Articles of the Week – 4/13-4/19

Monday April 15:

The Treachery of Images: Visualizing “Statehood” as a Tactic for the Legitimization of Non-State Actors – Aaron Anfinson, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Tuesday April 16:

Religious Extremism, Religiosity and Sympathy toward the Taliban among Students across Madrassas and Worldly Education Schools in Pakistan – Saba Hanif, Majid Hassan Ali, and Faiza Shaheen, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Is there an Islamist advantage at war? – Marc Lynch, APSA MENA Politics Newsletter:

The marginalization of Iraqi Islamists in political science – David Siddhartha Patel, APSA MENA Politics Newsletter:

Prison and Violent Political Extremism in the United States – Gary LaFree, Bo Jiang, and Lauren C. Porter, Journal of Quantitative Criminology:

Wednesday April 17:

Militant Islam in Southeast Asia: New Insights into Jihad in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines – Kirsten E Schulze and Julie Chernov Hwang, Contemporary Southeast Asia:

Dakwah before Jihad: Understanding the Behaviour of Jemaah Islamiyah – Julie Chernov Hwang, Contemporary Southeast Asia:

From Ambon to Poso: Comparative and Evolutionary Aspects of Local Jihad in Indonesia – Kirsten E Schulze, Contemporary Southeast Asia:

Apocalyptic Thought, Conspiracism and Jihad in Indonesia – Greg Fealy, Contemporary Southeast Asia:

The Sound of Silence: Nuancing Religiopolitical Legitimacy and Conceptualizing the Appeal of ISIS in Malaysia – Joseph Chinyong Liow and Aida Arosoaie, Contemporary Southeast Asia:

Cells, Factions and Suicide Operatives: The Fragmentation of Militant Islamism in the Philippines Post-Marawi – Quinton Temby, Contemporary Southeast Asia:

Friday April 19:

Insurrections djihadistes en Afrique de l’Ouest : idéologie mondiale, contexte local, motivations individuelles – Yahaya Ibrahim Ibrahim, Hérodote:

The Islamic State, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Militancy Over the Past Decade – Aaron Y. Zelin, Jihadology: