The Caucasus Emirate Fitnah – Part 1 – Timeline

NOTE: The below timeline of information was published by a blog that follows the media from the Caucasus Emirate and supports its cause. For those who have missed the leadership struggle that ensued in the Caucasus Emirate between July and October this is a good primer with regard to dates and key information. For more details on the leadership struggle, see Jihadology’s coverage of the events unfold: herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and here. All the information from the blog that follows the Caucasus Emirate media is unedited below.

Here is the first post of the serie dedicated to the Finah among the Mujahideen of Wilayah Nokhchicho. It’s a simple timeline of the events, as they occured from July until now. In order to be as complete as possible, the references, sources and dates of the events and/or publication are also indicated. Feel free to correct or react in the comments.
Forgive the time, but some things retarded the work on this timeline. One of these things is that I am now engaged in the reading of some books about the Caucasus, especially one about the creation and the existence of the Imamat of the 19th Century (which is a kind of model for the current Emirate) and also of a short ‘fact book’ about the 1991 Chechen revolution. I hope that Insha’Allah I will be able to share here, what I will learn from these books.

July :

– Appointement of Aslambek as the Naib Amir of the CE and appointement of Husseyn as the Wali of Nokhchicho/Chechnya (07.14.2010, published on 07.24.2010, see here andhere, Omra in english here).

August :

– Announcement of the resignation of Abu Uthman and appointement of Aslambek as the new CE Amir (published on 08.01.2010, see here, in english here).
– Video statement of Aslambek, Husseyn, Tarhan and Muhannad in which they acknowledge the resignation of Abu Uthman (published on 08.02.2010, see here).
– Retractation of Abu Uthman (08.02.2010, published on 08.04.2010, see here, the statement in english here).
– Publication on of a video statement of Aslambek, Husseyn, Tarhan and Muhannad in which they withdraw their Bayah (08.10.2010, published on 08.13.2010, seehere, the original page seems to have disapeared from Djama1at, here in english).
– Video statement of Abu Uthman in which he says that Muhannad leads the Fitnah (08.29.2010, published on 09.25.2010, see here)
– Video statement of Abu Uthman and Supyan in which they explain the circumstances of the Fitnah (the resignation video, etc…) (08.30.2010, published on 09.09.2010, see here).
– Video statement of Abu Uthman (with Supyan, Islam and Khamzat), in which he dismiss the 4 Amirs from their postitions (published on 09.22.2010, but the date of the event is for sure the same as the others previous speeches. See here).

September :

– Video statement of the Amirs Aslambek, Husseyn and Tarhan, in which they explain the reasons of their split and in which they announce that they recongnize Husseyn as the new Amir of Nokhchicho (the video has been recorded in September however the exacte date is unknown, published on 10.07.2010, see here, in english here).

October :

– Appeal of Sheikh Tartusi to Muhnnad (published on 10.04.2010, see here, in english here).
– Publication by AlKavkaz of an audio speech by Muhnnad as an anwer to Sheikh Tartusi, though his voice is hardly recognizable (published on 10.05.2010, see here).
– Publication by ‘the service press of W.Nokhchicho’, trough Daymohk, of a list of the Amirs who withdraw their Bayah + a video of their Majlis recorded in August 2010 (published on 10.13.2010, see here and here).
– Omra N23 of Amir Dokku Abu Uthman, in which he announces the disbanding of the South-Western and Eastern fronts (10.09.2010, published on 10.15.2010, see here).
– Clarification of Amir Dokku Abu Uthman about the Fitnah (10.09.2010, published on 10.17.2010, see here).
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