Articles of the Week – 11/23-11/29

Saturday November 23:

Not My Brother’s Keeper: Factional Infighting in Armed Islamist Movements – Mohammed M. Hafez, Journal of Religion and Violence:

“Cleansing the Earth of the Stench of Shirk”: The Islamic State’s Violence as Acts of Purification – Pieter Nanninga, Journal of Religion and Violence:

Sunday November 24:

The Mysterious Assassination That Unleashed Jihadism – Thomas Hegghammer, History News Network:

Monday November 25:

Caliph Abu Unknown: Succession and Legitimacy in the Islamic State – Haroro J. Ingram and Craig Whiteside, War on the Rocks:

Course Correction: The Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia’s Export of Islam, and Opportunities for Washington – Sarah Feuer, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

The Handicapped Suicide Bombers of The Islamic State – Hugo Kaaman:

Vaccinating Against Hate: Using Attitudinal Inoculation to Confer Resistance to Persuasion by Extremist Propaganda – Kurt Braddock, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Tuesday November 26:

Next in Line to Lead al-Qa`ida: A Profile of Abu Muhammad al-Masri – Ali Soufan, CTC Sentinel:

An Examination of Jihadi Recidivism Rates in the United States – Christopher Wright, CTC Sentinel:

Drugs and Terrorism: The Overlaps in Europe – Rajan Basra, ICSR:

Wednesday November 27:

We Need a ‘Visual Turn’ in Violent Online Extremism Research – Maura Conway, Vox-Pol:

Digital Jihad: Online Communication and Violent Extremism – ed. Francesco Marone, ISPI: