Articles of the Week – 2/23-3/1

Saturday February 23:

Turning ex-combatants into Sadris: explaining the emergence of the Mahdi Army – Amir Taha, Middle Eastern Studies:

From Islamic reform to Muslim activism: The evolution of an Islamist ideology in Kenya – Ngala Chome, African Affairs:

Monday February 25:

Heretics, Pawns, and Traitors: Anti-Madkhali Propaganda on Libyan Salafi-Jihadi Telegram – Nathan Vest, Jihadology:

Tuesday February 26:

An alternative reading of religion and authoritarianism: the new logic between religion and state in the AKP’s New Turkey – Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies:

Wednesday February 27:

Repatriating Western Jihadists: The Impact of U.S. Syria Policy – Matthew Levitt and Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Transnational security challenges in North Africa: Moroccan foreign fighters in Syria 2012–2016 – Mohammed Masbah, Middle Eastern Studies:

Philippines: The Black Flag Flies on Facebook – Nathan Shea, Vox-Pol:

Perspectives on the Future of Women, Gender and Violent Extremism – Audrey Alexander, Program on Extremism:

Thursday February 28:

Fringe Fluidity: How Prior Extremist Involvement Serves as a Distinct Radicalization Pathway – Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Madeleine Blackman, Jihadology:

Friday March 1:

Dealing with the dark side: The effects of right-wing extremist and Islamist extremist propaganda from a social identity perspective – Diana Rieger, Lena Frischlich, and Gary Bente, Media, War & Conflict:

The calypso caliphate: how Trinidad became a recruiting ground for ISIS – Simon Cottee, International Affairs: