New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding Execution of Mujāhidīn by the Kabul Administration”

Officials of Kabul administration have sentenced to death a number of inmates from Pul-e-Charkhi prison and have been carrying executions for the past two days now. We have obtained credible reports that some political prisoners of Islamic Emirate have also been added to the mentioned list, who in reality are not criminal prisoners but prisoners of war.
Since executing war prisoners is an action contradicting every civil law therefore the Islamic Emirate is gravely disturbed and regarding it urges the United Nations, Islamic Conference, International Red Cross and every other international human right organization to prevent this action of the Kabul administration because, may Allah forbid, if such a plan was in the works then as representatives of human rights, they should not remain neutral and immediately assist in its prevention.
If the mentioned plan was to materialize where our war prisoners are executed then it will surely carry with it a heavy repercussion for the lawmakers, courts and other related circles of the Kabul administration whereby no side will have the right to object and point fingers at us. To end, we call on all the media outlets to also fulfill their roles and dissipate the call of the innocence of the oppressed prisoners from the country’s prisons.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan