New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Aghanistan’s Zabīh Allah Mujāhid: “No Chance of Meeting Representatives of the Kabul Administration in Abu Dhabi”


Serious discussions have been taking place over the past two days in the Untied Arab Emirates between representatives of the Islamic Emirate and United States about ending the occupation.

These talks are also being attended by representatives of some other nations.

But various officials of the Kabul administration have consistently and groundlessly been asserting since yesterday that their delegation will hold a meeting with the representatives of the Islamic Emirate during this gathering.

We once again reject these reports. Discussions are taking place with the representatives of the United States about ending the occupation, a matter that does not concern the Kabul administration whatsoever. The entire agenda is focused on issues concerning the occupiers and talks will exclusively be held with them.

Our countrymen should not pay any heed to the rumors and speculations of various Kabul administration officials and organs. Media should also refrain from propaganda by taking our views into consideration before publishing any reports.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

11/04/1440 Hijri Lunar

27/09/1397 Hijri Solar 18/12/2018 Gregorian


Source: Telegram