al-Imārah Studio presents new interview from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "With the Spokesman in Qatar"

The flag of The Islamic Emirate which is decorated with the Islamic creed of لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله ”, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah”, is still hoisting there.
On Tuesday, 18th June, the office of the Islamic Emirate was officially inaugurated inside Qatar. It was widely welcomed by the Afghan Nation. A large number of our countrymen sent their messages of felicitations through the Alemara website and other social media and have considered this office as the sign of Mujahidin’s success and the end of occupation; but on the other side the Kabul administration has shown their strong opposition with the inauguration of this office particularly with the name and white flag of the Islamic Emirate, therefore, if you, the spokesman of the political bureau of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Qatar, Dr. Mohammad Naeem, could please answer the following questions of the Alemara website! We will be thankful to you.
Alemara: Dr. Mohammad Naeem, the spokesman of the official bureau of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Qatar, how would the Islamic Emirate make use of this office?
Answer: First of all, I would like to say that the inauguration of the political bureau of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Qatar is great news, specially for the brave and courageous Mujahidin because whatever we possess, is just due to their persisting sacrifices that after 11 years, at last, the occupiers realized that the Islamic Emirate is a fact and a ground reality which can never be overlooked; while 11 years ago, the members of the Islamic Emirate had no right to live on the surface of earth, but today, it is recognized as a political force on the international level.
Now let me answer your query. This office will be used, as announced in the declaration which was read out on the first day of the inauguration of this office and was published through the Alemara website, for five main objectives:

  1. Negotiations and understanding for improving the relations with the world countries.
  2. Supporting a political solution which could guarantee the end of Afghanistan’s occupation and establishing an independent Islamic system of life there which is the aspiration and demand of the entire nation.
  3. Meetings with the Afghans in accordance with the need of time.
  4. Making contacts with the United Nations, international and regional organizations and non-governmental organizations.
  5. Issuing political statements regarding the existing political situation and providing them to the media.

Alemara: Will the Islamic Emirate pursue negotiations only with Americans through the office in Qatar or they will follow the policy of negotiations with other occupiers of Afghanistan?
Answer: Talks will be conducted with all sides involved in Afghanistan. Americans are mentioned mostly because they are on the top and in point of fact, the occupation was started by them; others supported it. 
Alemara: Mr. Mohammad Naeem, if you could explain the agenda of the forthcoming meeting with Americans; in this meeting, only the issue of exchange of prisoners will be discussed or other issues will also be brought under consideration; if the issue of exchange of prisoners will be discussed, what kind of prisoners, those who are kept inside the country or those who are abroad?
Answer: Let me clarify first that the Islamic Emirate has postponed that meeting which was under consideration due to various reasons. Whenever it will take place, it will be the first such meeting between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and America as known to all; and usually, in preliminary meetings, both sides exchange their views only, therefore, specific points of the agenda cannot be pointed out now. As far as the issue of prisoners is concerned, it is quite crucial and will definitely be discussed. The Islamic Emirate has determined to have discussions about all the prisoners of the Afghan Nation and endeavors for the release of all of them. As far as, the response of the other side is concerned, it will be seen later by all of us. 
Alemara: Mr. Dr. Naeem! Does the Islamic Emirate intend sooner or later to discuss the points of mutual interest for getting its relations better with the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan?
Answer: Why not! As the first paragraph of the declaration says, the Islamic Emirate will make the use of this office for improving its relations with all countries of the world and the neighbouring countries will be on the top of the list. 
Alemara: Does the Islamic Emirate want or anticipate to discuss the termination of Afghanistan’s occupation through this political office in Qatar with the Islamic Conference, the United Nations, Arab League, European Union and the Shanghai Pact?
Answer: In this regard, I would like to say that as the declaration say, the Islamic Emirate will make contacts with the United Nations and other international and regional and non-governmental organizations and will share its viewpoint for solving the issues of the people of Afghanistan. 
Alemara: The office of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar will remain on its previous stance over discussions with the Kabul admin or it has some plans under consideration, if you could explain?
Answer: As the Islamic Emirate has openly expressed in its declarations that the dilemma of Afghanistan has two main aspects; one is external which is related with the foreigners and the other is internal which is related with Afghans. Until the issue of the external aspect is not solved with the occupiers, it is useless to tackle the internal aspect. The third paragraph says that meetings with Afghans will also be held in accordance with the developments. 
Alemara: Whether the office in Qatar will hold negotiations with parties and political and intellectual figures inside Afghanistan apart from the dependent regime of Kabul?
Answer: As we told you earlier that the third paragraph of the declaration clearly says that meetings will be held with all Afghans according to the exigency of situation. It is worth mentioning that all this will take in the light of Islamic principles and keeping in mind the national interests of Afghans. 
Alemara: Our last question is about the rumors in media that due to the opposition and disappointment of the Kabul regime, the white flag and sign-board bearing the name of the Islamic Emirate are removed, if it is right, whether it is the infringement of the agreement regarding the inauguration of office or not?
Answer: It is a reality that the hoisting of flag and the sign-board of the Islamic Emirate troubled the Kabul administration. Let me say that the flag which was hoisted there, only the Islamic creed of “لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله ” was written there and this the creed which cannot be denied by any Muslim.
In my opinion, if someone calls himself a Muslim, how can he oppose this creed and if someone opposes it then how can he call himself a Muslim. This creed should be accepted by each and every Muslim from the core of his hearth and I am sure that every Muslim does believe it and has a reverence for it. Allah Almighty says in His Holy Quran that “وکلمة الله هی العلیا”, “The creed of Allah is always superior.” One, who opposes this creed, is in fact opposing Allah Almighty and His Messenger, Mohammad (peace be upon him).
The flag of the Islamic Emirate which is embellished with “لا اله الله محمدرسول الله” is still waving there. Rumors of its lowering are only propaganda and the sign-board is changed neither, it is only shifted from one wall to the other.
From legal point of view, the Islamic Emirate has the right to hang a sign-board of its own inclination, because now it is the property of the Islamic Emirate and no one else has the right to make or dictate any alteration in it.