Articles of the Week – 3/30-4/5

Monday April 1: 

Livestreaming terror is abhorrent – but is more rushed legislation the answer? – Robert Merkel, The Conversation:

Economic Causes of Female Suicide Terrorism: Perceived Versus Actual – Seung-Whan Choi, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Tuesday April 2:

Counter-terrorism and the Internet – Brian Fishman, Texas National Security Review:

Wednesday April 3:

Strategic Communications of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – Zhaohui Yu and Yaohong Liu, Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies:

Paris and Nice terrorist attacks: Exploring Twitter and web archives – Valérie Schafer, Gérôme Truc, Romain Badouard, Lucien Castex, and Francesca Musiani, Media, War & Conflict:

Making al-Qa’ida legible: Counter-terrorism and the reproduction of terrorism – Sarah G. Phillips, European Journal of International Relations:

Thursday April 4:

The front page as a time freezer: An analysis of the international newspaper coverage after the Charlie Hebdo attacks – Katharina Niemeyer, Media, War & Conflict:

Moderate Islam in the Maghreb: How US foreign policy shapes Islamist contention – Vish Sakthivel, Brookings Institution: