London Bridge Stabbing Attack

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November 29, 2019:

London Bridge attack: Knife attacker wearing fake suicide vest dies after being shot by police – The Independent

Statement from AC Neil Basu following incident in London Bridge – Metropolitan Police

London Bridge attack: What we know so far – BBC News

London Bridge: attacker had been jailed for al-Qaida inspired bomb plot – The Guardian

November 30, 2019:

London Bridge attack_ police identify convicted terrorist who murdered two victims 

Terrorist wearing a tag kills two in London Bridge attack – The Times

London Bridge terror: Screams of ‘machete’ as attacker unleashed murder and mayhem – The Times

Usman Khan profile: terrorist who wanted to bomb London Stock Exchange – The Guardian

Suspect Shot Dead After London Terror Attack Had Ties To Pakistan

London Bridge killer penned letter in jail asking for deradicalisation course to be a ‘good British citizen’ – ITV News

The al Qaeda-inspired 28-year-old militant who launched London Bridge attack – Reuters

December 1, 2019:

Usman Khan’s longtime lawyer ‘completely shocked’ by London Bridge attack – CNN

Materials for London Bridge attack may have been obtained day before – The Guardian

December 4, 2019:

London Bridge: Usman Khan completed untested rehabilitation scheme – BBC News

London Bridge terrorist Khan was ‘high risk’ after jail threats

December 5, 2019:

Portrait of London Bridge Killer, in His Own Words – The New York Times

December 6, 2019:

‘We’re going to carry on until the last breath’ – How London Bridge murderer Usman Khan’s radicalisation began in Stoke-on-Trent – Stoke-on-Trent Live

December 7, 2019:

London Bridge attacker Usman Khan was allowed to live near plotters – The Times