New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīh Allah Mujāhid: "Remarks Concerning Claims Of General Nicholson"

Yesterday the recently replaced commander of occupying forces in Afghanistan – General John Nicholson – made claims over the phone to journalists gathered inside the Pentagon that the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are holding talks with the Kabul administration along with other such statements.
We categorically reject this baseless claim made by General Nicholson. The policy of Islamic Emirate regarding talks and negotiations had been frequently announced and it does not have any secret layers.
American General Nicholson is making such fabricated statements to divert attention from his failures and keep the Washington media busy with false claims instead of exposing the failed Trump strategy for Afghanistan to the American people.
Talking to impotent parties during the presence of occupying forces is pointless.
Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Zabihullah Mujahid
15/09/1439 Hijri Lunar
10/03/1397 Hijri Solar                    31/05/2018 Gregorian