Articles of the Week – 3/2-3/8

Monday March 4:

Jihadist Radicalization in Italian Prisons: A Primer – Francesco Marone and Marco Olimpio, ISPI:

Islam keeping violent Jihadism at bay in times of Daesh: state religious institutions in Lebanon, Morocco and Saudi Arabia since 2013 – Tine Gade, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs:

Australia – Andrew Zammit, ASPI:

Addressing the Myths of Terrorism in America – Jason R. Silva, Celinet Duran, Joshua D. Freilich, and Steven M. Chermak, International Criminal Justice Review:

Wednesday March 6: 

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham’s ‘Red Bands’: Interview – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:

Yihadismo y yihadistas en España. Quince años después del 11-M – Fernando Reinares, Carola García-Calvo, and Álvaro Vicente, Real Instituto Elcano:

Thursday March 7:

Cyber sheiks and grassroots jihadis: the war in Syria and the devolution of the Bosnian Salafi communities – Aleksander Zdravkovski, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Friday March 8:

The Jihad in Kenya: Understanding Al-Shabaab Recruitment and Terrorist Activity inside Kenya—in Their Own Words – Anne Speckhard and Ardian Shajkovci, African Security:

Can Benin protect itself from terrorism in the region? – Michaël Matongbada, Institute for Security Studies: