Articles of the Week – 5/11-5/17

Monday May 13:

ISIS’s Opportunity in Northern Syria’s Detention Facilities and Camps – John Dunford and Jennifer Cafarella, Institute for the Study of War:

Researching Jihadist Propaganda: Access, Interpretation, and Trauma – Charlie Winter, Resolve Network:

The heterogeneous repercussions of killing Osama bin Laden on global terrorism patterns – Daren Fisher and Michael H. Becker, European Journal of Criminology:

Wednesday May 15:

‘The Greatness of Her Position’: Comparing Identitarian and Jihadi Discourses on Women – Ashley A. Mattheis and Charlie Winter, ICSR:

Understanding the Radical Mind: Identifying Signals to Detect Extremist Content on Twitter – Mariam Nouh, Jason R. C. Nurse, and Michael Goldsmith, Social and Information Networks:

Thursday May 16:

You Can’t Defeat Tomorrow’s Terrorists by Fighting Yesterday’s Enemy – Daniel Byman, Foreign Policy:

Facing the Challenge of the Islamic State in West Africa Province – ICG:

Friday May 17:

Caliphate Soldiers and Lone Actors: What to Make of IS Claims for Attacks in the West 2016-2018 – ICCT: