New article from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "America salutes Kūnar, the proud land of our Mujāhid forefathers!!"

Pentagon has announced that they will be retreating from Kunar’s Paich valley and the surrounding areas in the near future and have admitted that their soldiers can no longer keep a presence in all of Kunar’s valleys and mountains.
It should be made known that Paich valley is a very critical point strategically, to which even the American generals have admitted, as it connects Nooristan and the north eastern provinces with the east. American forces had previously also vacated Korengal and Kamdesh districts.
The American invading forces have saluted and decided to withdraw from the proud land of our Mujahid forefathers at a time when they had barbarically bombed the provinces Ghaziabad area about a week ago from which 70 innocent civilians either embraced Martyrdom or were wounded and their property and lands were also badly damaged.
The perspectives of some reports emerging from the area suggested that due to the recent genocidal crime of the invaders, the people’s hatred towards the Americans had reached a tipping point and they could no longer tolerate any American presence. It looks like the Americans have understood that they can no longer sleep well and sustain or keep their bases as the populace has decided that they want to avenge their blood. Therefore they decided to put an end to their illegitimate outpost in Paich so that they will not be besieged in it or be captured alive by Mujahideen.
On the other hand, the media is reporting that the Obama administration is facing problems with their budget for the Afghanistan war. Last week the White House put forward a proposal of 110 billion dollars for this war but has so far not been approved because the Republicans, who control the senate are putting forward the excuse that the American people have grown tired of this war and no longer wish to spend billions of dollars on an endless and pointless war.
The deep American economic woes and the Americans hate for this war is exactly what compelled the American defense minister to plainly tell the Karzai regime that they should look for other countries to train and fund its police and army and that they should no longer depend on America alone to fund such projects.
The Islamic Emirate believes that the announcement of the withdrawal of American bases and outposts from Kunar’s Paich valley shows that the American s have realized that the mountains, valleys and the open plains of Afghanistan are no longer a place where they can establish bases without any danger because the Afghan nation as a whole has unquestionably decided to confront their aggression in the coming spring. So America is resolved to remove its filthy presence from those areas in which they shall be trapped as the weather warms up and where they will have to face enormous losses in life and equipment.