Articles of the Week – 6/1-6/7

Monday June 3:

Reconceptualizing resistance organizations and outcomes: Introducing the Revolutionary and Militant Organizations dataset (REVMOD) – Benjamin Acosta, Journal of Peace Research:

Forging a Brazilian Islam: Muslim Converts Negotiating Identity in São Paulo – Hasan Shahid, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs:

ISIS Cohort Transnational Travels and EU Security Gaps: Reconstructing the 2015 Paris Attack Preplanning and Outsource Strategy – Corri Zoli and Aliya Hallie Williams, Terrorism and Political Violence:

How Do Terrorists Choose Their Targets for an Attack? The View from inside an Independent Cell – Manuel Ricardo Torres-Soriano, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday June 5:

From Battlefront to Cyberspace: Demystifying the Islamic State’s Propaganda Machine – Asaad Almohammad and Charlie Winter, Combating Terrorism Center:

HTS’ Popular Resistance Companies – Caleb Weiss, The Line of Steel:

The role of schools and education in countering violent extremism (CVE): applying lessons from Western countries to Australian CVE policy – Shandon Harris-Hogan, Kate Barrelle, and Debra Smith, Oxford Review of Education:

Bilal Philips as a Proponent of Neo-Traditional Salafism and His Significance for Understanding Salafism in the West Adis Duderija and Ghulam Rasool, Religions:

Friends in high places: state support for violent and non-violent ethnopolitical organizations – Victor Asal, R. William Ayres, and Yuichi Kubota, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict:

Thursday June 6:

Encrypted Extremism Inside the English-Speaking Islamic State Ecosystem on Telegram – Bennett Clifford and Helen Powell, Program on Extremism:

Friday June 7:

An investigation of EMSICA including perception of threat and intergroup contact to understand support for Islamist terrorism in Indonesia – Whinda Yustisia, Muhammad Abdan Shadiqi, Mirra Noor Milla, & Hamdi Muluk, Asian Journal of Social Psychology:

From outsiders to kingmakers: a comparative study of political Salafism in Egypt and political Haredism in Israel – Esen Kirdiş, Religion, State and Society: