Mullā Muḥmmad Dāūd Muzamil: “Exclusive Interview About the Current Military Situation in Farah Province”


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The 26th of Dalwa is considered a significant and memorable day in the history of Afghanistan and the region. On this very day of the year 1367 Hijri Solar, the withdrawal of the Soviet invaders was completed as the last soldier crossed the Amu River. We congratulate our Mujahid nation especially the Mujahideen fighting the current American invasion and struggling in the path of truth and independence on the anniversary of this historical day.

Before the invasion of Afghanistan, the Soviet Union was considered the most powerful country on the face of the planet, feared by the entire world including America and NATO. However this super power was quickly battered following the invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent Jihadic struggle of our nation, up until its final leader Gorbachev declared Afghanistan a bleeding wound for the Soviet Union that will not heal until all troops are withdrawn.

If we look at the current situation, the state of America in Afghanistan is exactly the same as that of the Soviet Union during the final days of her invasion. When we analyze the testimony of General Nicholson during the senate hearing, we arrive at the conclusion that the Americans also believe that the US military cannot achieve victory in Afghanistan and the only thing they can do is continue this exhausting and stalemate mission such that it will further erode American reputation on top of incurring human and material losses.

Scholars say, those who do not learn from predecessors will themselves end up becoming lessons for successors. The Americans need to take a lesson from the Soviet Union to heal the bleeding wound of the Afghan war and must think about withdrawal from this country with honor. But if they insist on war, then the experiences of the previous fifteen years adjudicates that the cost of this war will be further human and material losses and erosion of international legitimacy.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

17/05/1438 Hijri Lunar

26/11/1395 Hijri Solar                    13/02/2017 Gregorian


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The western news outlet ‘Radio Liberty’ published a propaganda piece claiming that Islamic Emirate’s governor for Helmand, Mullah Abdul Manan Akhund (who has repeatedly been reported killed by this same supposed news outlet) has distributed a statement and declared his opposition to the esteemed Amir ul Mumineen!!?

We categorically reject claims of a statement and declaration of opposition with Amir ul Mumineen unilaterally published by Radio Liberty as part of its intelligence mission.

All praise belong to Allah, there are no divisions among the ranks of Islamic Emirate and neither are there any points of contention. We are not like the moribund Kabul administration which does not possess the power to either change its provincial governor or control its deputy.

Whenever the enemy faces losses and becomes disoriented on the battlefield, it falls back on propaganda to mislead common thinking. However all praise belong to Allah, such failed efforts have not helped them over the past fifteen years and neither will it achieve anything in the future.

The Muslim Afghan nation intimately knows and has uninterrupted relations the leaders and officials of the Islamic Emirate. They understand that such claims are fabrication and do not fit the traits of officials of the Islamic Emirate.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi

14/05/1438 Hijri Lunar

23/11/1395 Hijri Solar                    11/02/2017 Gregorian


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Yesterday an attack by unidentified armed men targeted the convoy of International Committee of the Red Cross in Turkmen Qaduq area of Qush Tepa district, Jowzjan province, resulting in the death of six workers of this committee.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Health Commission is grieved by the death of ICRC workers and asks this committee to continue its work.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has been working in Afghanistan for the last three decades and their activities and services have proven invaluable for the poor and needy Afghans. The Health Commission of the Islamic Emirate calls on the officials of ICRC to refrain from suspending their services as the Afghan nation is need of humanitarian aid and health services more than ever before. We hope that you will continue with your work as before. The Islamic Emirate will take all necessary steps for your security in areas under our control.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Health Commission

13/05/1438 Hijri Lunar

21/11/1395 Hijri Solar                    09/02/2017 Gregorian


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