New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding the Historic Days of 7th and 8th Saur”


Nearly forty-one years earlier (1357 Hijri Solar) on the 7th of Saur, some supposed Afghans sought to impose the ideology of communism on the believing Afghans and hand over Afghanistan to the Soviet Union in a failed attempt. This day signifies the start of misery and suffering in our homeland and its arrival is synonymous with disasters, displacement, imprisonment, torture, trauma and martyrdoms for the Afghan nation.

Even though the followers of communism attacked our country with the complete material backing of the Soviets, yet they still countered such a passionate and resolute response of the of the proud Afghan nation that it not only surprised the Soviets but was also unimagined by their domestic puppets.

For a complete fourteen years the Afghan nation fought the armored tanks, helicopters, aircrafts and thousands of communist forces with bare hands and by the end – with the Help of Allah (SwT) – not only were the objectives of the Soviets and communists thwarted but the ideology of communism was relegated to the annals of history and the Soviet Union smashed to pieces.

Our Mujahid nation armed with firm belief safeguarded their homeland from the grip of communism through immeasurable sacrifices and an array of hardships over the course of fourteen-year conflict and regained their independence and sovereignty on the 8th of Saur 1371 Hijri Solar.

With this the Afghan nation defeated yet another colonialist and gained historical fame for vanquishing an Empire of the 20th century.

Even as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – as the heir of aspirations of Jihad against communism – considers the notorious day of 7th of Saur a the leading cause of our forty-year tragedy, at the same time it considers the 8th of Saur a symbol of independence for our homeland, triumph of our fourteen year struggle and defeat of the communist ideology. And it is wholeheartedly committed to protecting the goals of our previous and current Jihad and the aspirations of all our martyrs; goals and aspirations that were jeopardized and endangered after the 8th of Saur by some Jihadi leaders in pursuit of power, veering away from the path of Islam and the subsequent American invasion.

With the approach of 7th and 8th of Saur, we remind the current American invaders and their puppets that they take heed from these successive days and understand that foreign ideologies, imperialistic ambitions and foreign stooges have no chance of operating or surviving in this land.

We firmly believe that with the Divine Help of Allah (SwT) and blessings of the great sacrifices of the Afghan nation, the aspirations of hundreds of thousands of martyrs, cripples, widows, orphans and refugees of the oppressed Afghan nation will be fulfilled and the current occupiers and their puppets shall face a fate similar to the British, Soviets and their domestic mercenaries, Allah willing.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

22/08/1440 Hijri Lunar

07/02/1398 Hijri Solar 27/04/2019 Gregorian


Source: Telegram