Articles of the Week – 3/9-3/15

Monday March 11:

Divine Test or Divine Punishment? Explaining Islamic State Losses – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica:

Terrorism, religion and self-control: An unexpected connection between conservative religious commitment and terrorist efficacy – Ian Ravenscroft, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday March 13:

Boko Haram’s Factional Feuds: Internal Extremism and External Interventions – Jacob Zenn, Terrorism and Political Violence:

How did the Islamic State’s rise reshape jihadist plots inside Australia? Part 2 – Andrew Zammit, AVERT:

Thursday March 14:

Justifying relations with an apostate during a Jihad: A Salafi-Jihadist Group’s Relations With Turkey in Syria – Bailey Ulbricht, Middle East Institute:

The Terrorism Information Environment: Analysing Terrorists’ Selection of Ideological and Facilitative Media Donald Holbrook, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Mapping Connections: A Dark Network Analysis of Neojihadism in Australia – Mitchel Kelly and Anthea McCarthy-Jones, Terrorism and Political Violence:

US Strikes in Somalia and Targeted Civilian Killings by Al-Shabaab: An Empirical Investigation – Bryce W Reeder and John R Smith, Foreign Policy Analysis: