List of al-Amirā’ [Amir’s] who withdrew their Bay’at to the Amir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov

NOTE: Earlier in the week, there was video released by the main leaders who rescinded their bay’at (pledge of allegiance) to the Amir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov. The below video surfaced yesterday, but was originally recorded in August. It highlights the various leaders who withdrew bay’at from Umarov and pledged it to Ḥusayn. Here is a list of leaders and commanders within the Caucasus Emirate who have changed their allegiance (this information is a direct copy from Daymouk news service):

South-Western Front:

– Amir Tarhan
– Amir Abū-Muslim (aka Dzhabrail)
– Amir Zumso
– Amir ‘Abdullah
– Amir Āssadullah
– Amir Khamzat
– Amir Muhaddith
– Amir Mukhtar
– Amir Arbi and others (not specified).

South-Eastern Front:

– Amir Ḥusayn (the Amir of Wilayah Nokhchicho, as recognized by them)
– Amir Aslambek
– Amir Zaurbek (Kurchaloy sector)
– Amir Mahran (Tsentoroy sector)
– Amir Muslim (Shali sector)
– Amir Usāmah (Vedeno sector)
– Amir Maghribī (Nozhai-Yurt sector)
– Amir ‘Abd Raḥman (Gudermes sector)
– Amir ‘Alī (Dargo sector)
– Amir Āssad (Makhkety sector)
– Amir Elman (Tevzana sector)
– Amir Movsar (Khattuni sector)
– Amir Abū Supyan
– Amir Muhannad
– Amir Abū-Khalid al-Urdanī (Kurchaloy sector)
– Amir Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn and others (not specified).

Below is a video with many, but not all of the leaders listed above. For more on the recent leadership issues in the Caucasus Emirate see: hereherehereherehereherehere, and here.