New release from al-Fursān Media: “Martyrs Under the Banner of the Prophet Series: Martyrs of Khurāsān #10″

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New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Conquest of Ghorak”




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New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Concerning Genocide Against the Weak Muslims of Burma”


For years the minority Muslims of Burma have been facing oppression at the hands of the enemies of God and callous rulers. These weak Muslims are facing oppression and genocide for the past several decades merely due to being Muslim, believing that there is no God except Allah and following the seal of the Prophets (peace and blessings be upon him).

وما نقموا منهم الا ان یؤمنوا بالله العزیز الحمید. البروج ۸

They had nothing against them, except that they believed in Allah, the Al-Mighty, Worthy of all Praise! [Al-Buruj:8]

If the weak Muslims of Burma previously faced dangers of murder, torture, being burnt alive and properties being looted however this time around the criminal government of Burma has launched a campaign of carrying out a genocide against the minority Muslims and completely ridding the country of them. They are systematically burning the homes and villages of Muslims, usurping their property, beheading their children, martyring their men in the most horrific ways, raping their womenfolk and carrying out sadistic savagery beyond any human imagination.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns these cruel barbaric actions of the Burmese rulers and calls upon all the entire Muslim Ummah to utilize every means at their disposal to safeguard and protect the oppressed Muslims of Burma.

That the United Nations and Human Right organizations are keeping tight lipped about the genocide of the Burmese Muslims, then this only exposes the two-faced policy of these organizations regarding a human catastrophe. However the Muslims must not waste time waiting on these organizations and must extent a helping hand to their oppressed Muslim brothers in faith.

A large portion of responsibility in this regard falls squarely on the shoulders of the rulers of the Islamic world who must sense the pain of the Burmese tragedy and must take immediate action. Similarly the Islamic charitable organizations which help during the most difficult of circumstances must give priority to the oppressed Muslims of Burma. The Muslims must raise awareness about the plight of the oppressed Burmese Muslims throughout the world, must aid them with their lives, tongues and pens and feel their pain as pain of their own bodies.

The Islamic Emirate considers the genocide of the over one million minority Muslims of Burma as one of the biggest crimes against humanity and condemns it with the strongest of terms. It similarly considers the silence of the world in face of this crime as an insult which cannot be justified under any excuse.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

30/02/1438 Hijri Lunar

10/09/1395 Hirji Solar                    30/11/2016 Gregorian



New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Regarding Backing National Projects In The Country”


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is an Islamic and national force of the country waging Jihad and struggling to bring an end to the occupation, giving all lawful rights to the people and securing Islamic and national goals. And the sacrifices presented in this path are not hidden from anyone.

And just as the leader of the Islamic Emirate has stated in his messages and as declared by delegations of the Political Office during international conferences, the Islamic Emirate not only backs all national projects which are in the interest of the people and result in the development and prosperity of the nation but are also committed to safeguarding them. These include large national projects like TAPI, CASA-1000, Mes Aynak, highway and railway projects, power and agricultural dams and other such projects that follow the guidelines set out by the Islamic Emirate.

The Islamic Emirate directs all its Mujahideen to help in the security of all national projects that are in the higher interest of Islam and the country.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

۱۴۳۸/۲/۲۹هـ ق

۱۳۹۵/۹/۹هـ ش ــ 2016/11/29م



New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Zabīh Allah Mujāhid: “The Mujahidin Have No Problem With Anyone On the Tajikistan Border”


A Russian news outlet Sputnik published a report a while back stating that the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have clashed with Tajikistan border forces in the country’s northern Kunduz province.

Our report in this regard – following an investigation – revealed that about 15 days ago, a group of smugglers tried to move banned substances into Tajikistan border via Kunduz but were engaged by Tajik border troops.

This incident has no ties with the Islamic Emirate and neither are the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate allowed to create problems with border troops of neighboring countries. We strongly reject these reports delivered by whatever source and assure all our neighboring countries that the Islamic Emirate does not have any intention of harming its neighboring nations.

However the border area between Kunduz and Tajikistan is very dense and can be misused by smugglers. The Islamic Emirate will try its utmost to fulfill its obligation in preventing illegal trafficking in the area.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

28/02/1438 Hijri Lunar

08/09/1395 Hijri Solar                    28/11/2016 Gregorian



New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “About Badakhshan Province”




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New article from al-Maqālāt: “Preordained Unity: The Rise of a New Ṭālibān in al-Shām”

The enemies of the Ummah are fighting against the fundamentals of Islam. The hundreds of thousands of people killed in Syria are general Muslims, they do not belong to one particular school of thought or movement or methodology. The children, women and elders, all the civilians killed in Syria, they do not belong to any particular Islamic current. So this war is against the basic core principals of Islam. Why is this important to know? Because it sets the criterion for unification. When the core foundations of Islam are attacked then everyone who adheres to these grounding foundations must unite to defend them. No matter which school of thought and no matter what movement or methodology; they have become secondary to the foundations we want to protect; the foundations we all share. The enemies have gathered against us even though they do not share any foundations: the Alawites, the Russians and the Shia Rawafid, with all their different sects, have united and gathered against us. The Shia Rawafid even make Takfir on the Alawites, but despite that they have joined their ranks to fight against Ahl Sunnah.

The Sufi who is fighting in Afghanistan and the Caucasus to defend Islam from annihilation is better than the Salafi who allies himself with the apostate tyrants and corrupt puppet regimes in the Middle-East who seek to annihilate Islam. We are not looking at theological methodologies in theory, this is not a conflict of theoretical debates between schools of thoughts or currents. This is a war of existence or annihilation between Islam and Kufr, between Islam in its essence and Kufr in its essence. So the deviant innovator who is defending the essence of Islam is better than the one who betrayed Islam; even if his beliefs are correct in theory. This is the criterion which separate us is the line between the defenders of the religion and those who betray it; not the different schools of thought or methodologies. Everyone who is defending Islam should share the same rank, no matter which school of thought or methodology. This has become the most obligatory duty in Shaam in order to repel the transgressing enemies.

The one who does not look at the conflict in Shaam with this perspective of priority will only delay our victory and liberation. He will busy himself with secondary issues which divide- instead of unite us. In the mistakes of ISIS which led to the delay of victory, the division, and eventually their own downfall lies an important example from which we must learn and take heed. Even the Prophets were victorious against the enemies of Islam only after the general masses entered Islam to support them and the Religions they revealed from Allah, we have to unite the masses in the same way. The Prophets were not victorious with small groups or limited movements, they were victorious with the general people who entered Islam and supported the Religion. History witnesses the rise and fall of Caliphates, empires, kingdoms, states and movements, but one thing remained; the Ummah and the Religion remained. Those who cling to their factions must realize this. The names of leaders and states were only banners, passing down from one to another. Even the Prophets were only carriers of banners, passing down from one to another. Jihaad however continued because it was linked to the Religion and the Ummah.

The biggest mistakes of the factions in Shaam are actually not theological or methodological, rather their biggest mistake is that they are not willing to learn from history. They should learn from the experiences of the Mujahideen who fought before them. They should learn from the experiences of the Mujahideen who fought in Afghanistan for example. Why repeat the exact same mistakes other groups have made before you? Why trouble and exhaust the Ummah with these repeated failures? Most of the mistakes made in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan are repeated again today in Shaam; the groups and factions who each fight for their own project and exclusive authority, the extremism, the treachery of the local regimes. All of it is repeated in Shaam because we are not willing to learn from recent history let alone the distant history filling our libraries. The factions in Shaam however must realize that Allah replaced the groups in Afghanistan as He gave rise to the Taliban when the groups and factions refused to unite. The infighting and division in Afghanistan made way for the Taliban who united the Muslims in Afghanistan, bringing back Islamic justice, safety and stability.

The unity of the Ummah will be reached, with or without the factions. Sharia will be implemented, with or without the factions. If the factions in Shaam refuse to unite Allah will replace them with servants who will unite the Muslims, like He replaced the factions in Afghanistan with the Taliban who united the Muslims. If the factions refuse to bring back Islamic justice, safety and stability Allah will replace them with servants who will. The factions must learn from Rabbani, Sayyaf and Hekmatyar. Their political twists and wriggles with the local regimes at the expense of the Afghan people did not achieve them anything. The treachery of local regimes who tried to spoil the Jihaad in Afghanistan did likewise not succeed. Afghanistan stayed a cradle for Jihaad giving birth to the Taliban and Al-Qaedah who are until this very day still rubbing the noses of tyrants in the dirt.

Muslims will not despair over the future fate of Shaam, the Ummah will not despair over the Muslim people of Shaam. Allah protects His Religion more than us, and Allah has more love for His servants than we have. However it pains us to see Muslims who stubbornly keep repeating the same mistakes. How similar was the treacherous position of Pakistan in the Afghan-Soviet war to that of Turkey today in Shaam. How similar is the dubious position of the US towards the political Islamist parties in Afghanistan to their position today towards the Islamist parties in Shaam. How similar are the mistakes of the inexperienced Islamist parties in Afghanistan to the stubborn mistakes of the Islamist parties in Shaam. Scholars and Mujahid leaders have stayed quite over many mistakes because of the possible harms it could cause, but they can not stay quite for much longer. The succes of the Taliban is due to the fact that they stayed independent, while sticking to the Islamic scholars and the Sharia in combination with the Islamic jurisprudence of reality and priority, and the fact that they placed the interest of the Afghan people first. The factions in Shaam must not only learn from the mistakes made by the different groups in Afghanistan but they should also learn from the success of the Taliban.



New article from Ḥussām al-Amawī: “Take Advantage of the Experiences For You, Not Upon You: The Journey Between Afghanistan and al-Shām”

(لقد كان في قصصهم عبرة لأولي الألباب)

أمر رباني يبين قيمة التجارب وأهميتها في استخلاص العبر والاستفادة من أخطاء من سبقونا، وعدم تجريب المجرب، والغرق في تفاصيل أثبتت التجارب الصح والخطأ منها، فنحذر من الخطأ ونعمل على الصحيح.

هذا الأسلوب القرآني في سرد القصص دعوة لهذه الأمة جماعات وأفراد إلى الاستفادة من مجريات الأحداث التاريخية، فالذي يريد أن يكون إلها من دون الله ويسعى ليكون الناس عبيداً له عليه أن يتعظ أن فرعون قام بهذا الشيء ثم كانت النتيجة أن أغرقه الله وجعله عبرة وآية، والدول التي تشرعن للظلم والفساد متباهية باقتصاديها وحنكة قادتها عليها أن تدرك أن عاداً قالت من أشد منا قوة فأخذها الله نكال الآخرة والأولى، والجيوش التي يتباهى أفرادها بعدتهم وعددهم وينسون فضل الله ورحمته عليهم أن يفهموا أن الله قال لمن هم خير القرون ويوم حنينإذ أعجبتكم كثرتكم فلم تغن عنكم شيئا.
هذه حقائق قرآنية لو لم يكن الهدف منها اتخاذ العبرة والاستفادة من أحداثها لعدم تكرار الخطأ ذاته ومعرفة النتائج مسبقاً لمن أصر على الاستمرار على نفسه الخطأ فما الهدف إذا..!

إقراء التاريخ ففي التاريخ العبر    ضل قوم ليس يدرون الخبر

اليوم هناك من يعتقد أنه فوق النصيحة، وأن مستواه وفهمه أكبر من أن ينظر في تجارب التاريخ وبالتالي يعمل على عدم تكرار الأخطاء، بل يصر على الخطأ وهو يعرف أين وصل بغيره هذا الخطأ.

غيرك من الجماعات دفعوا الثمن من الدماء والجهود والأموال نتيجة تلك الأحداث والسياسات العقيمة، فلماذا الإصرار على دفع هذه التكاليف مجدداً، ولما لا تحفظ تلك التكاليف من خلال الاستفادة من تجربة غيرك الذي كلفته وكلفت الأمة الشيء الكثير.
عندما ترى ما يجري على أرض الشام المباركة من تعدد الجماعات واعجاب كل ذي رأي برأيه، تعود بك الذاكرة إلى الجهاد الأفغاني، ثم تنصدم أن كل الأحداث التي كانت تحصل في أفغانستان تعاد وتكرر بنفس الأخطاء في الشام، مع تغيير بسيط في الأسماء واللاعبين، ولا يمكن الاعتقاد أن من في الشام من الجماعات لم تطلع على ما حدث في أفغانستان.

كل شيء يحدث قد حدث من قبل من ارتهان الأحزاب والجماعات إلى الدول الصديقة، ومن الاقتتال الداخلي وتمزيق الصفوف والحظوظ النفسية، حتى موضوع الخلافة كان حاضر أيضاً في أفغانستان، فقد ظهر تنظيم الخلافة في بيشاور وأعلن تكفير كل من لم يبايع الخليفة وعين حكاما من طرفه في عدد من البلاد الإسلامية، بل إن الخليفة أرسل إلى فلسطين يعلن أنه قادم لتحريرهم، وما عليهم إلا قطع شجرة الغرقد حتى لا يختبئ خلفها اليهود ثم أنتقل بكل فكره إلى أفغانستان، يقول صاحب كتاب 15 طلقة في سبيل الله “ثم بعد ذلك بسنوات أن عاد الخليفة إلى بريطانيا التي يحمل جنسيتها بعد ما فشل مشروعه، وخذلته الأمة الإسلامية ورفض الجميع مبايعته، من الأحزاب الأفغانية إلى القبائل إلى حركة طالبان إلى أسامة بن لادن، فعاد إلى الدولة الأم بريطانيا التي لم توجه له أي تهمة، حتى عن جرائم القتل التي ارتكبها في عهد خلافته.!!”

إن حركة التأريخ تعيد الأحداث والأدوار ولكن المصيبة ألا يعيرها الأشخاص والجماعات أي اهتمام.

فهل يجهل هؤلاء ما أحدثته الدول الصديقة للجهاد الأفغاني على ساحة أفغانستان؟ وكيف أفسد التمويل والدعم مستقبل أفغانستان وحرف مسار ثورتها وجهادها ضد الروس؟

إن الجهاد الأفغاني فيه العبر لو نظر إليها وتفحصها من في الشام لما جربوا الأخطاء، ولا يدري المرء هل الغباء مسيطر أم العمالة.

الدور الذي قامت به باكستان في الجهاد الأفغاني وشرائها لرموز وجماعات كانت تقاتل النظام الشيوعي تقوم به تركيا في الجهاد الشامي، فهناك من طار مسرعاً إلى أحضان النظام التركي، وهو يؤمل أنه صديق الثورة السورية وما عرف أن باكستان كانت تظهر نفسها بأكثر من مجرد صديق للجهاد الأفغاني، ثم لما حانت اللحظة حاربت باكستان الذين لم يقبلوا دعمها بالجماعات التي كانت تدعمها، وحصل الاقتتال الأهلي، وخانت باكستان المجاهدين العرب، فسلمت منهم الأعداد إلى أمريكا.

لا يوجد في هذه الأنظمة صداقة بل يوجد مصلحة، وإذا انتهت مصلحة هذه الدول ستكون أول من يناصبك العداء، ولكننا نرى في الشام من انتقل من كون العلاقة صداقة بينه وبين تركيا إلى درجة أن أصبح جندي لها في حرس الحدود، لمهمة تأمين الحدود القومية لتركيا!

لقد استخدمت باكستان الأحزاب وزعمائها الذين كانوا يقيمون في بيشاور من أجل محاربة الجهاد الأفغاني الذي يقوده العلماء أمثال مولوي يونس خالص والمولوي جلال الدين حقاني في ولاية باكتيا وكان العلماء قد التفوا حول هؤلاء وكان الجهاد ديني وليس مصالح سياسية ثم شن زعماء الأحزاب في بيشاور من المنتمين لجماعة الإخوان والذين استطاعت حكومة باكستان ترويضهم باسم الدولة الصديقة والسياسة الشرعية، فشنوا حرب ضد هؤلاء العلماء وكانوا ينادوهم بالمولوية استخفافاً بهم، وتزعم هذه الحرب رباني وسياف وحكمتيار.
فإن كانت باكستان هي صديقة الجهاد الأفغاني فإن تركيا اليوم هي صديقة الجهاد الشامي عند البعض، وإن كان زعماء الأحزاب يسخرون من العلماء بتسميتهم المولوية فاليوم نفس هؤلاء يسخرون من العلماء بتسميتهم المناهجة تارة والغلاة تارة أخرى، وإن كانت بيشارو تمثل وكر هؤلاء فإن إسطنبول تمثل وكر الآخرين اليوم.

وقد سجل مصطفى حامد تلك الأحداث وتفاصيلها، ومما كتبه أن أمريكا ركزت في الجهاد الأفغاني على استبعاد القيادات الدينية عن جهاد أفغانستان، وفضلت أمريكا كالعادة استخدام تيارات سياسية وقيادات لا تتمتع بمصادر قوة داخل أراضيها بل تعتمد كلياً على تلك المصادر التي تأتيهم من الخارج.

فلم يكن بلاء الساحات الجهادية هو تلك الجماعات التي تستقل بالرأي والتمويل، إنما التجارب شاهدة أن الجماعات التي قبلت الدعم من الأنظمة بمسمى الدول الصديقة للثورة أو للاستقلال هي من أفسد ساحات الجهاد، أمامكم التجارب من أفغانستان إلى العراق واليوم يحدث الأمر في بلاد الشام.

يقول مصطفى حامد عن دور الدول الصديقة: “وقد أخبرني السيد عبد الله نورى فى حديث خاص، أن إحدى الدول الإقليمية الصديقة لحزب لنهضة جاءت، تماشيا مع الرغبة الأمريكية، تطلب من النهضة بإلحاح أن تقبل بالتفاوض مع حكومة “دوشنبه” فى طاجيكستان وتوقف العمليات العسكرية وتشارك فى السلطة وتعيد المهاجرين إلى ديارهم. وأنه لما لاحظ ذلك الإلحاح الضاغط ، قال لهؤلاء الأصدقاء :” أنتم لم تساعدونا بشئ حتى الآن، فساعدونا أولا وإعطونا شيئا حتى يمكنكم الضغط علينا”.

