New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Re-election of Obama"

That America once again voted for Obama as its president and elected him into the White House hence the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would like to state that following:

  1. 1.Obama should properly utilize his second opportunity this time around by preventing the American leadership from using her as an international police state; it should instead focus on the hardships facing its own citizens and avert America from burning that the flames of international hatred.
  2. 2.That the American people have grown weary of wars and needless military spending therefore Obama should realize this reality; answer the call and aspirations of its people; end this futile war and prevent further tarnishing the name of America by perpetrating more war
  3. 3.Obama understands that the American nation has grown tired of war casualties and its back breaking economical penalty therefore he should immediately withdrawing its invading troops from our country and extract the American soldiers from this calamity.
  4. 4.The elements being supported by America in our country are the most detested figures and rejected faces of our nation; by supporting such elements, America will only face more difficulties and will gain only more human and material losses.
  5. 5.Maybe Obama has realized that they have lost the battle in Afghanistan therefore instead of prolonging and lying, it should immediately leave our pure soil and instead turn its attention towards its own country and people.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
17/08/1391    07/11/2012      

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  1. It´s a joke obama is a puppet like his predecessors, he is a poor guy just in search of self satisfaction & just diffuse what the lobby wants him to say. He spend more than 6 billions $ with romney a sum corresponding of an emergent countrie’s NBP. Was obama a multimillionaire? Come on

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