Articles of the Week – 4/27-5/3

Saturday April 27:

What ISIS Did to My Village – Hassan Hassan, The Atlantic:

Monday April 29:

The Ongoing Problem of Pro-ISIS Cells in Indonesia – Sidney Jones, IPAC:

The Terrorism Recidivism Study (TRS): Examining Recidivism Rates for Post 9/11 Offenders – Omi Hodwitz, Perspectives on Terrorism:

The Hand that Feeds the Salafist: an Exploration of the Financial Independence of 131 Dutch Jihadi Travellers – Melvin Soudijn, Perspectives on Terrorism:

ISIS Use of Smaller Platforms and the DWeb to Share Terrorist Content – Tech Against Terrorism:

Providing healthcare under ISIS: A qualitative analysis of healthcare worker experiences in Mosul, Iraq between June 2014 and June 2017 – Georgia J. Michlig, Riyadh Lafta, Maha Al-Nuaimi, and Gilbert Burnham, Global Public Health:

Jihadists’ Code of Conduct in the Era of ISIS – Tore Refslund Hamming, Middle East Institute:

Militarized masculinities beyond methodological nationalism: charting the multiple masculinities of an Indonesian jihadi – David Duriesmith and Noor Huda Ismail, International Theory: 

Strong Organization, Weak Ideology: Muslim Brotherhood Trajectories in Egyptian Prisons Since 2013 – Abdelrahman Ayyash, Arab Reform Initiative:

Tuesday April 30:

Migration and Terrorism: The United States Can Learn from Europe’s Mistakes – Sam Mullins, War on the Rocks:

Wednesday May 1:

Communications Technology and Terrorism – Rafat Mahmood and Michael Jetter, Journal of Conflict Resolution:

Thursday May 2:

Simply Small Men? Examining Differences Between Females and Males Radicalized in the United States – Rachel Yon & Daniel Milton, Women & Criminal Justice:

Friday May 3:

The Shifting Foundations of Political Islam in Algeria – Dalia Ghanem, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: