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Articles of the Week – 1/28-2/3

Sunday January 29:

Countering Violent Extremism of Terror Cell Recruits – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom: http://bit.ly/AeioAt

Monday January 30:

What’s going on with Al-Azhar? by Nathan Brown, Egypt Source: http://bit.ly/zGJV3j

Jihad in Syria and Jabhah al-Nusrah – Aaron Y. Zelin, al-Wasat: http://bit.ly/xbrCY4

Thursday February 2:

Countering the Violent Extremism of Fickled Fighters – Clint Watts, Selected Wisdom: http://bit.ly/y4lJCH

De-Radicalising Islamists: Programmes and Their Impact in Muslim Majority States – Hamed El Said, ICSR: http://bit.ly/ymjFl8

Friday February 3:

The jihad hobbyists who’ve moved on from watching al-Qaida videos – Jarret Brachman, The Guardian: http://bit.ly/xB0XXb


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