Articles of the Week – 5/18-5/24

Saturday May 18:

The Lethality of Female Suicide Bombers – Nyssa Fullmer, Stephanie Lipson Mizrahi, and Elizabeth Tomsich, Women & Criminal Justice:

Monday May 20:

“Now Is the Time to Wake Up”: Islamic State’s Narratives of Political Awareness – Nadia Al-Dayel, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The Diffusion and Permeability of Political Violence in North and West Africa – David B. Skillicorn, Olivier Walther, Christian Leuprecht, and Quan Zheng, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The political process of Boko Haram insurgency onset: a political relevance model – Wisdom Oghosa Iyekekpolo, Critical Studies on Terrorism:

A Global Analysis of Temperature, Terrorist Attacks, and Fatalities – Curtis M. Craig, Randy W. Overbeek, and Elizabeth M. Niedbala, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Legitimating Extremism: A Taxonomy of Justifications for Political Violence – Robert J. VandenBerg, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The Online Caliphate: Internet Usage and ISIS Support in the Arab World – James A. Piazza and Ahmet Guler, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The non-translation strategy in translating ISIS radical discourse – Samia Bazzi, Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict:

Tuesday May 21:

Returning from the Land of Jihad: The Fate of Women Associated with Boko Haram – International Crisis Group:

The Shia Militia Mapping Project – Phillip Smyth, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Opposition to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: The Testimony of a Former Amni – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:

Wednesday May 22:

Understanding the Fatemiyoun Division: Life Through the Eyes of a Militia Member – Lars Hauch, Middle East Institute:

The Case of Islamic State as a Renovative Totalist Movement – Mihai Murariu and George Anglitoiu, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The metamorphosis of social movements into political parties. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Tunisian al-Nahda as cases for a reflection on party institutionalisation theory – Barbara H. E. Zollner, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:

The evolution of online ideological communities – Brittany I. Davidson , Simon L. Jones, Adam N. Joinson, and Joanne Hinds, PLoS One:

Thursday May 23:

Heeding the Call_ Sahelian Militants Answer Islamic State Leader al-Baghdadi’s Call to Arms with a Series of Attacks in Niger – Héni Nsaibia, ACLED:

Friday May 24:

Mapping armed groups in Mali and the Sahel – Andrew Lebovich, European Council on Foreign Relations: