UNAMA civilian casualty report is partial and in contrast with reality

The UNAMA office in Kabul has again published its mid-year report about civilian casualties and like before, it is collected and composed even more unjustly.

The content of this report says that 43% of civilian casualties over the past six months are caused by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, 5% by Daesh, 18% by American and Kabul regime troops and 19% are unattributed.

We once again strongly reject this report. The Islamic Emirate is a lot more sensitive to and vigilant about prevention of civilian casualties than any other side. The American invaders and their trained Kabul administration security and Arbaki (militia) forces on the other hand do not care much about the loss of life and property of anyone.

The nation is aware that the American invaders and their local hirelings like the ANA, police, Arbakis and others cause losses to defenseless civilians in their blind attacks on a daily basis. They bomb villages and homes, rain mortars and heavy artillery shells, carry out night raids, drone attacks and various other operations while the Arbakis – on top of killing civilians – continuously harass locals and harm their proud status with insults and humiliation.

And the reality about thousands of our youth and elders held captive in barbaric cages by the invaders for years without a trial or justification is also not lost on anyone. But in spite of all this, UNAMA has ruled that these criminals are only responsible for 18% of the crimes, which is an absolute partial and unjust verdict.

It can be seen that UNAMA has again given preference to politics in this humanitarian issue and has tried to acquit the invaders and their hirelings.
The Islamic Emirate loves its nation, struggles for supremacy of Islam and the emancipation and freedom of its people. Its members have thrown their personal lives in danger, embraced martyrdom, accepted displacement, imprisonment, force and every other harm so that their nation is freed, then how is it plausible they be so reckless with the lives of people which Islam has forbidden?

Not a single report of UNAMA has been collected from areas under the control of Islamic Emirate even though real death and destruction by the invaders is carried out there and is the place of battles.

To end we want UNAMA and all humanitarian organizations to treat the issue of civilian casualties in a true impartial manner and make their data precise, comprehensive and independent.

The subject of civilian casualties should not be used as propaganda material and neither should an international organization such as UNAMA which claims neutrality treat such issues in a biased manner because such an approach will only exacerbate this problem and encourage the real perpetrators to continue their crimes.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Zabihullah Mujahid
1438/10/23هـ ق
1396/4/26هـ ش


Source: https://alemarah-english.com/?p=17100


On Friday a clash took place between the occupying Israeli soldiers and Palestinian Muslims inside Masjid Al Aqsa in the city of Quds in which 3 Palestinians were martyred and 2 Israelis killed.

The Israeli soldiers closed gates of Masjid Al Aqsa following the incident, barring Muslims from performing their Friday prayers inside the mosque and keeping it closed till now.

The Islamic Emirate, as representative of the Afghan Muslim nation, condemns the actions of the occupying Israeli soldiers with the strongest of terms and asks the Muslim nations around the world to condemn this Israeli action and think about ways of its prevention.

The Islamic Conference and other International Islamic organizations also have responsibility of raising their voices and standing alongside their Palestinian brothers in preventing the oppression of the oppressors.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

21/10/1438 Hijri Lunar

24/04/1396 Hijri Solar                    15/07/2017 Gregorian


Source: https://alemarah-english.com/?p=17015