Articles of the Week – 3/23-3/29

Saturday March 23:

Islamic State in Burkina Faso – Heni Nsaibia, MENASTREAM:

Sunday March 24:

Territorial logic of the Islamic State: an interdisciplinary approach – Burak Kadercan, Territory, Politics, Governance:

Monday March 25:

Determinants of Arab public opinion on the Caliphate: Islamist elites, religiosity and socioeconomic conditions – Amir Abdul Reda, Middle Eastern Studies:

What Motivates Muslims to Engage in Counterextremism? The Role of Identity, Efficacy, Emotions, and Morality Sadi Shanaah, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The Tunisian Jihad: Between al‐Qaeda and ISIS – Djallil Lounnas, Middle East Policy:

Kurdish Hizbullah in Turkey: Islamism, Violence and the State – Michael M. Gunter, Middle East Policy:

Tuesday March 26:

Securitization, Islamic chaplaincy, and the issue of (de)radicalization of Muslim detainees in Dutch prisons – Sipco Vellenga, Kees De Groot, Social Compass:

Wednesday March 27:

Terrorist Use of Cryptocurrencies: Technical and Organizational Barriers and Future Threats – RAND Corporation:

The Battle for Algeria: Explaining Fratricide among Armed Nonstate Actors – Barak Mendelsohn, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: