Articles of the Week – 8/24-8/30

Monday August 26:

Calling on Women: Female-Specific Motivation Narratives in Danish Online Jihad Propaganda – Sara Jul Jacobsen, Perspectives on Terrorism:

When Foreign Fighters Come Home: The Story of Six Danish Returnees – Maja Touzari Greenwood, Perspectives on Terrorism:

‘Abdullāh bin Bayyah and the Arab Revolutions: Counter‐revolutionary Neo‐traditionalism’s Ideological Struggle against Islamism – Usaama al‐Azami, The Muslim World:

Tuesday August 27:

Indonesia: Urgent Need for a Policy on Repatriation of Pro-ISIS Nationals From Syria – IPAC:

Honor and Terrorism: Cultural Origins of the Severity of Terrorist Attacks – Joshua Tschantret, Social Science Quarterly:

The Differential Influence of Individual and Social Religious Practices and Fundamentalism on Support for Honor Killings in a Cross-National Sample of Muslims – Johannes Beller, Christoph Kröger, and Daniela Hosser, Journal of Interpersonal Violence:

Wednesday August 28:

Climate Change and Conflict in the Middle East – Michael Mason, International Journal of Middle East Studies:

Thursday August 29:

The Other Travelers: American Jihadists Beyond Syria and Iraq – Seamus Hughes, Emily Blackburn, and Andrew Mines, Program on Extremism:

Voting for Victors: Why Violent Actors Win Postwar Elections – Sarah Zukerman Daly, World Politics: