Articles of the Week – 2/9-2/15

Monday February 11:

Violent Extremism and Terrorism Online in 2018: The Year in Review – Maura Conway, Vox-Pol:

Aid, Intervention, and Terror: The Impact of Foreign Aid and Foreign Military Intervention on Terror Events and Severity – Orlandrew E. Danzell, Emizet F. Kisangani, and Jeffrey Pickering, Social Science Quarterly:

Wednesday February 13:

Beauty tips and bullets: the magazines shaping the ideal jihadist woman – Reem Abdelaziz, BBC Monitoring:

What Matters Is Who Supports You: Diaspora and Foreign States as External Supporters and Militants’ Adoption of Nonviolence – Marina G. Petrova, Journal of Conflict Resolution:

Jihadism and crime in Spain: A convergence settings approach – Javier Argomaniz and Rut Bermejo, European Journal of Criminology:

Friday February 15:

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s Internal Conflict and Renewed Tensions with Hurras al-Deen – Tore R. Hamming, Jihadica:

How ‘gangsters’ become jihadists: Bourdieu, criminology and the crime–terrorism nexus – Jonathan Ilan, Sveinung Sandberg, European Journal of Criminology:

Islamization of criminal behaviour: The path to terrorism? Terrorist threat and crime in French counterterrorism policy-formulation – Silvia D’Amato, European Journal of Criminology: