New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Aghanistan’s Muḥammad Suhayl Shaḥīn: “German Special Representative for Afghanistan Met With the Political Deputy of Islamic Emirate”


Deputy of Islamic Emirate in Political Affairs and Chief of Political Office, the respected Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, and his team met with the German Special Representative for Afghanistan, Markus Potzel, and his team.
The meeting took place in Doha on the 13/09/1440 Hijri Lunar corresponding with 18/05/2019 Gregorian.
Both sides discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, various aspects of a peaceful resolution to the Afghan issue and efforts of Germany in this regard.
Moreover the German Special Representative assured of his country’s positive role regarding peace and stressed the need of maintaining regular contact with the Political Office of Islamic Emirate in this regard.
Spokesperson for the Political Office of Islamic Emirate
Muhammad Sohail Shaheen
14/09/1440 Hijri Lunar
29/02/1398 Hijri Solar 19/05/2019 Gregorian


Source: Telegram