Articles of the Week – 12/21-12/27

Saturday December 21:

In the Shadows: A Content Analysis of the Media’s Portrayal of Gender in Far-Right, Far-Left, and Jihadist Terrorists – Skyler J. Morgan and Steven M. Chermak, Deviant Behavior:

Sunday December 22:

Definitions matter: a comparison of the global terrorism database and the U.S. governmental reports of terrorist incidents in Western Europe, 2002-2016 – Wojciech Kaczkowski, Ayse Lokmanoglu, and Carol Winkler, Cambridge Review of International Affairs:

Monday December 23:

Lowest of the low: why some countries suffer terrorist attacks against schools – Susan Fahey and Victor Asal, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict:

Terrorism and Ideology: Cracking the Nut – Donald Holbrook and John Horgan, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Southeast Asian Fighters from Islamic State Document Leaks: A Historical Snapshot – Shashi Jayakumar and Cameron Sumpter, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Embodied militarism and the process of disengagement from foreign fighter networks David Duriesmith and Noor Huda Ismail, Critical Military Studies:

Thursday December 26:

When women fight: unemployment, territorial control and the prevalence of female combatants in insurgent organizations – Victor Asal and Amira Jadoon, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict:

Friday December 27:

Program Insight: The screening process of disengaged Boko Haram associates in Niger – Florian Morier, Journal for Deradicalization:

Reviewing the Role of the Internet in Radicalization Processes – Özen Odag, Anne Leiser, and Klaus Boehnke, Journal for Deradicalization: