Articles of the Week – 10/5-10/11

Sunday October 6:

Revolutionary Warfare? Assessing the Character of Competing Factions within the Boko Haram Insurgency – Edward Stoddard, African Security:

Monday October 7:

Teaching about terrorism, extremism and radicalisation: some implications for controversial issues pedagogy – Lee Jerome and Alex Elwick, Oxford Review of Education:

Decoding Islamic State’s allegiance videos – Mina al-Lami, BBC Monitoring:

Wednesday October 9:

Militarized Law Enforcement Forces, State Capacity and Terrorism – Mustafa Kirisci, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Thursday October 10:

Newly Released ISIS Files: Learning from the Islamic State’s Long-Version Personnel Form – Daniel Milton, Julia Lodoen, Ryan O’Farrell, and Seth Loertscher, CTC Sentinel:

Operation Marksburg: Frontline Field Investigation and the Prosecution of Terrorism – Damien Spleeters, CTC Sentinel:

Hezbollah’s “Virtual Entrepreneurs:” How Hezbollah is Using the Internet to Incite Violence in Israel – Michael Shkolnik and Alexander Corbeil, CTC Sentinel:

What Is Iran Up To in Deir al-Zour? – Oula A. Alrifai, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Providing Context: Commentary on the Debate Over the Critique of Salafi-Jihadism from a Mainstream Sunni Perspective – Nadia Oweidat, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Protestors, terrorists or something else? How to think about dissident groups – Joseph K Young and Steve Shellman, Conflict Management and Peace Science:

Friday October 11: 

Misogyny and Violent Extremism: Implications for Preventing Violent Extremism – Melissa Johnston and Jacqui True, Monash Gender, Peace & Security Centre:

What Do Closed Source Data Tell Us About Lone Actor Terrorist Behavior? A Research Note – Paul Gill, Emily Corner, Amy McKee, Paul Hitchen, and Paul Betley, Terrorism and Political Violence: