.g. mines etc.

That’s the reason why army was jumping with delight and feeling proud that we have cleared 90% Waziristan territory, this was the territory which Taliban did not defend and retreated from this territory even before the operation had started, as for remaining 10% territory, Taliban are defending it that is why army could not clear it even after 1 year of fighting. Taliban are still carrying out guerilla attacks against army day and night,that’s the reason why army is begging local people to make Aman lashkar (peace force militia), but local people have seen the fate of people who became part of peace forces and were killed by target killings on regular basis. So now local people also understood that America will use them like toilet paper and throw them as they did with previous peace forces as a result of which now people are refusing to make or join any peace force (Aman lashkar).

Since the start of military operation, Tehreek  e Taliban Pakistan has made changes to its military strategy. According to a colleague, a jumbo package is given only at once, while in normal circumstances, individuals are targeted by Taliban special groups inside the country. A short time has passed since the start of operation, government has done everything it could, but have not succeeded. Loss of territory doesn’t matter.  As a result of operation, Taliban have spread to all corners of the country, everyday someone is being targeted in the country, now those people, who were celebrating the success of operation zarb e azb, place false claims of ISPR aside and tell that if Taliban are successfully eliminated then who is killing personnel of government or security agencies on daily basis, who kills them? Do they die by themselves? ISPR has claimed to have killed more ten thousands of Taliban fighters but in reality total number of Taliban in Pakistan would be less than half of the numbers which ISPR has claimed to have killed in operation zarb e azb. And as far as losing territory is concerned,Taliban are fighting guerilla style war which is not limited to one place, so territory doesn’t even matter.

Bush used to shout same slogan 15 years ago that Taliban will be eliminated in two weeks, what happened next, is in front of every one!! Those people who are celebrating the military operation should keep in mind that Talibanhave nothing to lose, you should worry about yourself because US has refused to give more aid.

This is guerilla style war, result of which don’t come in few months or days , it continues for years, you people are celebrating like your master USA celebrated but what happened next is not what your master was expecting.

Time is not far away when Islamic system will be implemented, and either this government and army will leave slavery of infidels and accept the writ of Almighty Allah or they will be forced to do so.