Articles of the Week – 11/2-11/8

Saturday November 2:

Grievances and Fears in Islamist Movements: Revisiting the Link between Exclusion, Insecurity, and Political Violence – Ioana Emy Matesan, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Monday November 4:

Sacred struggles: How Islam shapes politics in Mali – Andrew Lebovich, European Council on Foreign Relations:

Tuesday November 5:

Transnational Shi’ism in Southern China and the Party-state’s “Hawza” Diplomacy – Mohammed Turki Al-Sudairi, Middle East Institute:

Insights from a deradicalization program in Indonesian prisons: The potential benefits of psychological intervention prior to ideological discussion – Hamdi Muluk, Ahmad Naufalul Umam, and Mirra Noor Milla, Asian Journal of Social Psychology:

Wednesday November 6:

Extremism and toxic masculinity: the man question re-posed – Elizabeth Pearson, International Affairs:

Frontier justice: international law and ‘lawless’ spaces in the “War on Terror” – Alexandria J Nylen, European Journal of International Relations:

The Tumult over Transparency: Decoupling Transparency from Replication in Establishing Trustworthy Qualitative Research – Michael G. Pratt, Sarah Kaplan, and Richard Whittington, Administrative Science Quarterly:

The ‘Islam of the Government’: The Islamic High Councils in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia – Francesco Tamburini, Journal of Asian and African Studies:

Thursday November 7:

The Middle East is Violence: On the Limits of Comparative Approaches to the Study of Armed Conflict – Jacob Mundy, Civil Wars: