Articles of the Week – 12/14-12/20

Monday December 16:

When Conflicts Do Not Overspill: The Case of Jordan – Petter Nesser and Henrik Gråtrud, Perspectives on Politics:

Thursday December 17:

Creating Coexistence- Intergroup Contact and Soccer in Post-ISIS Iraq – Salma Mousa:

Wednesday December 18:

Sheep to Slaughter: The Afghan Tragedy in Five Acts – David B. Edwards, Journal of Religion and Violence:

Signs of the Merciful: ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam (d. 1989) and the Sacralization of History in Jihadist Literature, 1982–2002 – Mathias Müller, Journal of Religion and Violence:

The 2016 Copenhagen ‘Matchstick’ Terror Plot and the Evolving Transnational Character of Terrorism in the West – Tore Hamming, CTC Sentinel:

Eliminating Extremism: A Legal Analysis of Hate Crime and Terrorism Laws in the United States – Wesley S. McCann and Nicholas Pimley, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The Attitudes-Behaviors Corrective (ABC) Model of Violent Extremism – James Khalil, John Horgan, and Martine Zeuthen, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Thursday December 19: 

Guidelines to facilitate the use and admissibility as evidence in national criminal courts of information collected, handled, preserved and shared by the military to prosecute terrorist offences (“Military Evidence”) – United Nations:

The logic of transnational outbidding: Pledging allegiance and the escalation of violence – Megan Farrell, Journal of Peace Research:

Exploring the Social-Ecological Factors that Mobilize Children into Violence – Emma Cardeli, Mia Bloom, Sarah Gillespie, Tanya Zayed, and B. Heidi Ellis, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The Risk of Jihadist Contagion in West Africa – International Crisis Group: