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28th of Zmarai is marked as a day of joy and a date of triumph and honor for the valiant Afghan nation. On this day, the Afghans under the leadership of scholars and Mujahid mystics paired with immeasurable and selfless sacrifices beat back three invasions of the era’s English Idol and handed a shameful defeat to the British Imperialists. And in the end the valiant Afghans forced the British Empire to accept and internationally recognize their sovereignty on the 28th of Zmarai of the year 1297 Hijri Solar.

We congratulate our Mujahid nation on the arrival of this momentous day and show our appreciation for the heroics and sacrifices of our valiant predecessors.

But unfortunately, the 98th Anniversary of Independence from English Imperialists has arrived upon us at a time as our beloved homeland is in the claws of occupation and invasion of American transgressors including Britain. Thousands of their soldiers are leading a war against the Afghan nation and have usurped our national sovereignty and political freedom for the past 16 years.

We wish to remind America and colonizers of this age that you should have taken heed from the three invasions of your forefathers who used their entire arsenal of power, strategies and tactics and tried their utmost to pacify this valiant nation and impose their Empire upon their homeland but the result was only regret and shame as they were disgracefully forced out of Afghanistan and officially recognized it as a sovereign state.

That you utilized a hundred and fifty thousand soldiers of your own and four hundred thousand hireling troops alongside your war machine while squandering 2 trillion dollars in a failed attempt to secure Kabul let alone Afghanistan and rule it to your desire, then understand that you have truly lost any chance of success. The best recommendation and path forward for you is to forgo Afghanistan and let the Afghans live in peace and prosperity similar to the other nations of the world.

To end – as we celebrate the glories of 28th Zmarai and consider it a historic day of deliverance – we wish infamy, disgrace and unmasking upon the perpetrators of occupation and their puppets and we firmly believe in Divine assistance of the moments being very close where our beloved homeland shall once again hear the glad tidings of freedom and emancipation from the American Idol and shall annually celebrate that day similar to the 28th of Zmarai, Allah willing.

Islamic emarat of afghanistan

۱۴۳۸/۱۱/۲۶ هـ ق
۱۳۹۶/۵/۲۷هـ ش ــ 2017–8–18م


Source: Telegram