New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Martyrdom of Innocent Afghān Civilians as a Result of American Merciless Bombardment in Ghāzī Abād District, Kūnar Province"

Five days ago, the invading forces in Afghanistan led by America launched brutal aerial attacks against civilian houses in Adargol, Chowki and Wigal areas of Ghazi Abad district, Kunar province, resulting in martyrdom of 70 common people. The victims comprised of old men, women and innocent children who embraced martyrdom. Similarly, numerous civilians have been wounded.
According to substantiated reports, the bestial American soldiers have totally looted people’s houses, taking all valuable items. About 50 houses have been destroyed (in the raid), which belonged to people who had no link of militancy whatsoever with any faction. They were common miserable people. The Americans made bombardment during night when people were sleeping. Official of the Kabul Administration in Kunar have also confirmed reports of the civilian casualties.
The civilian casualties perpetrated in a brutal manner at the hands of the Americans have been committed at the time that, the United Nations in its report had claimed a few days ago that civilian casualties had greatly decreased during operations by Americans and their Allies. One week has not elapsed since the issuance of the report by UNO that the callous Americans once again resorted to committing genocide. They made many innocent Afghans to mourn and grieve over( their kith and kin)
The so-called advocates of human rights have not raised their voice about this horrendous event as yet. But usually, these so-called protectors of human rights and the apparently free media which have share in the colonialist goals, usually put the blame of civilian casualties on the Islamic Emirate when they   arrange figures of civilian casualties. They try to launch negative propaganda against the Islamic Emirate through every possible means with full strength and fanfare. Meanwhile, they cover up crimes of foreign invaders. Thus they endeavor to manipulate the views of the common man.
We strongly condemn the merciless bombardment by the Americans in Ghazi Abad district, Kunar province. We believe it is an unforgivable crime. In the meantime, we assure our miserable people and families of the martyrs that your Mujahid brothers will avenge the blood of the martyrs on the enemy in the battle fields. Also, we tell the invading America and her murderous Allies, if you think that you are going to weaken determination of the Afghans by martyring innocent Afghans or that you will put terror into their hearts, it only displays flaws of your guesswork. You have not realized this nation as yet. Your brutal actions will further speed up the pace of the Jihadic momentum.
Soon. you will be wiped out in the imminent cyclone brought about by your atrocity, arrogance, brutality and other merciless actions. The tempest, if God willing, is approaching destination, with its ever outspreading waves.
It is not a hard task for Allah to accomplish.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan