New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding Israeli Aggression Against Gaza”

The Israeli aggressor regime, speaking frankly, an American fortress violently stepping up its air, sea and ground assaults on Gaza City, escalated its aggression against Palestine yet again, flattening tens of Palestinian houses, buildings, and martyring and injuring

hundreds of innocent civilians, mostly, women and children. The Islamic Emirate strictly condemns the Israeli invasion and its attacks on Gaza City.

The Israeli regime, over the last few decades of its savage occupation of Palestine, has had the oppressed Palestinians suffer every kind of oppression, misery and bloodshed. Thousands of innocent Palestinians have been brutally murdered or blown to bits, their houses have been leveled and knocked down in the Israeli airstrikes and ground offensives and most of their rightful land has been usurped.

In fact, the Israeli regime has never stopped at anything and will never stop at this as well. Accordingly, in order to avoid this invasion what is an act of terrorism, the Islamic Emirate hereby urges the entire Muslim Ummah, particularly the Muslim leaders, human right organizations and the peace-loving people in the world to regain a strong position to work out ways so as to put an end to the Israeli invasion of Palestine and its savage aggression against the oppressed people of Gaza City and to let the Palestinian nation live free and in peace in their own land.

It is crystal clear the US justifies the Israeli aggression against Gaza and backs up the Israeli military operation in every possible way, which directly promotes state terrorism.

We, in turn, strongly support the troubled Palestinians and share their agonies and are therefore duty-bound to ensure and get them their due rights by every possible means we have at our disposal.

Finally, we ask the United Nations to act in accordance with the international peace treaty and recognize the Palestinians political rights as well as a free Palestine state with Baitul Muqaddas as its capital.