إذن الرجل أدرك بذكائه ، واحدة من قواعد “لعبة الأرض الصديقة” وهى قاعدة: “المعونات مقابل الضغوط”. فلا يمكن لأى طرف أن يمارس ضغطا جافا “على الناشف” غير مشفوع بشحومات المعونة التى تلين المواقف. لهذا فشل دور الإخوان فى طاجيكستان رغم أن حزب النهضة هو ضمن المنظومة الدولية للإخوان.

وهذا درس آخر وقاعدة جديدة لدور الأحزاب السياسية الإسلامية فى تعاملها مع الحروب الجهادية. إنه دور الضاغط بالنيابة، والمخترق بالنيابة، والمساعد الأصغر لدولة صغيرة فى إطار لعبة دولية كبيرة. والمقابل مكاسب “لمصلحة الدعوة” وتحسنا فى وضعها السياسى والمالى. وهى غالبا مكاسب مؤقتة تستفيد منها الحركة آنيا، ويجرى سحبها فى وقت لاحق. وذلك هو الأسلوب الأمريكي المعتاد الذى تمارسه مع كل حلفائها ماعدا الحليف الإسرائيلي”. أ.ه

فإذا كان هذا الأمر متعلق بجماعة مع دولة تعتبرها صديقة، فما هو الحال إن كانت بعض الجماعات لديها أكثر من دولة صديقة، فتركيا دولة صديقة والسعودية دولة صديقة وقطر دولة صديقة لهذه الجماعة!

في اعتقادي أن هذا الكم من الدول الصديقة سيستنزف جهد الجماعة وهي تبحث عن إرضاء أطماع كل هذه الدول الصديقة، فمغشوش من اعتقد أن أي نظام ممكن أن يقدم دعم غير مشروطاً وإن لم يكن مشروط في تلك اللحظة فهي ضغوط مستقبلية.



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New video message from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Report About Jihād in Saripul”




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New statement from al-Qā’idah’s General Command: “The Martyrdom of the Commander Fārūq al-Qaḥṭānī and His Comrades in Konar Province”



Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: al-Qā’idah’s General Command: “The Martyrdom of the Commander Fārūq al-Qaḥṭānī and His Comrades in Konar Province”


Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and prayers be upon the messenger of mercy for the worlds, our Muhammad and upon his family and all his companions, thereafter:

We offer condolences to ourselves and our Muslim Ummah on the martyrdom of a group of its mujahidin heroes who we loved and who fought the crusaders in the Muslim land of Afghanistan, and at the head of this beloved group was Sheikh and leader Faruq al Qahtani al Qatari – may Allah accept him – and who was a leader of a military brigade spread out in the Nuristan and Kunar provinces, and who had set an example with his mujahidin brothers for fighting and patience and steadfastness and spiting America and its allies, where they participated with their mujahidin brothers from the Islamic Emirate during several years in cleansing these two states from the crusaders’ abomination after several battles which Allah wrote victory for His soldiers.

The Americans tried to target brother Faruq several times and Allah saved him, but this time they were intent on killing him and his wife and his sons and his supporters – may Allah have mercy on them all – to add to that a new crime in the series of their ugly crimes which extends to Muslims’ countries. And America continues carrying the banner of war on the Muslims, and its crimes in Afghanistan have not stopped for two decades. As for Iraq, America is locked in a war of extermination against the people of the Sunnah in its allying with the Rawafidh in calling for fighting the al Badri organisation.

And in ash Sham, America strikes the leadership and soldiers of the jihadists’ organisations while the Syrian regime allows complete freedom in striking the Syrian people with cooperation with Russia and its allies in calling for fighting terrorism. And in Burma we see their repeated visits and their generous continued support with billons of dollars used by the Budhists in their extermination of the Muslim poeple. And in Gaza and Libya and Somalia and Yemen and Mali, their strikes continue against the Muslims via their war planes.

Verily we offer our condolences to our Ummah in the martyrdom of this blessed group which we console its people who Allah said to them: (Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah and among them is he who has fulfilled his promise, and among them is he who await, and they did not alter their promise with any alteration) And at the same time we congratulate them with what Allah wrote among the great victories at the hands of the mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, and its latest operation one of the heroes of the Islamic State carried out in the exercise hall of the crusaders’ forces in the middle of Bagram’s base, and Allah the beloved approved: (And do not weaken in pursuit of the enemy. If you are suffering, so are they suffering just as you are suffering, but you expect from Allah that which they expect not, and Allah is ever Knowing and Wise)

al Qa’ida Organisation – General Leadership
Safar 1438 H | November 2016 M