Articles of the Week – 10/19-10/25

Monday October 21:

Strength from the Shadows? How Shadow Economies Affect Terrorist Activities – Amira Jadoon and Daniel Milton, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

War, Bureaucracy, and Controlling Religion in Saddam’s Iraq – Samuel Helfont, POMEPS:

Reimagining the Hawza and the State: According to Shi‘a clerics, what is the ideal relationship between religion and the state? – Marsin Alshamary, POMEPS:

Understanding Displacement Decisions During Rebel Governance: Evidence from Mosul, Iraq – Mara Redlich Revkin, POMEPS:

Tuesday October 22:

Unexpected Allies: The Impact of Terrorism on Organised Crime in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia – Guillermo Kreiman and Mar C. Espadafor, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Deradicalization through Double-Loop Learning? How the Egyptian Gamaa Islamiya Renounced Violence – Carolin Goerzig, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Wednesday October 23:

The Islamic State in Syria After the U.S. Withdrawal – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Friday October 25:

Equestrianism in Jihadi Cultures – Christopher Anzalone, Ibn Siqilli: